Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dayal and Shayl comes to Dadi. Shayl tells her that they are here to distribute the sweets of Rachna’s engagement. Dayal apologizes Dadi for anything that she may have disliked. Dadi says if I were in your place, I would have done the same. She promises that whatever happened yesterday won’t happen again, as she doesn’t want Gayatri in lives of KT and Rachna. KT opens the door, Gayatri, Bittu and Mausi stood outside. KT calls them in the house. Dadi stops her there and asks KT. KT tells her to see Bittu is ill, and is shivering. Dayal asks the permission to leave, as it is a matter of their house. He says he just want to say not to be dishonest to him or his daughter. Dadi tries him to stop, but Shayl also says that she doesn’t understand the situation as well; it is time to take a decision and we will take ours. Shayl stops by Gayatri before leaving. Dadi looks at KT, but he says please look at Bittu, can’t he stay till he is ill. Dadi tells them to show the three the guest room. Gayatri enters the house recalling how Dadi asked her to leave the house as she only brought bad name to the house. Gayatri joins hands and calls Dadi as maa ji, but she leaves instead.

Gunjan comes downstairs, Seema asks her to do the dusting as she must be active. Gunjan thinks about how she took care, and asks Seema if she can give her the massage. Seema says she has to go for shopping, Gunjan says she will go with her. She asks really? Gunjan hugs her saying she will stay where her mother-in-law is. Shayl and Dayal come home. Everyone asks what happened. They tell him KT brought Gayatri home. Prabhu says Mausi said nothing such will happen. Dayal says he doesn’t listen to her. Shayl says KT is helping a poisonous snake, we couldn’t know her then, but we won’t do the mistake again. Gunjan looks at Rachna, overhearing. She asks Shayl how can his mother be so bad. Shayl says you don’t know about her past.

Gayatri stood in front of the raining window as Mausi closed the door. She smiles, while Mausi laughs saying your acting made you the daughter-in-law of this house once, and today a helpless mother. Gayatri asks her to dry Bittu, and remove the onion from his arm-pits. Mausi tells Bittu that onion helps reduce fever.

Gayatri recalls KT playing, while Shayl comes home and asks where his mother is. He tells her she is on the roof-top with an uncle. She comes to Gayatri and asks what is going on between you two, why don’t you care about your family. Gayatri was rude to her. Shayl says that she won’t take the help of her family or house. Gayatri leaves.

Shayl was telling Gunjan and Rachna that KT’s father got to know about all.

Gayatri came to Shayl. Shayl said she will just talk to her husband but Gayatri shouts at her stopping her and says she will take revenge from her. Shayl says she knows she will take the revenge from her through her daughter, and she won’t let it happen. Shayl says to Rachna that I can’t let her house burn.

Seema tells Shayl that you aren’t responsible for what happened to her.
Rachna asks Shayl if she doesn’t trust KT? Dayal says he brought his mother home respectably. Rachna says that she is his mother. Prabhu asks will they stay here? Shayl says they said they will leave when Bittu is alright.

Mausi puts onions in Bittus’s arm pits again. Gayatri stops her but she says we are here only till Bittu isn’t well.

Prabhu says that Rachna has been engaged to KT. Dayal says that this wedding will never take place at any cost. Gunjan asks can’t we talk to KT once. Seema stops her. Dayal says to Rachna that we accepted all what you wanted, but until that lady is in the house we won’t marry you there at any cost. Shayl says she is with her dad in this decision. She says she won’t marry her daughter in that house when that lady is there.

Mausi says that they should let KT soften a bit more. Gayatri says Dadi must know only what Shayl must have told them. She cries for KT, and says now she won’t let Shayl make KT hers by marrying her daughter to him. She will remove that girl from KT’s heart.

PRECAP: Gaytari comes to KT in workshop and says that if you think I left you and your father for someone, we must have been living with honor at least; but we don’t have a roof to live under.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i m sure gayatri is up to no good,she must be out to do more harm only using bittu to get back at the family kt needs to be careful

  2. Already see Kt and Rachna will get lots problems coming they way because of Kt mom , I’m not to watch this episode for a wild , on till the true comes out what Kt mom is up , so sorry for Kt and rachna

  3. Poor rachna and kabir.kt falls into his mother trap.

  4. boringggggggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  5. not again………………………….

  6. As usual those in love have to go through so much turmoil to be together. Kt is so loyal towards his Dadi yet he goes against her wishes and bring his mother there. Poor Bittu is being used as bate. Let’s hope Kt love for Rachna help him realize his mothers true colors.

  7. it will take sometime for that to happen,gunjan and mayank as well as other members of the family and kt’s grandma should be ready for a big fight to help those love birds

  8. These characters are so easily manipulated lmao…..After everything he knows about his mom even breaking down in his office space when Dayal told him he would not allow Rachna to be married to him because of his mother, cursing her, then he stills allow himself to get manipulated by her!?!?!? If he is so concerned about Bittu (as he should be), why did he not just take his brother only home with him?!? Or carry him by a doctor since he is so ill!?!? smh. I am seriously questioning his judgement.

  9. Seriously?!?! That’s the big secret. She had an affair!!?!? These guys made it seem like as if she was a murderer or something like that! So stupid…

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