Saraswatichandra 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud and Saras. Kumud prints Mahendi on Saras’s shirt. Saras sees that and moves backwards. Chandrika says this Mahendi will have solid colour. Chandrika says give your shirt, I will wash it for you. Saras says no need, its ok. He then leaves.

Badimaa brings Saras’s washed clothes and gives it to Kumud. Badimaa asks what happened.
Kumud thinks she should not talk to Saras as he is also not talking to her. Saras comes in the room, Kumud hides behind the door. Saras removes his shirt while Kumud is still standing behind the door. O piya… plays.

Saras sees the Mahendi stains on his shirt. He touches the Mahendi. Kumud thinks if he is feeling, then why is he not talking to her. Suddenly somethings falls and Saras turns and sees Kumud standing there.
Kumud is nervous. Kusum calls Kumud saying Vidyachatur is calling her. Kumud leaves.
Saras tells that this the reason why I wnated to stay away from Kumud. I have to stay away from her. This is not right.

Scene shifts to Police Station:

Ghuman bails out Yash. She says now you can take your son home. Yash’s mother is very happy and praises Ghuman.

Yash’s mother says Ghuman is like Devi maa for her. Ghuman says it was not a difficult thing to do, but Vidyachatur did not do this because Yash is not his son.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s house:

Vidyachatur says Kumud that you are saved as the water tank is damaged.
He asks to shift Kumud to some other room. He says he is going to the lawyer to bail out Yash.
Kumari leaves making an excuse of meeting her friend Chaya. Kumud moves the items of her room. She picks up the mirror and goes. She sees Saras’s image in it. Saras stops while she watches him.
Badimaa sees them standing like that. Chandrika asks Saras to help Kumud. Kumud says she will do it. Chandrika again tells Saras to help.

Saras moves forward to help her, he then thinks of maintaining the distance and moves backwards.
Kumud thinks that after he said those words in the night, why is he maintaining the distance.
Kumud keeps the mirror somewhere and Saras picks it from there. Badimaa thinks there is something which is biting Saras which he is unable to say.

Scene shifts to police station:

Yash’s mother is very happy to see Yash. Yash thanks Ghuman and says he will not leave in that house. Ghuman tells even they wish this, so you don’t do this mistake. Ghuman asks him to stay in the house and do what they have done to you.

Scene shifts back to Kumud:

Few papers fall from Kumud’s hand, Kumud and Saras both pick them up. Saras sees the drawing of the eyes. Saras stops Kumud. Badimaa enters the room and watches them. Saras throws the paper and moves backwards, and leaves. Badimaa thinks they will not say what going on between them, I have to find out myself. Kumari meets one man and asks him why he called her there.

Kumari says if anyone see them then, I will call you, you leave.

Scene shifts back to Kumud:

Badimaa tries to talk to Kumud and indirectly tries to help her realise whats going on between Saras and her. Kumud says there is nothing like that. Kumud says even she is unable to understand, so what can she explain it to her.

Scene shifts to Yash:

Everyone are happy to see Yash. Badimaa says Vidyachatur was working hard to bail him out. Yash’s mother says that Ghuman has bailed Yash, not Vidyachatur. Ghuman taunts them.
Vidyachatur comes there. Kumud says her father also went to bail him out. Kumud’s mother thanks Ghuman. Ghuamn says she was worried about Yash. Vidyachatur says sorry to Ghuman.

Yash apologises to Vidyachatur. Everyone become happy. Kumud goes to make tea for everyone.
Yash says sorry to Saras. Yash keeps his anger inside and makes faces.

Everyone sit for dining. Kumud made Rajma for Yash specially. Everyone clap for Kumud. Kumud serves Saras and he asks her not to serve him. Badimaa notices this.
Kusum serves Saras. Vidyachatur likes the Rajma which Kumud made. Saras coughs, Kumud and Kusum give him water. Saras does not take it from Kumud. Kumud feels hurt. Water fells on Saras, Saras goes to change his clothes. Kumud says today she will come to know why he is doing like that.

Vidyachatur is showing some land to Saras for his school. Badimaa says that Kumud will go with Saras. Kumud hears this standing there.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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