Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 1st January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Kalpi tells Kamla that there is only one person who can save their houses. Raghav Singhniya. Vitthal says how will you find him ? She says I will I have vowed to save this chowl. Kalpi leaves. Kamla prays for her. Suddenly a car stops by. Prem gets out of the car. He says I think you people have not noticed, the notice is there. You are wasting this time in all this. How will you read the notice you are illiterate people. Its written that you 24 hours to leave this chowl otherwise the bulldozer will crush you if you go in tomorrow. Paki starts protesting against Prem. He says you should be ashamed of being with theses third class people. Paki doesn’t stop. He is about to slap her but Kamla stops his hand. Prem says there is no need to make this all here. He holds Paki’s hand and says lets go. Paki says no sir this is my house I am not going anywhere from here. Everyone is dazed at her reaction. They form chain of hands against him. Kamla says you can not kill the ray of hope for us. We will win the treble. Our house won’t be taken from us. Prem leaves in disgust.

Scene 2
Nettu is busy in cooking in the kitchen. Mummy ji comes and asks her you made this all ? You must have ordered. Nettu says I made this all from the internet recipes. Mummy ji says come pooja is about to start.

Scene 3
Kalpi sits in the bus. She doesn’t have mush money to stay there and find Raghav. The bus starts. Jessy says to Muumy ji that the rituals of the family used to be most important for papa. Muumy ji says Sahil has a business empire he must be busy.
Pandit ji asks neetu do you ever had a quarrel with some servant or poor people? Its looks like you are in trouble because you have hurt some poor. Neetu says isn’t there any solution ? Pandit ji says yes there is, to ask their pardi and to treat people in a good way.

Scene 4
Vitthal and Kamla are trying to motivate the people. A man falls on the floor. Her wife tells kamla that he has diabetes. He hasn’t eaten anything. Kamla says you must have told us. My everything is for you all. Manda says till when you will be helping people? Your daughter will fill in the food in your house but what will happen to us. Kamla says this is the fight of all of us and i won’t let dispute destroy this. Untiol we don’t win this fight I will go on hunger strike. Paki says you can’t do this. Kamla says don’t stop me and go home if your don’t want your kamla maa to be weak. Paki syas I won’t let you. Paki leaves. Manda says look if she loved kamla she would have stayed here. Vitthal says to manda manners and love is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Scene 5
Jessy asks Nettu where is Sahil ? Sahil comes along with Prem. Prem goes directly in his room. Prem and Nettu go to him. He says please leave me alone and don’t ask me to be in pooja. Sahil tells her that Paki was with those people of chowl. Sahil says you must have exchanged your daughter with some poor girl in the hospital. Mummy ji says stop this. Don’t says a single work about her she is the only one who has both heart and mind in her. Paki comes from the back and says let them say this. Paki says You have hurt me a lot Nettu. Kamla ma has gone on a hunger strike. Nettu says chowl will break no matter what. Paki says you will lose your daughter if anything happens to kamla maa.

Scene 6
Vitthal says you don’t need to prove anyone your loyalty we are with you. Kamla says I know my Vitthal is with me and I know my Kalpi will be successful.
Kalpi arrives at Puna. She wonders how will she find Raghav in this city.

PRECAP Kalpi calls Raghav and asks his help. He says I don’t have time for your small issues. Kalpi asks how can you do this. Please I beg you we need your help.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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