Saraswatichandra 14th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 14th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Kabir to forget the past. Kabir says dad you will be fine very soon. Kumud says even I hope so. Kabir says not hope, I m sure, he will get well. I used to give him injections to keep him in coma. Everyone is shocked. Kabir says tell me, do I deserve to be in your family. Saras holds him and wipes his tears. Saras says you are my brother, my own blood, you can’t be away from me. Kumud smiles. Saras says I know you did mistakes, but we all did mistakes, the right man is one who accepts his mistake and rectifies it. We are with you, our Maa’s blessings are with us, don’t worry. Danny says and one mum is such, that a son became dad’s enemy. Danny leaves from the ICU.

Saras says Danny……….. Vidyachatur sees Danny leaving in anger. Danny calls Ghuman and asks when is she coming. Ghuman says I m busy, shall we meet anywhere alone. Danny says fine. She says great, I will call you and tell where we have to meet. Danny ends the call and tells Saras that I will talk to her. Saras says she will play any other game, we should go to police station and complain to get her punished. Danny says I don’t have patience. Saras says try to understand. Kabir says Saras is right. Kalika comes to meet Ghuman. Ghuman says I won’t give you any money now. Kalika taunts her.

Kalika tells her sins. Ghuman says what nonsense. Kalika says how could you kill Kabir, he is your step son. Danny feels he is his brother and is against you. Ghuman says shut up. Kalika says Kumud, Saras and Kabir have exposed you to Danny. Ghuman is surprised. Kalika says yes, they are back with Kabir. Ghuman is shocked. Kalika says Danny is counting your sins. Ghuman says this can’t happen, you are playing a game. Kalika smiles and says Saras got his brother and you lost your son, now nothing can happen. Kalika says you lost everything in greed, now your game is over, you are ruined. Ghuman cries.

Kalika leaves. Ghuman shouts this can’t happen. Everyone at home discuss about Ghuman. Vidyachatur says she is very selfish and is affecting out children, she creates tension in between them. Yash’s mum sees Kalika and scolds her. Yash’s mum asks her where did she go. Yash says don’t ask her anything, else she will lie again, she is no one to us, let her go anywhere. He says don’t worry Kalika, no one will ask you anything. He hands over the divorce papers to her. Kalika asks whats this. He says I want divorce from you, sign it. Kalika and everyone are shocked.

Kalika says why, you can’t give me divorce, I m your Kalika, beat me, but don’t send me, I will not leave you, I m your wife. Vidyachatur talks to Yash saying marriage can’t break so easily. Yash says she does not deserve to be called my wife, she does not value marriage, everything is over between us. Yash leaves. Kalika cries. Saras, Kabir, Danny,Kumud and Kusum come to compliant against Ghuman in the police station. The inspector says but she is your……… Danny says nothing to us. Saras tells about Ghuman’s sins 21 years ago. The inspector says it’s a big crime, but I can’t take your complaint. Saras asks why..

The inspector asks do you have any proof. Saras says we have a witness, Menka, she is Ghuman’s relative. The inspector says bring her, we will take her statement and issue warrant against Ghuman. Saras takes Danny and leaves with everyone. They all come home. Kalika shows the divorce papers to them and says Yash wants this, I can’t give him divorce. Kalika asks Saras to explain Yash and stop him from doing this. She requests Kumud to help her.

She says how can he do this with me, I m his wife, I know I did big mistakes, I m sorry, save my marriage, if he gives me divorce, where will I go. She falls on Kumud’s feet. Kumud says Kalika come with me. Everyone try to explain Yash not to give divorce to Kalika as he loved her. Yash says I loved her, not now, I can’t settle with such a fraud woman. Vidyachatur says I think you should think once again, Kumud explain him. Kumud speaks against Kalika. Kumud says Kalika was with Pramad, and she cheated him always, Saras and I exposed her, so she came here to take revenge with us, but we all have accepted her, as our bahu.

Yash really loved her, but what did she give us, created misunderstanding between us, lied to us, cheated us, and today she has tried to break Danny and Kusum’s marriage, she should get divorce. Yash has given her much love, any bad gilr would have changed, but she can’t, as she is selfish and a fraud. Kalika is shocked. Kumud says when she blamed Danny, did she not think what Yash will go through, I can’t let Yash ruin his life with such a girl. Kumud says Yash I m with you. Kalika says Kumud Didi……….. don’t say this, how can I give divorce to Yash. Kumud asks Vidyachatur do you think Yash is wrong. He says no, we all are with Yash.

Everyone smile. Kalika cries and says Kaka don’t send me out of this house, stop Yash. She asks Saras to explain Yash, he will listen to you, give me a chance. Saras says its in Yash’s hand and he has made his decision. Kalika talks to Yash and says give me one chance. Yash says sign the papers else we have to tell police what you did. He says decide whether you have to go to jail or get free of this marriage. Kalika looks at everyone. She signs on the papers. She walks out of the room crying. Yash breaks down. Everyone support him. Kalika thinks yes I came here to take revenge from you Kumud, its not easy to get rid of me.

Danny comes to his room and thinks how Kalika told about Ghuman. He thinks of Saras talking to Kabir and telling Ghuman’s sins. Danny cries. Saras comes to him. Danny says I m fine. Saras says its impossible to break relation with mum, I can’t hear a word against my mum, I know what you went through when you came to know this bitter truth, I think life can be decided in two ways, one walking right way and other wrong way. I always chose the right path and I also did mistakes, but I did not hurt anyone intentionally. Saras says you are like me, so I know you will choose the right path always. He says this time is tough for you, but your elder brother is with you, we will face this problem together. Danny nods yes.

Vidyachatur calls Saras and Danny. Saras asks what happened. Vidyachatur says Lord has answered our prayers. Saras says did dad become conscious. Vidyachatur says yes, my friend got a new life. Saras hugs Danny happily.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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