Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th April 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Sheila calling Anuj..
She asks him to come home with Rubel.. She also asks him to call avantika and invite her to take part in Nani’s Barsi. ( she wanted avantika to know that Pankudi works as a caretaker)
Anuj thinks of a way to invite avantika while Rubel thinks of a way to bring adi to Nani’s Barsi…
Sheila discusses her plan with Latika. ( they were planning to add something on Food)
Latika and Sheila goes to the kichen where Pankudi was cooking.. And Sheila pretends like as if she was feeling sympathy for her. she also tells her that if pankudi was not there nani’s barsi wouldnt take place and uses her favorite “Small town girls” (So annoying)

Sheila sends Pankudi to check the preparations and latika takes ovber the incharge of food that was she was cooking.
But Panudi doesnot go out of the kitchen and calls the priest there instead… Sheila and Latika gets worried (Plan flopped LOL)

Latika Tries to add something but Pankudi stops her and says that you are a guest and its rude to allow guests work ( you should see Latika and Sheila’s face ) Pankudi also adds that works should be done by ppl who can be trusted
Scene shifts to Harish’s house..
Avantika was giving Shanky a list of things to buy for Pooja… Just then, she gets a calls from Anuj … he invites Avantika to Diwan mansion for Barsi. Avantika agrees and says “okay ..I’ll be there” Anuj asks avantika not to tell Anyone that he invited her. Avantika tells him she dont know why he’s too changed all of a sudden but also adds that she is happy with the change
Anuj disconnects the call and Smiles at Rubel.
Sheila again tries to send pankudi from there but her plan again failed.
Mamiji takes the hot handle which Pankudi used to cook and placed it on her hand indirectly..and her hand got burnt.
latika takes pankudi to Sheila’s room to apply ointment.
At office.. an employee asks Adi to bring the file for signature to Diwan mansion on Rubels order. Adi thinks Rubel wants him to breakhis promise
At diwan kitchen..Sheila finds something to put into the cooked food. and suddenly Adi calls.
Pankudi refuses to apply Ointment from Latika
When Pankudi enters the kitchen sheila was about to add something into wat she was cooking .. but she entered and sheila got scared andsomethings fell from its place too..
Pankudi wanted to clean but sheila refused strongly.
Sheila’s Plan flopped again and she got really upset..(Thumbs up to panku)
Later, Latika Sheila rubel and aunj were discussing about the plan…. sheila blames latika saying that her plan got flopped bcx she wasnt helping her much…and rubel gets upset….
Atr Harish’s house ..avantika gets ready to go but she was very worried… Harish and avantika toks and she gets okay..
Pankudi calls Adi but he doesnot respond,…
at Nani’s Barsi…. Rubel was playing with his phone….
Pankudi brings something on Priests order (Something was added into it) Priest se’nt it back bcx something was missing from them
Sheila prays to god that Pankudi shouldnt get to know that.

It was shown that adi was in his way to Diwan mansion to get rubel’s signature.
In diwan mansion Pankudi gets to know that something was mixed..and makes it again (plan failed again LOL ) And Sheila gets reeaaally angry (badday for her ) Episode ends.

Precap : Rubel asks sheila about the absence of Avantika and Adi…. Nanaji sees adi coming and asks about his sudden arrival.


Update Credit to: Nia

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