Saraswatichandra 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 16th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur and Guniyal getting shocked. Pramad is drunk and says all drama. He falls. Kumud cries. Everyone react to it. Vidyachatur says we cannot tell anyone about this else everyone will come to know about this. They lift Pramad and take him to the room. Kumud brings him inside and makes him rest on the bed. Pramad sleeps. Kumud thinks what should she say to her family. Yash’s mum says Budhidhan’s son drinks. Vidyachatur cries saying I took a wrong decision. Kumud comes there and says no, this decision was not yours, it is my fate and you will always the right to think about me, you made me stronger to face any situation. She says I have to manage only one relation and I will do it. He says what about you, why will you undergo such pain, why will you

compromise with life. She says I m not compromising, I m trying to change the situation. I will go back with Pramad because I trust myself, which you have given me. She says bless me because if I lose to the fate, I want to win over life. He says ok, but you have to promise me that you will never hide anything from us.

Kumud says don’t worry. He says promise me. Badimaa says let her go. Kumud is your pride, don’t weaken her. Vidyachatur blesses her and leaves. Kumud asks Badimaa to take care of him. Kumud hugs Badimaa and cries. Guniyal comes after Vidyachatur. Saras sees him crying standing outside the gate. Vidyachatur says forgive me Kumud, I lost today. He says I am unable to face myself. He says I have ruined the lives of two women, Badimaa and Kumud. Badimaa says I did not complain to you anything, even Kumud won’t complain, then why are you blaming yourself. She says you are a good brother as you always supported me and loves my daughter as yours. He says what will happen to Kumud, she wants to go back. He says Saras said no to her, but I trusted him and decided her proposal with him, and this time Kumud married because of me, but what did she get, a cheat. He says she wants to accept Pramad and go back with him, only because her dad should not feel guilty infront of her. He says I cannot see this happening with Kumud. He cries and says I have lost. Guniyal also cries. Saras hears everything. Kusum sees this scene standing on the terrace.

Saras thinks all this happened because of me. Saras blames himself for Kumud’s situation. He says what love will Pramad give to Kumud. Saras looks at the sky and says forgive me Maa, I wanted to walk on your way but could not, and see I made so many people sad. He says I have tried to keep Maa’s trust with my existence, that trust I have broken myself. He says I told you Kumud that I do not deserve your love.

Saras stands near the lake where his mum died. He thinks about Vidyachatur’s words. He says Kumud’s and her family’s condition is because of me and I have to make it right. I will support Kumud in her decision and for this I will have to forget our love.

Guniyal looks at Kumud and says do you remember whats today, its 15th August. Kumud says I remember. Guniyal says you used to roam in the village celebrating freedom. Chandrika and Kusum praises Kumud for doing B.A. and learning computers. Yash’s mum also praises her. Saras looks at the water and thinks how his mum died. He says Maa… and goes to dip in the water. He starts crying and recollects his mum’s suicide. He looks around for his mum amd says the relation which you pain, you got freed from it and you have also made dad free from the relation.

Kumud says I remember everything, and I trust my decision, trust me that my decision is right. She says I will never lose myself. Saras meditates in water and the mantras are played in the background. He thinks about Kumud and looks at his hands. He says this is the place where you died Maa, and today I promise here itself that I will make Pramad and Kumud’s relation complete by making her marriage successful in 30 days, this is Saraswatichandra’s promise.

Kumud and Pramad are surrounded by goons. The goons asks her to give the Mangalsutra. She takes out the mangalsutra and Saras catches it. Kumud is shocked to see Saras, who comes there for their rescue.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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