Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th January 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki, gopi, and rashi does surya namashkar and prays that they should succeed in revealing the truth that tripti is the real killer of umang. Koki says they should finish up all the work soon. Here in rajpal nagar, urmi will be excited about the pongal festival and kinjal scolds her that madhu is so sad and she is thinking about celebrating the festival. Urmi denies to stop the celebrations. Again at modi bhawan, koki says ahem – jigar that tripti – umang are a couple and tripti is the real killer of umang. So she needs their help to reveal the truth. Ahem – jigar agrees. Koki says they have only 24hours to save gopi as next day police comes to take back gopi to station. Rashi says she has a plan that they all will frighten tripti to reveal the truth from tripti. Ahem and jigar says its a stupid idea and ahem says he would talk to their lawyer and think some thing. Ahem and jigar leave. Koki gets another plan to get the truth.

At rajpal nagar, urmi will taunting madhu that she is so unlucky that she couldnt celebrate the festival. Madhu angrily says to celebrate the festival. At modi bhawan, koki – rashi goes to tripti’s room and does some thing in radha’s mobile and leave. At the dining table, koki – gopi – rashi finds radha – tripti coming and will be discussing about celebrating the kite festival. Radha – tripti comes there and yells at them for celebrating the festival. Koki explains radha to move on forgetting everything. All threesome give sigh to start their plan. Rashi and gopi will be calling each other and cut the calls. Koki wants to scare tripti that umang is calling them as a bhooth. Urmi calls rashi to know the hot news from modi bhawan, but rashi acts as if no one is speaking and finally yells “Umang!” and hangs on the call. Radha gets shocked. Rashi and gopi says that ghosts return back if their wishes arent fulfilled. Tripti denies their words. Radha gets scared and says if umang wants to talk then he would call her or tripti. Radha’s mobile rings and shows its Umang. Radha leaves her mobile and breaks. Tripti says its not true and takes away radha from there. Rashi will be depressed that her plan has got flopped. Ahem – jigar comes there. Ahem says i have told you already that your plan is worst and leaves.

Later, radha yells. All the ladies go to her room. Their radha finds sindoor on her mangalsutra and all over the floor. Radha will be scared and says umang might want to talk to her. Tripti explains radha that ghosts doesnt exist and there need not to be scared. Koki and radha will feel bad that tripti isnt scared. Rashi says theres no need to worry and they will excute their 3rd plan.

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  1. umang needs to come back for the viewers! or else its a futile suspense.

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