Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 13th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Prem says to Sahil I knew it the meeting won’t be good. Sahil says forget it. I Lets go to have a coffee. Prem has a call he says I am coming in a few moments. Sahil gets into the shop he finds Raghav there. He goes to him. Sahil says to Raghav in a cafe that I am thankful that you saved life of my daughter. Raghav says so you remember the people who do you a favor Mr.Kapoor. Sahil says how do you know my name ? Raghav says I know even how you became a business man by hardwork or other means. Sahil says what do you mean ? He says look like you asks a lot of questions but I am not used to answer. Sahil says at least tell me your name. Raghav says why you wanna marry your daughter to me.
Raghav crosses Prem on the door. Prem asks Sahil who was he ? He says

no on. Lets go I don’t want coffee here.

Scene 2
Paki’s friends ask her how was her day on birthday? She says first hal of the day was so boring but the second half was super exciting. She tells them that she met an accident and a guy saved her. She says I wish I could meet him. Suddenly a car stops and Raghav gets out of the car. He is moving towards Paki she is confused then he crosses her. Her friend tells her that he came here for interviews of an international construction building. Paki think oh God what should I do now i had no plans of interview neither of job. But I guess now i have to change he plans.

Scene 3
Pakiya says that we should find a top class lawyer. A man says that he will take a lot of fees. Vitthal says lets go to hire some lawyer. Kanta says that water has gone. Manda says look kamla water has gone you can’t do anything for us. Manda says she works there she is their loyal. Manda says if someone looks at my house i will fight. When a stone will be thrown at Sahil’s car then he will understand. Manda says we will go and protest at his house. What he thinks that we are weak. They will hire a better lawyer. ow anyone of you who wanna go with me can leave now. Kamla tries to stop the people but no one listens.

Scene 4
In the college Kalpi asks Paki what are you doing here you were not giving the interview. She says yes I changed my mind. Actually something made me to do so. Kalpi says good for you. i never asked you the reason.
Nettu is bragging about her richness in front of her friends. A servant tells Nettu that kamla bai is protesting down with her ladies. Nettu goes down. Kamla is trying to stop people. Nettu says to kamla why are you doing this ? Manda says tell your madam taht we won’tb leave our place. Nettu says lets go in Kamla. Manda says yes decide once what you wanna do. Kamla says madam i haven’t brought these people but I am with them. Manda says we are telling this madam that we can break the things too. Nettu says Kamla I am calling police. Kamla is trying to stop people. She asks Nettu to go upstairs. Kamla shoves her at the side and Kamla falls on the floor unconscious.

Scene 5
There in the college interviews are on going and Paki and Kalpi are waiting for their turns. Kalpi and Paki enter together. He asks them to sit on the chair. Raghav says why the princess of Kapoor empire wanna work at my place. Paki says because i wanna do something by my own. He says looking at kalpi’s records. Kalpana Yadava daughter of Vitthal yadav an employee in a construction company. Mother kamla yadav a maid. He reads out all her positions that she achieved in the previous grades. He utters so boring. i am in mood of having a coffee tomorrow., Who is gonna make it? Kalpana you ? Kalpi says yes you thought is that a maid’s daughter can only make coffee. And what is this way of interviewing ? Paki says can I make it ? I make really good coffee my kamla maa taught me. Paki starts making the coffee. Kalpi gets a call he says go ahead Paki is making the coffee. Kalpi receives the call Pakiya tells her the whole story. She says to raghav that my mom.. He says id on’t care. She says right i don’t want this job either i don’t wanna make coffee for my boss here. Raghav says this is called childish thought. He says why don’t you accept that you fear of not being said that you can only make coffee. And you run away from opportunities in which you can prove yourself. You can go Kalpana Yadav. Raghav says to Paki nice coffee. Kalpi leaves the office. Paki says you didn’t tell me your name ? He says sir. She says what ? He says you will call me sir if we hire you. She says do i get the job ? He says no our results are not out yet. She says will i call you sir if we meet somewhere else. He says there are no chances. She says I am sure we will meet Sir.

Scene 6
Vitthal is dressing Kamla’s bruise. Pakiya says I won’t have left you manda tai if something has happened to me. Vitthal says this is wrong manda. She says that paki won’t let you come on the road. Vitthal says we will fight together. Kalpi gets in and asks kamla how is she ? Kamla asks how was your interview ? She says it was a bit weird.
People are discussing the nature of Kapoor’s nature. Paki gets there are people are looking at her with anger. Manda says look who has come in our poor people’s place. Nettu madam’s daughter.

PRECAP-Pakiya asks manda to talk gently to her, Kamla asks paki to leave. She says Paki is not related to all this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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