Saraswatichandra 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 25th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Badimaa telling Saras that his mum was pregnant and she used to say Saras’s little brother or sister will come. She says she was very happy and then her dreams ended as she gave birth to a dead baby. She says your dad got much annoyed as he thought he lost the child because of her carelessness and he had never forgiven her. Saras asks them did dad never come close to mum. Badimaa says no and cries. Saras says whats the connection of this baby and Ghuman. Badimaa says someone kept an eye on Saraswati and it was Ghuman. She says I miss Saraswati when I think of Ghuman’s sins. Kumud asks about the baby. Badimaa says I lifted the baby in my hands, he was not breathing.

Saras says you think there is some connection? Badimaa says don’t know, but when

I heard from you, so I thought of this photo and the dead baby. She says Menka is the link which connects the baby and Ghuman, only she can tell us this secret, go and talk to her, find out the truth, till then I will go to the hospital and find out, maybe we can know something. She says don’t tell this to anyone at home, if Danny comes to know about this, what will he think. Danny comes and asks what. Everyone look shocked seeing him.

Danny says I know what you were talking about. He says that I have hurt you and now you are worried that I can get hurt. He apologizes to Badimaa again. Badimaa says no, I should be sorry for telling you so much that day, but the situation was like that, I felt you changed but no, I m proud of you, that you supported the truth and went against your mum. He says I trust you as much I trust Saras. Danny smiles and touches her feet. Badimaa blesses him. Badimaa says now everything is fine, I will go to temple and thank Lord. She leaves. Kalika meets some men and says I have arranged money but everything went wrong. She says give me some time.

Dinesh Bhai says I need my money. She says I don’t have any jewellery, I m not lying, I will give money soon. He says lets play cards, if you win, we will give you time, else we will come to your home. Kalika is shocked. Vidyachatur asks Guniyal to bring mango pickle for Kumud. He asks Danny to have mangoes. Danny says not now Kaka. He says come sit. He talks to Danny saying I know what is troubling you. Danny says I m ashamed of myself, my mum ….. I can’t believe it. Vidyachatur asks him not to feel weak. He says Saras could have asked Ghuman, but he did not, now we are one and she can’t harm us, so forget it. Danny says how. He says that you supported the truth.

He says she is your mum, you can’t hate her. He says forget everything and be happy. He tastes the mangoes and calls Kumud and Saras. Danny says I will call them. Kalika plays the cards and is happy as there is a king. Dinesh checks his cards and he has three aces. he says game over, come. Kalika says if my family knows that I beet, what will they think, give me one day time. She requests him and says do what you want tomorrow. Dinesh says fine, if you try to run, I will not leave you.

Yash tells Vidyachatur that lets send the couples abroad. Vidyachatur says I want to gift them like they understand their relation and remind them that they are always together. He changes the topic seeing Danny. Yash understands. Danny looks on. Danny asks y/ash to check the file and leaves. Yash says we got saved, but you act well. Kumud calls Menka. Menka thinks why is Kumud calling her, I should not talk to her, she is very smart. She thinks she should leave soon. Vidyachatur asks Yash to think of some good gift.

Guniyal asks him to think. Kusum says lets give them same gold lockets like in old films. She asks Guniyal to suggest something. Guniyal says lets ask Kabir, he lives in city. Vidyachatur says I don’t know how to talk to him. She says I will ask him. Danny comes and asks what. Everyone start acting. Kusum takes Danny with him. Yash says we have to be careful else we will be caught. Kusum closes the door. He asks what are you doing. Se says see how Kumud and Saras are spending time, we should also spend time. He says don’t hide anything, I know you all were talking something else. She hugs him and acts romantic.

She gets annoyed. He says I m sorry. She says when did you gift me, when did you say I love you last time. He says I just told on terrace. She says that, he said it crying. She says what about romantic I love you. She says you did not say. He says I understand….. His phone rings and she gets a message. She makes an excuse and says I m sorry. She says go and get your phone. She leaves. She says sorry Danny, there is a surprise for you and Saras.

Kabir packs his bag and sees the house and everyone’s small models. He smiles and gets angry seeing Ghuman’s model. He says why are you happy that you spoiled many lives and won, but you don’t know that this time a game is played on you, your sins will burden you and you will have to bend. He says you will break.

Badimaa finds out in the hospital. She says his mum is dead, only you can tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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