Saraswatichandra 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 1st January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum coming to her room tensed. She acts restless. Kalika comes to her room and says be calm, I know you are very afraid, worrying about Kumud. Kalika says we don’t know what will happen next. Kalika says letter. Kusum asks what. Kalika says I don’t think Kumud left the letter, but see you brought the letter, you sisters love each other and can die for each other, right. Kalika smiles and thinks now Kusum will be caught red handed. Dada ji and everyone are talking about Kumud worrying where she might be and why she did this.

Yash’s mum taunts Guniyal. She says its risky for a young woman to roam in the village alone, anything can happen with her. Vidyachatur says is this the news to talk about bad things. Danny says Kumud saved Kusum, can’t she take care of herself then, don’t worry, nothing will happen to her. Badimaa wishes the Lord to protect Kumud. Danny comes to Kusum and sees her worried. He asks what happened Kusum, why are you looking so tensed. She says because I m worried about Kumud. He says you wrote the fake letter, I have seen her hand writing. Kusum is shocked and says why will I write the letter. He says tell me what happened last night, what made Kumud leave the house. She denies everything. He confronts her and says police will find out everything, tell me everything before else it will be very late.

Kusum cries and says I did not do anything, please save me. Danny says tell me. Kusum says ……………. Saras comes to the police station. Saras says I did not ever think you would leave this way. Danny holds his head and says you did this, you emotionally blackmailed your sister. Kusum cries and says I did not know what I was doing, but now I m dying, if everyone comes to know about this, I won’t be able to see in their eyes, thats I wrote that letter, I m worried, will police take me. Danny says no, it would be a less punishment for you, you should have left the house, not Kumud, you don’t deserve anyone’s love, not even mine.

Kusum stops him and requests him to help her. She holds his leg and says stop Saras from making the complaint, give me a last chance. Danny and Kusum come to the police station. Saras sees them and asks what are you doing here. Kusum says did you complaint, we were thinking not to do thsi as it will be bad for our family. Saras asks Danny. Danny says we need to talk. Saras says what. Kusum tries to take Saras into confidence. Saras says let police ask anything they want, I don’t care. Kusum says you are not understanding. Saras says do you think this happened because of you. Kusum says I m worried about Kumud.

Saras says she did not do anything wrong, it will be bad for others, not her. He says I have complaint to the police, they will reach home soon to take everyone’s statement. Kusum asks is this the same letter. Saras says no, its photo copy, the original is with police. Saras asks Kusum why is she afraid. She says no, I m going home. Saras says stop, you have only one way, tell me the truth, else the police will make you say. Kusum cries and looks at Danny. She says no Saras, please save me, I did not do this purposely, I told everything in anger, I did not know Kumud will really go. She says I m feeling burdened, I can’ bear this. She says Saras, police will take me, save me please.

Saras asks what did you do, tell me everything, what made Kumud leave home. Kusum is silent. Danny asks Kusum to speak the truth, and not think further. He says maybe we will know about Kumud then. Kusum tells everything what happened. (Old scenes are shown) Saras gets angry and says I knew this something happened, thats Kumud was in a trauma, Kumud did so much for you and this is what you did, you made her go. Saras says you made her lose to everyone. Kusum says I was lost, I know I have hurt Kumud a lot, forgive me. Sarasa says you have hurt her and you are not ashamed of your act, you are afraid that you will be caught, if I forgive you, it will be wrong with Kumud.

He leaves. Kusum says I m not worried about me, but Kumud. Kusum tries to talk to Danny. Danny says what you did is not pardonable. She says I know I did wrong, I want to change, stop Saras. Danny says Saras will decide and I will support him. Kusum thinks of stopping Saras, else everyone will go against her.

Kusum runs after Saras’s car and tries to stop him. She falls and Danny rushes to her. Saras stops. She says I want to change and want to bring Kumud back, I m sorry, I m ashamed of what I did. Saras looks at Danny. He says then help me in finding Kumud, if anything wrong happens with her, then you won’t be spared. Kusum says I can do anything for her. Saras says lets see. Everyone at home are tensed. Saras calls Vidyachatur and says I have complaint in the police, Danny and Kusum are with me, don’t worry. He says we will bring her back, take care of Dada ji. Vidyachatur says we are hoping on you, bring her back and keep me updated. Saras says fine and ends the call.

Saras asks Danny and Kusum to sit in the car. Kusum asks where are we going. Saras says no questions, sit. Vidyachatur tells everyone that Kusum and Danny are with Saras. Kalika says Kusum won’t be silent and will definitely find Kumud. Dada ji says Saras will always do whats right. Yash’s mum says what will we do, everyone will ask us about Kumud. Dada ji says Kumud did not harm anyone, till Saras and Kumud come back, no one should say bad about them, else I will leave from here.

Yash’s mum have a talk with Kalika. Kalika tells her about Kusum and Kumud. She says everything is forgiven for Kumud, Kusum and Saras, not us. She smiles and leaves filling her ears against the family. Saras stops his car in the market. Kusum says why did we come here. Saras says Kumud might be here, lets go and ask people about her. Kusum says yes, will ask. Saras asks Kusum to go in the lane and ask people. Kusum says the lane is very long. Saras scolds her and she says I m going. Saras and Danny look at her. Danny says she won’t be able to do this alone. Saras says if she loves Kumud, she will, else….. Danny says how do you know Kumud is here. Saras says my heart says she is here.

Danny and Saras see someone like Kumud and go after her calling out Kumud. Saras follows her and while he is about to reach her, Kusum stops Saras by coming in between and making him busy. Saras sees that girl is gone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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