Saraswatichandra 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 13th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kusum apologizing to Danny for everything. He says thanks for valuing my love and hugs her. They have a cute and romantic talk. He gives her chocolates and they plan to make Saras win in the kite flying competition. He says lets see who wins tomorrow. Kusum says we are in same team. They argue from which shop they will shop for the kites. Kusum says you are fighting with me. Danny says our first fight after marriage, congrats Mrs. Vyas.

Saras is trying to fly the kite while Kumud looks on. Kumud pulls his leg and challenges him. She smiles seeing him. Danny says we will try again. Kumud says sure, try. Saras says I can’t do this, five kites have torn. Kusum comes and says I have brought 3 dozen, let them tear, but keep trying. Kumud tells Saras it looks I will fly away from you. He says how, you are in my hands. She says I can and shows him how to fly the kite. She flies it so well that Saras keeps looking on. Saras says I will lose anything but not you. Piya re…………… plays………….. Saras says I have to win your heart. Everyone laugh on Saras for losing the kite.

Saras leaves. Dada ji and Vidyachatur are happy seeing Kusum and Kumud laugh. Kalika and yash’s mum talks to Yash. Yash’s mum says see outside, are they yours, they are praising the outsiders, no one is missing you. Yash says but mum, there is not any function that they will call me. Kalika says Yash, you are good at heart and simple, but people are not simple, I have seen people here who change colors, if they trusted you, they would have given you the work of Karkhana, but they are favoring Saras and Danny. Yash says why will Dada ji do this, he will divide the property evenly. Yash’s mum says Dada ji does not see anyone else than Saras. Yash’s mum says are you sure about this.

Kalika says ask Dada ji for the keys of the room, if he gives, I will not say anything. Yash leaves. Yash’s mum is happy with Kalika. Saras and Kumud are flying the kites and look so good together. Yash comes to Dada ji and says I was thinking to change the locks of the house, what about the upstairs room lock, but you have given its key to Saras and Kumud, can I have it. Dada ji is focussing on the kites and does not listen to Yash. Kumud wins over Saras. Dada ji tells Yash to sit with him and have fun seeing this kite flying. Yash looks on and leaves.

Kalika sees him and he goes inside the house. Kalika smiles. Kumud is in the kitchen and says it will be fun tomorrow when I win over Saras in the challenge. Saras comes and asks for food. Badimaa asks him to make Kumud lose. Saras says I will. Kumud sees some wounds on his hand as he leaves. She goes after him. Kusum says it looked like Saras came to take Kumud, not food. Kumud tallks to Saras and says you should have told me that the sharp string has cut your hand. She says show me your hand and does the first aid.

Saras says Ahhh… She says sorry. He says its aching a lot. She says I will do it slowly. She sees that is not a real wound and is shocked.

She says you lied to me, I will not forgive you. He holds her and says I wanted to see whether you forgot to love me or do you feel hurt by my pain. She says what did you feel. He touches her face and says that my touch makes my Kumud revived. Saras and Kumud can forget themselves, but not loving each other. They have an eyelock. She runs. Mora piya…… plays…………….. She comes back and says show me your hand and draws a smiley for tomorrow and says all the best. He holds her hand and says best of luck to you too. She leaves.

She goes to her room and smiles happily. Saras is also smiling in his bed. Kumud thinks about how Saras proposed her and blushes. Saras also thinks about it and smiles. Mann ke dor……………… plays……………. Both of them feel their love and smile. He kisses the smiley she made. They miss each other. Kumud pushes a kite from under the door and asks him to show his love if he really loves her, he should win the game to win her, else no from her side. Saras says thanks for this but I won’t give you any chance to say no.

Its morning, Dada ji welcomes the sunrise by doing a puja. Kusum and Kumud brings flowers. Dada ji talks to them. Kusum says the Vyas will win today and sounds confident. Kumud says don’t think of victory, and how come you become Vyas from Desai in two days, we won’t give anything to you, not even a kite. Kusum says we won’t want anything, prince Saraswatichandra is coming see how he wins his princess.

Saras and Kumud have a romantic moment together as they get close.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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