Saraswatichandra 17th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud coming downstairs with a bucket of clothes. Yash’s mum gets worried seeing her. Kumud says she is fine. Yash’s mum says I will do this. Kumud says I do this daily. Yash’s mum says not anymore, as you have to take care of yourself. Danny shows a tshirt with tag Soon to be Daddy. He says its Kabir’s idea. Everyone smile. Yash’s mum asks whats for Kumud. Danny shows a strap with tag Soon to be Mommy. Guniyal says Kumud will like this. Vidyachatur says our gifts. Danny says its still time for Naamkaran. Kumud comes and asks whose Naamkaran. Everyone ask her to rest. Saras comes with the reports and says nothing to worry, everything is normal now.

Kumud says now don’t send me to my room. Saras says I have to tell you all something. Everyone smile. Vidyachatur says tell us. Saras says our lives will change with this news. Vidyachatur says yes, everything will change for good. Lord gave us big happiness after lots of tension. Saras says but I did not tell anything. Guniyal says its biggest happiness for husband and wife, its good for the whole family. Kumud asks what happiness. Yash’s mum says we know everything, come on Saras, tell us.

Danny says yes, I m tired being a younger brother. Saras says I don’t understand. Vidyachatur says now my fight with Nandu will be doubled. Kusum says I will shop for him in city. Kumud says shopping? Danny says before you tell anything, wear this. Saras and Kumud are shocked to see the tshirt and read the tag. Everyone smile. Saras holds his head. Kusum shows the strap and makes Kumud wear it. Kumud says whats this. Danny says surprise, we know what good news you were giving. Saras says you are misunderstanding.

Laxminandan says tell us. Kumud says I had food poisoning, so doctor asked to do the tests. Everyone become upset. Danny says it means you are not becoming parents. Saras says no. Vidyachatur says what were you saying us Saras. Saras says I got a business opportunity in morning, but we have to shift to Mumbai for six months. Everyone looks on. Saras says after six months, we cab work from Ratnagiri, this deal is important for us, it will make our factory well known, we can’t leave this chance, so we have to shift. Kumud says I won’t leave Ratnagiri. Saras says what? Listen to me.

She says my decision won’t change, I won’t go Mumbai, you would have told before. Saras says I was in hospital in morning. Danny says how can you take this decision. Saras says our business will grow wih this joint venture, then we will stay together after six months. Laxminandan says you can grow the business here too. Saras says yes, but growth rate will be less, we have to take this step. Laxminandan does not agree. Saras talks to him trying to convince him. Danny says its costly for us, you have to stay far from us, we can’t live without you.

Kumud says you know my decision. She leaves. Saras goes after her. Everyone become upset. Saras says try to understand. She says we have our family here, how will we stay alone there.

Kumud gets annoyed. Laxminandan says how did Saras think this, the factory is going on well, and we are together after so many years. Vidyachatur says Saras values family more than business. Danny says what about us, its bad news for us. Kabir says maybe Saras turn this into good news. Guniyal says how will they live there alone. Kabir says they will make new friends and take care of each other, I thunk we should give them a chance. Danny says what about dad’s business. Saras says Danny and Kabir will take care of dad’s business. He says think why this offer came to us.

He makes her sit and says when Kabir was born, he is related to me since then, but I came to know about him now, you have seen him, I will accept him, but Danny will take time to accept him, so I want them to work together, dad and Kabir also have to spend time, I feel this is the way to bring Kabir closer to them. She says we can help him staying here too, we are together after so much time, I don’t have strength to go far from everyone. He says try to understand.

Vidyachatur and Laxminandan play chess. Kusum sees Kabir serious and thinks to joke. She asks you are thinking about whom, girlfriend? She says you look Saras’s brother. He says nothing like this. Danny says yes, he is hiding anything, look at his looks and style, he can’t be single. Kusum says we have seen he has a soft heart. Danny asks who is that lucky girl. Kabir says no one. Danny says if you are single, I can help you, there are many beautiful girls in Ratnagiri, Kusum wanted to marry me soon, else I had options. Kusum says fine, go to them. Danny says I got the best option.

Laxminandan says we will find the girl for him. Danny says yes, we will get him married soon. Kabir says my marriage? Laxminandan says don’t worry, I always get good bahus. Vidyachatur and Guniyal starts discussing. Danny says we can stop Saras and Kumud with this. Kusum asks Kabir to tell them if there is anyone in his life. Danny says Mission girl for Kabir. Kabir looks on. Its night, Kumud cooks with Yash’s mum. Saras comes to them. He talks to Yash’s mum. He praises the chaat and says we get this in Mumbai. She says you won’t get home food there. Saras tries to show Mumbai’s benefit. She leaves. Saras sees Kumud and thinks. Kabir comes and asks what happened, are you fine. Saras says your Bhabhi. Kabir asks what. Saras says I will tell you something, just say yes yes. Saras starts acting and talks loudly to make Kumud hear them.

Saras says I don’t get time to spend time with Kumud. He says so I thought to go to Mumbai for few months and spend time. He says say say. Kabir says yes, Mumbai is perfect for couples. Kumud leaves. Kabir says gone, Bhabhi ji gone. Saras tries to convince Kumud. Vidyachatur eats medicines. Saras asks why are you taking this. He says its daily medicines, don’t worry. Saras acts sweet and says I got inspired by you, you took care of your family and did so many sacrifices, can’t I go to Mumbai for six months, I will work hard to be an example for the next generation. Vidyachatur says first there has to be the generation. Saras says what Kaka, I m trying to grow business, and you are talking about growing family.

Saras asks Vidyachatur to talk to Kumud. He asks Saras to try, as he failed to comvince Kumud in her childhood. Saras leaves.

Kabir gives an idea to Saras to make Kumud agree in Mumbai style. Saras asks whats that.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

  1. oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kumud is not pregent

  2. Oh if she was pregnant then this program would seem more interesting

    Y did she marry KSG REAL life he is so ugly and massive she looks better with Saras

  3. He does love scenes with other actresses but doesn’t allow his wife
    Other actors/actresses allow their spouses

  4. the expression of saras is awesome and the way he try to change kumud is just superb and ofcourse where is kumuari

  5. So now the story is going to shift from Ratna giri to Mumbai hey now don’t make unnecessary twists as the story is going on well.

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