Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 25th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kamla is worried where is kalpi. She comes in. kamla asks where were you ? Kalpi says was down stairs. I wanna take a bath where is my towel. Vitthal says she is old now she doesn’t remember anything. Pakiya says let me get you burger we will eat together. Kamla says my daughter is broken vitthal. Vithal says I wanna go to her office and kill the man who hurt her. Kamla says don’t ever do that. Kalpi leaves for office.

Scene 2
Kalpi is in park. She is in tears. She recalls how she was there with raghav there one day ago. She looks at the grass and says your fate is like me. Every moment is different for you. The same ice cream man comes there. She buys one and recalls when raghav ate from her ice cream. She gives it to a child. She takes her phone out and tries to call. She says i should call sammy and ask him whats the problem. Sammy’s phone is out of reach as well.

Scene 3
Pakhi asks Kamla why is she upset ? Kamla says I am okay. Kamla is about to go mummy ji holds her hand. Pakhi says look she knows you’re upset. Kamla says my Kalpi is broken that guy didn’t come. She kept on waiting whole night and pretended to be happy but I know she is broken. Pakhi says I will talk to sammy. Kamla says there is no benefit of it Nettu over hears it. Kamla says i have to leave. Kalpi must be coming back. Nettu asks Kamla what happened to the guy who was about to came to meet kalpi ? Pakhi says Kamla maa leave. Pakhi says what makes you so happy in seeing others happy.

Scene 4
Vitthal says to kalpi your tea s ready. WOn’t you try my tea. Kalpi says my mood is all set don’t worry baba. Return this cup set to neighbor and these curtains too. Vitthal gives her tea. He says i am your dad. your mom bear all the pain when you were born. I was with you all nights. I know you so well. I know what hurts you when and today you don’t find me worth sharing. He is in tears a little. Kalpi hugs him, and says no one understands me like my baba. I never got my baba. I worked hard in exams but got this result and lost my honesty. Why this happens to me everytime ? I am so unlucky. Vitthal says its not like that. My heart says nothing wrong is gonna happen. just don’t cry. It kills us both. Your ai must be crying listening to us. Vitthal turns kamla on his side and says kalpi has smiled you should smile too.

Scene 5
Gauri says where is this pakiya. He didn’t get me the newspaper. Kalpi says I wrote in the paper that i will leave if he doesn’t come by today. Suddenly they hear some music playing in the ground. Kamla says who is playing this. Vitthal says don’t know whats wrong with these people.
They go down its Pakiya who is doing all this. He shows them newspapers they have photos of Kalpana. She has topped the exams. Kamla and Vitthal are so happy. Kalpi says but I gave no papers for scrutiny. Who did this. Raghav comes and said me. Kalpi smile. Sammy says congratulations. Kalpi says in heart he should have told me. Vitthal says thats why they didn’t come. Raghav says I can’t believe numbers could do that. Vitthal says I never knew that these will break my daughter’s heart. Sammy says yeah everything happens for good. Raghav says yeah he is right. Until Kalpi’s wounds are healed how can she start a new life. Sammy says we should celebrate kalpi’s win. Kamla syas we should go to the temple. Raghav says yeah we should go to the temple. They wait while kalpi and her parents go upstairs. Sammy says you should appologize kalpi. Raghav says you should holds the ears with me as well. They both hold their ears to appologize.

PRECAP-Gauri says you all have seen the boy show me as well. Kalpi and Pakiya take him to raghav. his face is turned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. …..also can’t understand this……link does’nt properly work…….

  2. this is from Telechakkar ?
    Zee TV’s popular shows Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (DJ’s A Creative Unit) and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms) will have a week-long integration starting from 5 May (2014).
    The premise to the entire drama will be the wedding in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan between Raghav (Aashish Chaudhary) and Kalpi (Rachana Parulkar). The wedding will happen in the chawl of Kamla (Shilpa Shirodkar), and the track will have its own high point.
    As for Sapne Suhane, Pihu (Akanksha Gilani) who is now being stalked by Vicky (Chandan Madan), will all of a sudden go missing. She will be seen in a chawl in Mumbai, and this will lead Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) and others to come to Kamla Bai’s chawl, looking for Pihu. This will be the crux of the integration track, is what we get to hear.
    When contacted, Rachana told us, “Yes, we are proceeding towards Raghav and Kalpi’s wedding which will take place in the chawl only. The Sapne Suhane family will be a part of it; they will be invited for the wedding is what I know as of now.”
    We tried calling Roopal but did not get through to her.
    The shoot for the wedding sequence in Ek Mutthi Aasmaan will begin in a couple of days.

    1. Hope this news is true and there is no twist in the story now … pls pls don’t break Ragna for the sake of a twist ..pls !!!! am worried a bit guys… hope rags don’t get married to Paaji by mistake or MU of Kamala !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will ditch EMA if something of the sort happens !!!

  3. you check out facebook-page-ek mutthi aasman -Raghav and kalpi

  4. thanx girija…….hope neetu koi problem create na karde……

  5. Ap that’s I m thinking hope ragh by mistake not merry paaji
    And kapoor’s don’t make any prob

  6. today precap is neetu wanted to give party for kalpana at her home – vittal started shouting.

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