Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 31st January 2014 Written Update

Shikha’s parents come to police station and call her name. Shikha sees them and starts crying. She goes and hugs her parents. They all cry. Sudha aks her what happened. Avinash asks her where is Manav. She says Sameer tried to kill me and took Manav. Dunno where he went. If he does anything to Manav, I won’t be living. Sudha says she can’t believe Sameer this all. Shikha says all his goodness was just a drama. Avinash says not to worry, he wil not leave him and his parents. Shikha says it is of no use. Their phone is not reachable. Inspector asks Avinash details about Sameer. Shikha says they know same details as I know. Inspector asks do you have any idea why Sameer did this to you. Did he have any issues or affairs. Inspector says he will go to mumbai and enquire. He has already informed mumbai police and they will start enquiry beginning from you house. Shikha asks inspector that she will be with him during investigation.

Avinash/Sudha try to convince her to stay at home as inspector will do his enquiry. Avinash says he will go with inspector after dropping them to Nasik. Shikha says until she gets Manav, she cant relax. Maybe Manav is in mumbai itself. She just wants Manav back from Sameer. Inspetor calls her and even Avinash/Shikha accompany them to mumbai. They reach Shikha’s house and police start search the whole house.

Shikha remembers how Sameer used to shower his love on her and cries. She looks at the furniture and even gas stove and goes into flashback.

Panchgani inspector calls raipur inspector and informs him about the case. He gives him Sameer’s parents address and asks him to go and enquire. Inspector in mumbai asks Sameer’s pics to Avinash. Sudha says Sameer’s papa took the video and pictures. Inspector says Sameer didn’t leave anything of his name. No papers, documents, bills, etc. Constable says he checked even terrace and did not find anything. Shikha then goes to her room. She remembers Sameer’s pampering words and remembers how Sameer used to love her looking at the bed. Serial’s title song plays in the background.

She looks at every furniture and item in her room and cries looking at the cradle remembering Manav. She remembers the time spent with Manav.

Shikha looks at her bandaged face in mirror and removes the bandage. She looks at her scarred face and drops her glasses.

Raipur inspector reaches Sameer’s parent’s given address. They ask the owner who is he and asks about Verma. He says he lives in this house since many years and even his relatives stay in Raipur. He does not know any verma family.

Shikha removes the remaining bandage from her face and sees her left cheek and forehead are totally scarred with wounds and cries. She looks at her mangalsutra and remembers Sameer, how he pushed her from cliff and her marriage. She gets angry and breaks the mangalsutra. Serial’s title song again plays in the background.

Precap: Shikha and Avinash go to Sameer’s boss. He says he doesn’t know her. She says she is Sameer Verma’s wife. He asks who is Sameer Verma. Avinash says he is your company’s managing director. Boss says MD is Mr. Ahuja and he knows him well.

Update Credit to: MA

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