Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 31st January 2014 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Rachana at Kabir’s studio and finds the passes for the conference for designers at Lucknow and she thinks how huge the event is in which designers take part and she wishes to be lucky enough to go. Nithya tells Rachana sarcastically that one day she will be able to go. Rachana is confident that one day she will be able to go and continues her work. Kabir arrives and sees the passes. He realises that the event is tomorrow and wonders how he forgot. He tells Nithya to bring the sketches of the 2014 fall. He tells all the girls that he will be going to Lucknow the next day and all work should go smoothly. Nithya tells that she will be ready by morning thinking she is going with him to Lucknow. Kabir was actually referring

for her to prepare as there will be some fittings in the studio. Nithya explains to him how can she overview the fittings if she is going to Lucknow with him. Kabir turns to Rachana and says that she is coming to Lucknow with him. Rachana and Nithya are shocked. Kabir then tells Rachana he is asking her to follow him to Lucknow and not to Paris so she doesn’t have to be that shocked

Rachana is wondering how to seek permission from Dayal to go for it. At home Dayal and Prabhu are talking about how things are going well in their shop and that a photoshoot will take place there and all are happy. Bua then talks about the neighbour’s daughter who ran away and Seema says girls shouldn’t be given too much freedom if not it will be difficult. Dayal says its about the values and upbringing and their children are a good example of that and he has trust in them and they will make the family proud and asks them if what he says its true. Gunjan and Rachana nod and smile. Rachana thinks after all this talk its not right to ask him permission and he won’t allow her. She thinks its not the right time for her to go out of the town. She thinks of giving the conference a miss and messages to Kabir that she can’t make it.

Part 2

The doorbell rings and Rachana opens the door to find Kabir standing there. She is shocked to see him at this hour at night. He says he wants to speak to Dayal and Rachana tells him that Dayal didn’t directly say no to her about going to Lucknow but she won’t make it as she can’t skip college due to attendances. He insists on speaking to Rachana. Shail and Dayal come out and see him. He tells Dayal that its not up to him to decide if Rachana not going with him is the right or wrong decision but Dayal being her father knows best and that Rachana is a talented girl. He says she has potential and that talent and hardwork alone is not enough but she needs Dayal’s trust and believe to. Dayal tells Kabir he’s not sure what he’s trying to convey. He says that he wishes Rachana to follow him to the fashion conference and that she is eager to learn and will get the opportunity to do so. He says Rachana refused to come and hence he’s come to seek Dayal’s permission since he wants Rachana to follow him. Seema mumbles is Rachana going alone but Seema signals to her to be quiet. Dayal then asks Rachana if she refused because she was scared of him. Rachana nods. Kabir says that if she comes it will benefit her and Rachana knows that. Dayal says of he agrees then Rachana is his responsibility and Kabir says he won’t have any complains. Dayal asks if they will be back by evening and Kabir says he can’t say for sure as the journey is about 4-5 hours. Dayal says he’s never let Rachana out on her own before but he is now because he believes Kabir to be part of the family and that he has so much faith in her talent.

Part 3

Nithya calls a man and says that by messing with her Rachana didn’t do the right thing and she will definitely take revenge. She then asks the man if he knows what is to be done and he says yes it will be done by evening. Rachana calls Kabir to explain why she refused to come in the first place. Kabir says she is coming and he didn;t even ask for an explanation. Rachana thanks him for the opportunity and he tells her to be ready with the spring collection by the morning. Dadi comes and tells Kabir that she thought he disliked Rachana but is now taking her to Lucknow and Kabir says it has nothing to do if he likes her or not. He says that with the right exposure Rachana can merge forward and Dadi says Rachana and him both are talented. Dayal comes to Rachana’s room and says he wants to talk to her. He tells her that no matter how big or small the problem he thought that his daughter will tell him. He said afterall she previously walked the ramp in Delhi but Rachana says that was with him and now she will be out of the town on her own and never imagined it ever and that’s the reason she didn’t approach him regarding the matter. Dayal says he has complete trust in Kabir and her and that Rachana has always had something special and will make the family proud. Rachana says if his blessings are with her to which he says they always are. He tells her to take care of herself.

Part 4

Gunjan is waiting for Mayank at home and he is out with his friends drinking and having a good time. Gunjan calls him but he cuts her call and switches off his phone. Gunjan wonders where he could be and why he’s not answering the phone. Gunjan waits for him till her returns and asks him where has he been and why he didn’t answer his phone. He said he went out with his friends for a boys night out. Gunjan says he should have at least told her as she was worried. Mayank says that he’s not a child to get lost and if he were to call and tell her then his friends would make a joke out of him. Gunjan says for the sake of his friends he will make her worried. Mayank tells her not to be the typical wife who has to know about her husband’s every move. Gunjan says she won’t ask anymore questions and starts serving food. Mayank says he’s eaten. Gunjan gets angry and says she didn’t know where he was or when he was coming back and that he has already eaten but the mistake is hers and puts the food back. Mayank asks her to eat but she says that she has eaten and isn’t going stay hungry waiting for him and tells him goodnight and leaves. Mayank comes into the room and thinks she’s asleep and will talk to her tomorrow. Gunjan says Mayank will get a taste of his own medicine tomorrow. Rachana is ready to leave and Shail gives her food and tells her to call or the will worry. Rachana says she will try and depends on the coverage area. Seema says that Shail will worry as longas she is away. Shail tells her to take care and Rachana leaves. A guy watches as Rachana walks out of the house.

Episode Ends

Precap: Kabir is driving when an oncoming truck almost hits them but Kabir steers away to avoid it banging a tree. His head hits the steering and Rachana falls out of the car.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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