Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash calling Suman and telling her that Poonam is not at home. Suman gets shocked. He says I don’t know, there might be some reason for her act. Akash calls Prabhunath and asks him about Poonam. Prabhunath is worried to know that Poonam is missing. He says where will she go without asking you. Akash says don’t worry, maybe she went to meet you to Lucknow, as she wanted to give you a surprise, maybe she is heading towards you, ask her to call me when she reaches there. Prabhunath wonders where did she go. Akash says I will go and find Poonam. Mangla says where will you search. He says I will manage and leaves.

Akash gets a call from Prabhunath. He says Poonam came here and is looking for me. Akash says stop her there, I m coming to you. Prabhunath hides from Poonam. Akash calls Suman and asks her to help Prabhunath. Suman says ok, I will go there. Poonam asks for Prabhunath. The manager comes and asks Poonam whom do you want to meet. Poonam says Prabhunath. Prabhunath changes his waiter clothes and comes there. She hugs him getting sad.

Prabhunath says you did not tell me and Akash that you are coming here. Poonam says I wanted to meet you so I came. The manager talks to Prabhunath. Prabhunath tells him that my daughter does not know about my work. The manager gives him leave and asks him to work overtime tomorrow. Prabhunath says lets go out and talk, I took leave today. Poonam and Prabhunath have a talk. He asks her is everything fine, why are you looking sad. Poonam hides it and asks him to take her home as she wants to meet her mum. Prabhunath is shocked. Suman comes there and pretends that she knows nothing about Poonam’s arrival. Suman acts and says she is happy to see her. Prabhunath says Poonam wants to go home. Suman says we will eat chat nearby. Prabhunath and Poonam agrees.

Kanno is making an issue at home as Poonam went from house without informing anyone. Dadi asks Kanno to stop it. Dadi scolds her. Mangla leaves. Poonam, Suman and Prabhunath are eating chat. Poonam asks about Deepak. Prabhunath says he is fine. Poonam asks him you look worried, don’t you talk with Deepak, does he call. Prabhunath says yes, we talk but he don’t call often. Poonam says you make a call to him. He says I tried. Prabhunath praises Akash. Poonam feels happy. He says I got Akash so I don’t miss Deepak. He says I m happy to see that Akash takes good care of you. Akash calls Suman and asks her where they are. He says I m coming.

Mama says Mangla why did Poonam go. He asks about the price of the bangles. Mangla says don’t disturb me. She gets tensed. Rani comes and tells her that Dadi is calling you. Prabhunath asks Poonam to come with Akash next time. He asks her is everything fine. She says yes. He says I know you can face any situation. He says you know your responsibility very well. You have always made me proud. He says I m happy that Akash is with you.

Akash comes there and greets Prabhunath. He asks Poonam why you came here, you would have told me that you wanted to meet your dad, I would have brought you. He says everyone are worried about you at home. He tells Prabhunath about yesterday’s event. Prabhunath is happy that Poonam won everyone’s heart. Akash says I will always keep Poonam happy. Akash says lets go home, everyone are worried. Poonam agrees. Poonam leaves with Akash. Dadi thinks why did Poonam leave. Mangla says I praised her and gave her bangles as a gift. Dadi is worried. Kanno taunts them all. Dadi says Poonam is missing from this house, if anything happens to her, then we will be in trouble. Mangla shouts on Kanno. Kanno argues with her saying I always took your permission. Akash brings Poonam home. Everyone are shocked to see her. Kanno stops Poonam from entering the house.

Akash and Poonam are celebrating 15th August. Mangla praises Poonam infront of Kanno. But Kanno has some other plans.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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