Sasural Simar Ka 18th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sunniana says I don’t wanna be bad to you. You helped me so you better don’t stand against me. Roli says you have always been bad to us. I won’t bow to you and neither would I let simar. Sunnaina says you are challenging me? All right challenge accepted. now get ready to lose everything. Roli says till the red cloth is on door you can’t do anything.

Everyone is trying to console surbhi. Pari says don’t worry we are all with you. Pari says mata ji what is the guarantee that roli won’t repeat her act. Sid says I take her guarantee. Nothing like that will happen again. I apologize. karuna says you are still supporting her after seeing everything. she tried to kill surbhi. Sid says in heart no one will believe if I tell them. Prem says why roli has so much problem with surbhi? Sid says you are getting is wrong. Prem says, stop it. I respect roli that’s why I tolerated it. Pari says either roli and sid will live here or me and surbhi. mata ji says wind it up pari. Achna says she is just thinking about her sister’s security. If roli can kill surbhi for her sister can’t pari even do this for her sister. Pari says everyone accepted surbhi as a part of family. Mausi ji says we were known for our unity and look what has happened. sid says I apologize on behalf of roli. this was roli’s first mistake. Archana says I would have called police if mata ji didn’t stop me. pari says you are forgetting that she betrayed the family with simar. now I can’t live with roli under one roof. I will leave this house along with my family. pari says mama surbhi pack your bags. mausi ji says what are you doing? Roli won’t repeat her mistake. Archana says how can I see life of my daughters in danger. tell me if I am wrong. What would have you done if they were your daughters. mata ji says you won’t go anywhere. From tomorrow roli and sid will live on our other house. sid is shocked. mata ji leaves without any further argument.

Scene 2
Vikran comes to house and sees the red cloth. He wonders what is it for? he is about to open it. simar stops him. Vikrant says what is this? simar says vikrant I brought it. Its blessed for this house. This is for happiness of my family. Vikrant tells he everything that happens in bharadwaj house. Vikrant says in heart I better leave her alone with her pain.

Scene 3
roli is crying in her room. sid comes in. roli says I wont leave this house. Sid hugs her. roli is crying hard. simar calls roli. simar asks is everything okau? roli says everything fine. Sunnaina grunts simar come here in front of me. you love roli right? can you see roli being accused of a murder/ roli says don’t listen to her. sunnaina says keep in mind simar just like I rusted roli’s respect I will ruin everything if you don’t give me your body. This sindur can save you not everyone. roli says me and sid will handle everything. don’t go to her. are you listening. simar is moving towards sunaina. roli says didi no please. sunnaina says why have you stopped simar? come forward. if you listen to roli you will regret. sunnaina says do you want me to destruct your family. simar says I have to do this roli. I can’t see you and family in pain because of me. simar disconnects the call. she closes her eyes. sunnaina says throw this cloth away. don’t think. simar unties the cloth. its in her hands.

percap-simar as sunnaina says I promised that I will give sanju love of a mom and vikrant love of a wife.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. what a fool simar is ?? roli & sid r trying hard to get rid of sunaina & again simar is helping the ghost.. ….. mataji should allow pari surbhi & achna to go away from bharadwaj house……. earlier Prem loved simar a lot & now what happened to his love? he is seeing surbhi for 2 yrs when she tried to commit suicide he accepted her as his wife.. can’t simar also do that to get back bharadwajs love? it is better for simar to commit a suicide………. then she can get rid of sunaina & the pain she is suffering. also roli & sid can live after that

  2. What a nonsense yar… Simar can’t do it should respect for roli and Sid’s hard work…. Make me bore

  3. this serial is getting bore day by day….

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