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Fanaah 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preet is talking with Abhymanu about which people she likes to meet while Adwik is hiding in the room and looks at Vidhyut and remembers that how Miss Fareeda said that now he will become the leader of the tribe instead of him. Abhymanu says that he is very happy that she considered them important. Preet Madam says that she doesn’t know that yet but Dhara thinks that you are special and that she must tell her what right and wrong as Dhara is her adopted child. Adwik takes the locket of Vidhyut and he starts crying because of which Preet Madam hears it and excuses going the washroom.
Preet walks down the hall and Adwik is watching her when suddenly Miss Fareeda comes from behind and says to Adwik that she is coming and then looks at Vidhyut and asks that where his locket is and finds it in Adwik’s hand. She is amazed to see that the locket is in Adwik’s hands and says that Preet will recognize us and then quickly snatches it from him.
Preet comes close to the cot and then suddenly are the lights start to get disturbed and the windows start to bang. Preet is confused to see all of this and doesn’t understand that what is happening. Suddenly then Abhymanu comes in the room and asks if she was lost and she asks to whom does the child belong. He says that he has adopted him child just she did. Preet Madam leaves the room on saying that this is a very beautiful kid. Miss Fareeda and Adwik are hiding in the closet and then come out and she says that she knew it as the child handled it all.
At the party Dhara is sitting with her friend when Vivan comes with Anshuman and Rohan. Dhara cuts his way and says that what is wrong with as she doesn’t wants to talk to him. Vivan replies that if she actually thinks that everyone here is interested in her He tells her to get out of his way. Adrij comes and sees Vivan and gets frustrated. He goes to Dhara and asks that what Vivan is doing here. Dhara says that she doesn’t know and that he must be here with his friends.
Vivan sits down with Rohan and Anshumam who says that do you know what you are doing. Anshuman says that you said that you came all the way here just for her than why all of this. Vivan says that she knows what he is doing while Anshuman replies that her face was totally changed when you gave the reply. Vivan says that if she loved him even the slightest way that he did than something would have happened to her but she said that she doesn’t care. Vivan says that this is not a one sided love and that he can no longer do it.
Adrij says to Vivan his friends about Vivan and insult him of his moral status. Anshuman wants to stand up and fight but Vivan tells him not to do so. Vivan replies with a cracking response saying that the idiot is that has a more concentration on our table than his. A girl comes to Vivan’s table and asks Anshuman that this is the right time and he must says it as she is single and he is as well. Anshuman says that he left his bike unlocked and will come back quickly. Vivan says that why are you lying, you don’t have a bike. Anhuman says he brought one and runs off.

Abhymanu is showing Preet Madam different antiques around the house and then they discuss for how long they have been here. He says that it has been two years since they moved here and that Dhara and Adrij came to know each other in the same time. Abhymanu says that todays children are very stubborn but if they are happy so should the parents. Preet Madam says that stubbornness can be broken only the way should be known. Preet says that after a week Dhara will be 18 years old and that she thought that she will do Dhara’s engagement that day. Abhymanu says that this is a great idea and that they should do the ceremony of Dhara and Adrij. Abhymanu brings his hand forward in coming to the agreement but Preet says that to convince her is very difficult and that Dhara and Vivan would have to work very hard.
Vivan comes to Anshuman and says that did you find the bike while Anshuman says that you were so helpful. Another girl comes and meets Anshuman who already knows her and introduces her to Vivan as Depika. She asks him if they have met before but Vivan says that he doesn’t know. Vivan gives her a drink and they start chatting while Dhara is frustrated to see this. Both Vivan and Depika leave while Dhara is watching helplessly.
Vivan is waiting by the wall when Dhara comes out and says that what are you doing here and what that was. Vivan just laughs and smile at her. She asks her that if he is drunk, Vivan holds her and says that what are you doing here in this valley with me. He tells her to say it but she say that she has a lot to think about in his life than him. Vivan holds her back and says that one week, in one week you will be with me and that your gift will be my love. Dhara says that he will never fulfill his promise and that as he used to says that she can’t make him but this time he will cry. She leaves while wiping tears of her face.

Precap: Preet Madam says to Vivan that after one week she will engage Dhara to Adrij. Adwik says that didn’t you find it strange that the witch instantly agreed to the marriage. Preet Madam gives everyone a glass of vine and says that after drinking it everyone speaks the truth.

Update Credit to: Sona

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