Saraswatichandra 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 10th April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts in Kumud’s house:

Kumari says Ghuman like she is like a heroine, as her sari is good. Kumud’s mother looks at Kumari and she stops saying. Ghuman smiles. Ghuman tells Saras that she has forgiven him as he has come here without telling her. She says Kumud has a spark in her.
Kumud says Ghuman if she needs anything, let her know. Kumud leaves after saying this. Saras looks as she is going. Saras tells Ghuman he wants to talk to her alone.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s room:

Kumud is anxious thinking about Ghuman. Kumud says that she did not even wanted to show her face to Saras, and his mother did the ”mu-dikhai” ritual. She thinks she can’t wait further.

Scene shifts to Saras’s room:
Ghuman says Saras why he came here without telling her. Saras says his talk is more important. She says she is seeing how important has Kumud become for him. She says you were in such a big problem and he did not tell them. How will Laxminandan react to it? Though these people were taking care of you..
Saras tells that is why he has to say her something.

Kumud’s mother says that Ghuman does not know anything. Kumud says yes and she will talk like this but I don’t to listen. She has to say everything to Vidyachatur.

Saras tells that she knew everything and she did mu-dikhai. Why?
Ghuman says why he stayed here for so long? What does this mean? Because this place is so beautiful.

Kumud’s mother says Vidyachatur is resting, he was much worried about Saras. Let him rest today. Kumud becomes restless.

Didi comes to Ghuman and takes her. Saras thinks he has to talk to Kumud.
Ghuman says Didi that it is good that Vidyachatur is not aware of Saras’s decision of saying No.
This is the second No, after his sister’s realtion broke with Laxminandan. She has to throw the card before the situation changes.

The next morning, Kumud’s mother stops Kumud. Kumud says that she is going to tell everything to Vidyachatur. Her mother says that he went to bail out Yash to the police station. Kumud says ok I will leave for the school.

Saras meets Kumud is the school. She says she was going to tell Vidyachatur in the morning but he was out to the police station. She says she will tell. Saras says we will tell. Saras tells Kumud that he wants to buy a land here and what does she feel about it. Whether his mother will be happy? She says they should not leave any chance of making their parents happy. She says she is going to hurt her father today.

Scene shifts to Vidyachatur’s room:

Ghuman enters his room as he is seen doing the account and calling Kumud. Ghuman says he should not ask Kumud any work. They will take Kumud in few days and what he will do in that time.

Kumud tells Saras she will leave. She ties the show laces of a boy, Saras watches this and smiles. He leaves as Kumud watch him going. Kumud feels sad. They go in opposite direction.

Ghuman says Saras is here for since many days. People might be talking about them as they might come to know about them. Badimaa’s husband comes there and says he is happy to hear this that she cares about the reputation of the family.

Ghuman says she was thinking to make a small function so that people come to know formally and when Laxminandan becomes free they can engage Saras and Kumud. He says Ghuman is saying correct. Vidyachatur says he will do this. Ghuman asks him not to say this to Saras and Kumud, they will be surprised. Vidyachatur says as you like. Ghuman thanks and smiles while leaving.

Yash’s mother looks from the window asking who is there. Ghuman comes there and tells her to do as she says then as she wants will happen. Ghuman smiles.

Gyaan says if Laxminandan was here it would have been very good. Vidyachatur says he had some business work. Yash’s mother comes there crying. Badimaa tells Kumud’s mother what happened to Badi Bhabhi all of a sudden.

Ghuman says the crowd has gathered, lets start the play. Yash’s mother accepts the mistakes and asks for forgiveness for everyone. She says Saras is innocent. She apologises to Vidyachatur. He asks her to sit. He promises her that he will bring Yash home as soon as possible.

She says there should be some function as Ghuman has come. Vidyachatur says yes it is going to happen. Ghuman is listening all this from far away standing. Kumud’s mother becomes tense. She asks for Kumud. Kumari says she has gone to show land to Saras.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s school:

Saras was waiting for her. Kumud sees him and asks was he here since morning. He says no. He has went to see land. Kumud says lets go.

Scene shifts back to Kumud’s house:

Ghuman is unpacking gifts with Didi. Kumud’s mother gets more tensed. She is waiting for Kumud.

Scene shifts to Kumud’s School:

Saras holds Kumud’s dupatta and she stops and turns and see him. O piya re.. song plays. She gives her the dupatta.

Scene back in house:

Kumud’s mother says this is happening early. Ghuman gives gifts to them. Ghuman gives gift- a saree to Kumud’s mother and asks her to wear it today.
Kumari asks her to give a saree like hers as she looks a heroine. Ghuman smiles.
Kumud’s mother takes Kumari and says to look for Kumud and bring her. She asks what happened.

Scene shifts back to Kumud and Saras:

Kumud asks whether he liked the land. He says yes. She says it feels good to do something for the parents.

Back to house:

Ghuman gifts to Badimaa also but she does not accept. Ghuman taunts her. Badimaa fumes with anger and leaves.

Scene shifts back to Kumud and Saras:

Saras tells that if his mother has there, it would have felt bad that he is hiding the truth from Vidyachatur. Kumud says her lie will hurt her father a lot. Saras says it is not her mistake and he will talk to him.

Back to house:

Ghuman says when Saras and Kumd come, they will be happy. Kumari says Kumud is not in the school. Her mother is worried. Ghuman is anxious as her plans is taking turns. Ghuman is happy.

Kumud and Saras come to home and are shocked to see flowers and decoration. She asks what is happening.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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