Saraswatichandra 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Danny keeping an eye on Aarti. She turns and sees Danny’s hand while he hides. She thinks they are around me, how to call now. She comes outside the house and looks around. She says there is no one here and makes a call. She sees Anushka’s feet and ends the call seeing her. She says you here. Anushka says I stay here and can go anywhere I wish, I should ask you this, what are you doing here. Aarti says I was not getting network inside, so came here. Anushka says ok, call then. Aarti says I m not getting network here and leaves. Anushka says now you won’t get network here as our network won’t allow you, but why was she tensed, we need to catch her with proof.

Aarti comes in kitchen and calls. She says I want to meet you, but its tough to come out of this house, fine, I will try to come and meet you. Kabir and Danny hear this. Kabir says whom was she talking to. Danny says I heard everything, I m after her since morning, we caught her. Danny says she wants to meet someone and is trying to leave frome home. Aarti comes to Badimaa and says her dad is unwell so she wants to go and meet him for sometime. Badimaa says sure, go, I will take care of Saraswati. Aarti says she kept her medicines. Badimaa says fine, tell us if you need anything. Anushka hears this and says I feel there is something fishy.

Aarti goes out to meet someone. Danny, Kabir see her going. They follow her hiding out. She takes an auto and leaves. Danny says she took auto from far, there is something wrong. They also take an auto and follow her. She comes to the mental hospital. Kabir and Danny come there and go inside. Ghuman waits for Aarti. Aarti comes to meet her. Aarti tells Ghuman about the secret way out of the asylum and gives the duplicate key. She shows the nurse Mina’s pic who will help her out. Ghuman smiles. Aarti says I should go now, before anyone doubts on me.

Ghuman asks how is Kumud. Aarti says she will be leaving home as far as I know her. Aarti leaves. Danny and Kumud ask the doctor about Aarti. Ghuman smiles having the keys and says if I can do so much being here, what will I do getting out of here. Kabir asks another nurse. She says she went, as her father is not well. Kabir says she did not go from here. The nurse says there is another door. Kabir asks for Aarti’s address and insists saying urgency. The nurse does not give it and says I will call her. Danny says no need, we will manage.

Kumud cries thinking about Saraswati’s words. She sees her room open and goes to see her. She sees Aarti being much happy and adoring herself in the mirror donning a beautiful dupatta. Aarti is excited to get engaged to Saras tomorrow. She says I will wear this on engagement, its very beautiful. She tries some necklace and Tika too. Kumud thinks what is Aarti doing, I felt she is doing this being helpless for Maa’s sake, but maybe Maa told her. Nurse Mina brings Ghuman out of her ward and makes her change clothes. Ghuman dresses as nurse. Mina says this is the door, you have the key, my work was till here, you can go.

Ghuman tries to open the door. The guard catches her and says whats going on, you are patient, what are you doing here in nurse’s clothes. Ghuman acts mad and says I just wore nurse’s saree, I m nurse. He says he will report about her and sends her in. Saraswati coughs and Badimaa gets worried. Saraswati says its Aarti and Chandra’s engagement, I have to talk to Aarti. Badimaa says you first get well and we will do engagement later. Aarti comes and Saraswati says about engagement. She asks Aarti will she make her dream true. Aarti nods yes.

Badimaa is stunned seeing this and moves away. Aarti says she will do as she says, take rest. Badimaa cries and leaves. Aarti smiles. Saras sees Kumud upset and thinks he can’t see her like this. He initiates a talk and tries to make her smile by reading kids’ answers. She looks at him and says I know you can’t see me sad, Saras its your engagement today. He says Kumud, see we should not talk on this. O piya……………plays……………. She says I know its of no use. He says I know what you are going through, but my state is more worse, fate tried to separate us, but we came more closer, we will always be together, we won’t lose.

She says but Maa. He says I know its tough to explain Maa, but I m here, trust me, I will manage. She cries and asks does he have any way. He says no, what I do and how, I don’t know, but I know no one can come between us, we will be standing together all life, you trust me? She nods yes. He says I love you Tez Dhaar. She says I love you too.

Kumud cries seeing Aarti and Saras. Saraswati gives a ring to Aarti. Saras looks at Badimaa with tears in his eyes. Aarti holds the rings and looks at Saras.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hate this serial

    This is the worst serial i had ever seen….a if they had kept it as mohabat ki adhoori dasthan it doesn’t mean that they must have variety of problems everyday…even they must be bored of doing such plots….they are doing over actions as of this kumud donkey is some miss universe….look carefully she will look like a donkey only monkey face idiot.this human is looking like a child snatcher. All are idiots in this serial.
    ***-KUMUD plz go away from this show & leave Happily with ur skeletal hubby.LOL..Ha…ha..ha..ha…

    1. Lolz… But they work quite hard… I have heard of the show to go off air

  2. gu
    an’s secret shd b exposed at least in front of saras and kumud….plz do fast…..kumud u look sprb…….

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