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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 17th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts wioth Karan thinking that he did not even realize her dream would come true. He says he will give Shivani’ whole world’s happinesss. Ginni hears door knock and opens it. Someone gives her flower boquet and says Karan sent it for Shivani. Ginni gets angry hearing that. She throws bouquet on Shivani’s bed. Shivani asks why is she behaving like this. Ginni says she is fine. Bela asks Ginni to behave well with Shivani. She thinks she must have fought with someone in someone and is grudging here.

Ginni burns the tissue paper used by Karan which she had store. Sumitra comes and asks her why is she burning it, she asks her to fight and win against Shivani as she won Raghu back. Ginni says how can she do that. Sumitra says she will also have to look modern like Shivani.

Karan calls Shivani and asks her how was his surprise. Shivani says it was fine. He says he is happy that they are marrying finally and says he loves her a lot and she was the first and last girl whom he loves. He says all the credit goes to Karan who united them. Shivani gets embarrassed says she will call him later as Latha is caling her.
Renuka and Mahima reach Karan’s house and ask her why did he call them. Karan excitely says he is very happy that he got the girl he loved. Renuka says she is happy for him and asks him to tell who the girl is. Karan shows Shivani’s portrait and says she is Renjuka’s bahu. Renuka is shocked to see her portrait. Karan asks if she is not happy. Renuka says she is very happy and wants to meet her bahu. Karan gets a call and he goes out. Mahima says Renuka their life’s biggest problem is resurfacing again. Renuka says she cannot refuse him as he came back to him after many years.

Sumitra gives a short dress to Ginni and asks her to wear it to lure Karan. Ginni says she canot wear it. Sumitra says she has to forget her shyness and middle class people get shy. Ginni says she will wear it and asks where will she have to go to meet Karan. Sumitra tells Karan’s address and asks her to take permission from Shivani by telling she is going to her friend’s birthday party. Ginni agrees to take Shivani’s permission and hugs her happily. Sumitra thinks that place is a night club and if Ginni is caught, Shivani will be blamed.

Ginni apologizes Shivani for misbehaving with her. Shivani says it is okay, she did not feel bad. Ginni says she wants to go to her friend’s birthday and wants her permission. Shivani says she has exams ahead. Ginni says she has prepared for her exams and insists her to permit. Shivani says okay and asks her to message her friend’s address. Ginni agrees and goes.

Ginni reaches the night club and searches for Karan. Party all night… song plays in the background with people dancing around. Ginni’s friend asks here what is she doing here. Ginni says she came to meet someone here. Her friend’s goon friends come and ask Ginni whom she is waiting for. Ginni says she is waiting for Karan. Goons say Karan is there good friend and he always talks about Ginni most of time.

Goon goes to bring drink. Ginni says she does not dcrinnk. Goon mixes tablet in soft drink.

Karan comes to office to get a file. He sees a letter on his table and remembers it is Ginni’s letter. He reads it and is shocked to see it is a love letter from Ginni.

Goon gives tablet mixed drink to Ginni. Ginni drinks it. Karan calls Ginni, but she does not pick her call. He calls Shivani and informs about it. Shivani says Ginni has gone to her friend’s birthday party. Karan asks Shivani to send Ginni’s friend’s address and he will pick Ginni from there. Shivani says he cares for his familyi a lot. Karan says he is getting married to her, so it is obvious to take care of her family. Ginni starts getting dizzy after the drink. Goon says she should eat something and takes her from there.

Karan reaches Ginni’s friend’s house and says he has come to pick Ginni. Ginni’s friend says Ginni did not come here. Karan then calls Shivani and informs about. Shivani says she told her the same address and gets worried thinking how can she do that. Karan asks her calm down, he will search her and find out. He asks her not to inform her family. Shivani agrees. Karan and Shivani call Ginni again, but she does not pick their call.

Ginni’s inebriated firend picks the call. Karan reaches night club and meets her friend. Karan then informs Shivani that Ginni is in club and is searching her. Shivani asks him to tell him club’s address. Karan asks her not to worry, he will find Ginni and will call her. Karan sees goons misbehaving with Ginni with Ginni telling them that she wants to go to Karan. Karan beats goons and rescues Ginni. He informs Shivani that Ginni is with him, but she is inebriated. He asks her how can she allow Ginni wear such a short dress. Shivani says she saw Ginni wearing full dress and asks him not to bring her home and to take him to his home, she will come there and pick Ginni. Karan says okay and asks her not to worry.

Raghu sees Shivani going out and asks her where is she going. Shivani says she was going to search him. Bela starts searching Ginni and asks Sumitra if she saw Ginni. Sumitra says she saw Ginni going out and she informed that she tood Shivani’s permission and asks Shivani where did Ginni go. Shivani says Ginni went to her friend’s birthday party. Karan says Ginni has exams ahead. Shivani says Ginni told she preapred for her exam and wanted to freshen her mind. Bela asks Raghu to bring Ginni. Just then some servants come with fruits and sweets. Baburam says he did not order anything and asks who sent them. Renuka says she sent them and tries to come in. Raghu stops her and asks her how dare she is to come into his house. He says he cannot see even Renuka’s shadow in his house. Mahima says he should get a habit of seeing Renuka now. Raghu says he cannot see them here and asks them go out, else he will kick them out. Shivani asks Raghu to behave well with them and says she is becoming a part of their family because of him as Renuka is Karan’s mother. Raghu and his whole family is shocked to hear that.

Karan takes Ginni to his home and drops her on his bed. Ginni says Karan that he loves him in an inebriated state. Karan drapes bedsheet over her.

Mahima asks Raghu if that is the way they behave with babyji’s in-laws. Renuka says Mahima that is all they can expect with these poor people. Mahima says Shivani that she left lavish life and came to these poor people, but now she is returning back. She asks Shivani to touch Renuka’s feet and take her blessings. Shivani touches Renuka’s feet. Renuka welcomes her to her family. Raghu angrily goes out. Shivani thinks Raghu must have gone to Karan’s house and what if he sees Ginni there.

Raghu reaches Karan’s home and asks him how can he hide such a big secret to him. Karan says Shivani told him. Raghu says if the planned this to destroy Shivani and says he breaks Karan and Shivani’s relationship now. Karan asks her what did he do. Raghu says he purposefully hide the fact that Renuka is his mother and says Renuka is the one who tried to destory Shivani and he spent many months to protect Shivani, now today Karan is dragging Shivani back in dirt. Karan calls Renuka and says he made a mistake by telling his marriage with Shivani and says he came to know how she troubled Shivani. Renuka says she is her mother. Karan says she lost her son and asks her to keep away from Shivani, else he will forget that she is her mother. Karan then apologizes Raghu on Renuka’s behalf. Ginni comes out of Karan’s room and asks Raghu why is he here. Raghu is shocked to see here there and asks what is she doing there and why has she worn short clothes.

Karan says Raghu he is thinking wrong. Raghu holds Karan’s collar and asks him to tell the truth then. Shivani comes there and asks Raghu to stop. She says without knowing the truth, how can he do that. Raghu says Shivani she told him live. He says Karan he proved that Renuka’s blood is running in him and says he will not let Shivani and his marriage happen. Karan asks him to listen to him. Raghu says he does not want to listen to him now and asks Shivani and Ginni to come with him. Shivani says he forcefully declared Karan and Shivani’s marriage and married Sumitra. She asks him to divorce Sumitra if he wants to take a decision in his life. She asks him to answer. Raghu says he will do what is better for him, though she may not like it. He takes Ginni from there. Shivani says he will have to answer her.

Precap: Shivani says Karan that she could inform Raghu about Ginni. Karan says he stooped low in Raghu’s eyes, but he does not want a sister stoop low in her brother’s eyes.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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