Saraswatichandra 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saraswatichandra 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud bringing Kusum home. Everyone look at Kusum. Kusum goes to her room. Guniyal says we have sent her making her a bride but she…. Kumud says Kusum does not want to accept this marriage. Kumud says I m with her in her decision, you all understand that you did not do her Vidaai. Vidyachatur says my two daughters will always have a place in this house and my heart. He calls the doctor and talks to him. The doctor says Kusum has to be dealt carefully. Vidyachatur says the doctor said that as he spoke to Badimaa, he will be sending a counsellor for Kusum. Guniyal says does Badimaa think this will help. Kumud says yes, it might, but her suicide attempt was not right and she can’t do it again.

Vidyachatur says if Saras told no for marriage, I would

have understood but I can’t believe he cheated me. Badimaa says its the test of relations, you all can’t understand my and Saras’s decision, but you can trust us. Kumud says the time will tell us whether the decision was right or wrong, and about trust, you both did not trust us and have hidden it from us. Kumud leaves.

Scene shifts to Kusum:

Kusum is in her room looking in the mirror. She removes her bridal jewellery and is upset. She removes her mangalsutra and her bindi. She touches her sindoor and cries. She wipes it off with a cloth. She opens the cupboard and takes her dress and changes. She looks at her in the mirror again and puts water near the sindoor part of her head.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumari comes to Kumud and says Kusum is not taking medicines. Kumud says she won’t listen to me too, as she is annoyed with me. Yash’s mum comes and says Saras has cheated Kusum, and you are reponsible for it, Kalika is better than you.

Scene shifts to Saras:

Saras comes to Danny with food. Saras sees him upset and says I know you are annoyed with me and you should be, as I have hidden it from you, but don’t punish yourself for my mistake, you did not eat anything since morning, have food. Danny says the one I loved, has cut her nerve and called me a cheater and went back home, and you are asking me to have food.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud is making Kusum have food. Kusum says i won’t have food. Kumud says we all are with you, trust us. Kusum says trust, whom? I got married by heart but….

Scene shifts to Saras and Danny:

Danny says I married Kusum but she was feeling you, she had you in her eyes, whats the use of that rituals, how should I trust you.

Scene shifts to Kusum and Kumud:

Kusum says I felt Saras during marriage, for me my marriage was with him, how can I accept anyone else as my husband. Kumud cries and leaves.

Scene shifts to Danny and Saras:

Saras tries to stop Danny but Danny leaves. Saras says listen to me, stop. Saras is worried.

Scene shifts to Kumud:

Kumud comes to a mandir and asks the Lord to help Kusum and bring her out of all this. Saras says the Lord knows I wanted everyone’s happiness but why is this happening. Kumud asks the Lord to give happiness to Kusum, and even if its her’s. Kumud prays in the mandir and turns and sees Saras praying. Saras opens his eyes and sees her. Kumud walks away. Saras says stop, Kalika….. Kumud says you did not do this right, accept your mistake. Saras says I m ready to apologize 1000 times, but you can’t deny that Danny loves Kusum.

Kumud says my sister’s life has become a joke, what happened with Kusum was a cheat, you have put everyone’s life at stake, now tell me who will correct this. Saras says I will. Kumud says how will you do it, they have got married now, you have broken their trust and the will to live. Saras says if you support me, I can give them the will to live. He says nothing was easy for us, but you never left me. Kumud says its not about us now. Saras says help me for them, I can do everything but not alone, will you support me and holds her hand. Kumud says no and leaves. Saras looks on.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:

Vidyachatur says Kusum always trusted Kumud more than me. He says we did not stop Kusum to ask Kumud and did not stop Kumud from giving her. Guniyal says we taught them to be happy in each other’s happiness, but the situation led them to become the reason of worries for one another. Kumari comes and says Pramad came. Pramad comes and greets everyone. He says these are the divorce papers, I have signed on it. Everyone look stunned. Kalika looks at Pramad. Vidyahchatur takes the papers and checks it.

Pramad says Kaka, whatever I did, Kumud is getting punished for it, if I have not sent the goons, Kusum would have got married to Mohan. I m responsible for all this, I won’t be able to rectify my mistakes so I m freeing Kumud. I will pray for her and can’t face her, tell her that I m going to America for my treatment as she wanted me to do. Kalika says no Pramad, you can’t go from this country like this without ruining Saras and Kumud, I won’t let you go. Vidyachatur says the Lord knew Kumud was going to finish a test so he made another test ready for her.

Scene shifts to Pramad:

Kalika comes infront of Pramad’s car. He stops and gets out of his car. He says what are you doing here. She says you are not the one whom I loved, you are going without taking revenge for your insults, wear these bangles, it will look good on you. Pramad says time changes people, you also change. Kalika taunts him and says I have my place in their house permanenetly. Pramad starts feelin unwell hearing her taunts. He holds her by her hand and replies her saying I m not running away. Kumud wanted to send me jail, but she took me to her house and took care of me. Its me, who will never change. Pramad laughs.

Saras looks out for Danny and sees his passport and clothes missing. He says where did you go Danny leaving me alone.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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