Saraswatichandra 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud seeing the book to become the best dad. She smiles seeing Saras. He wakes up and asks is she fine. She says she is fine. He says rest, I will get milk for you. She says sit. She asks about the book, what was he reading. Is this management book. He says this……… She holds his hand and says you will become a perfect father. He asks how will you know, its first time. She says who taught you to love me fighting with the world, this child is yours and I know when it comes, you will do what the book can’t teach you. He says I know its our biggest happiness, so I don’t’ want to do anything less. She says me too, but I m not able to celebrate the happiness, everyone is happy, but I m limited to the room. She says she wants to go out, she feels good when she goes out, I m sure even the baby will like it.

She says this nine months are special for us. He says her happiness is most important for him, do what you find right, just be safe. She says you are with me and I can’t forget I m going to be mum, I will take care of our child. I will get coffee for us. He says fine go. Danny brings some toys and plays with it. Everyone see him and smile. Danny says its toys. Vidyachatur says good and likes the car. He jokes and everyone laugh. Danny says fine, make fun, but the child will play with it. Vidyachatur says two years later, after he grows up. Danny says the cradle musical toy.

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Saraswati pulls his ears and says you were making fun of Chandra and now doing this. Yash comes with many toys and shows them. They laugh. Danny says this is called toys and shows his choice. Yash says his toys are good. Yash throws the ball and it falls near the stairs. Kumud smiles seeing them and steps on the ball and slips. She shouts. Everyone is shocked and rush to her. Saras comes running hearing her and shouts Kumud. Kumud holds her stomach and cries.

Saras makes an angry expression. They call the doctor. Yash blames himself for throwing the ball near the stairs. Saraswati says it had to happen, don’t think, just pray Kumud is fine. The doctor talks to Saras and asks him to come. She says no, Kumud is fine, it was good I was in hospital, but Kumud’s state…. I can’t tell her, I feel her pregnancy has complications. Everyone is shocked. She says if she continues her pregnancy, her life will be at a risk. Its not three months, so abortion is safe, Everyone is shocked yet again.

Saras cries and says Kumud can’t do this. The doctor says she has to do risk, I know this decision is tough, but have to take it soon. Kumud hears everything and says the decision is taken. Everyone look at her. She says I won’t do the abortion. Saras says Kumud……… The doctor says you decide and take the final decision after thinking, I will leave, take care. She leaves. Saras comes to Kumud and everyone come after him. He says we can’t keep this child, we will be hurt but nothing is important than your life, so we have to abort this child. She says how can you think so. He says this pregnancy can take your life. She says I m a mum and won’t take my child’s life. He says you are daughter and wife too, I can’t let you take risk. She says what do you want, I should kill it.

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Guniyal says the baby is not born, maybe it has this much life.Guniyal says Saras is right. Kumud says think being a woman, not my mother, if you were in my place, would you do this would have you killed me in your womb. She says how can you all ask me to abort my baby. Guniyal says yes, I would have not let anything happen to you, we can’t live without you. She says you did not hug your child, and I have given you birth and did your upbringing. I raised you up, how to let you go far from my sight. Saraswati asks Kumud to abort the baby. Kumud says no. Saras asks Kumud to listen to him. Kumud cries. Saras says I just want you, no one else. He says you know I can bear anything, but not live without you.

Kumud says I can’t live without my child, Its his right to come in this world. Saras cries and says I also saw many dreams for the baby, this decision is tough for me too, but there is no other way. She says me too, I can’t let anything wrong happen with my child, I will die if anything happens to my child. He says I will die if anything happens to you. She says look in my eyes, do you see any fear, nothing will happen to me and my child, I heard what doctor said, but my heart says nothing will happen. She says she can see they will become parents, he will play with our child and keep happy. She says I can’t kill my baby.

She holds his hand and says Saras please, I can’t kill my baby. Saras holds her face and says fine. They cry. Guniyal says Saras………….. They are shocked. Saras says if Kumud is sure nothing will happen, then I m with her. He says we will not abort this child. She hugs him and they cry. Everyone get tears in their eyes. Kumud says you all please don’t cry, be happy as before. We will get ready to welcome the child, now smile. Saras smiles and hugs Kumud. Everyone smile seeing them.

Kumud’s Godh Bharai is done. Everyone dance. Saras looks at Kumud feeling pain and hard to breath. Kumud cries in pain and calls out Saras.

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