Jamai Raja 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sid gets a call from Roshni that she has reached his house. Sid asks her to stay there, informs his parents about it who ask him to call Prashant and inform. Roshni who is waiting outside Prasanth’s house thinks DD was hiding Sid’s parent’s dowry demand. Prashanth and daadi just then walk in. Roshni sees kids fighting and goes to stop them, without noticing Prashanth and his daadi entering the house. Sid and his parents run to Prashanth house and asks him to lend his house again. Daadi hesitates at first, but then agrees after Sid offers her to send her to siddivinayak temple in his car. Sid then meets Roshni. Roshni asks how can he be so outdated to ask dowry from his mom. He says he did not, but then remembers his promise to Bablu and starts laughing. He then says he gave different list and says his parents made this list for their house and asks Roshni how can she doubt him. He then asks his mom to tell about the sareewala. Mom says she called her saree wala as she did not know about her choice. Roshni apologizes Sid’s parents. Dad says he will punish her and asks her not to call uncle aunty and to call mom dad. He then asks her to come and have tea with them. Sid thinks DD made a mistake by alleging him and his parents, he will teach her a lesson.

Sid’s mom greets Roshni by pouring oil near the door as a ritual and hugs her. Roshni watches house carefully. Sid says this house is a small for you. Roshni says she imagined small things for her and she is happy. Sid’s mom goes into the kitchen to prepare tea and searches food items. She then prepares tea with great difficulty and serves it to her family and Roshni. Roshni sees a kid pic and asks if it is him. He says it is Prashanth and then says he was just joking. She asks who is the lady with you, she is not his mom. Sid says she is my aunt. Roshni gets DD’s message and says she has to go now, she apologizes mom for her mistake. Mom asks her not to apologize and to asks Sid to see off Roshni. Once she goes, mom says Roshni’s mom is so arrogant and egoistic, she is trying to create misunderstanding. Sid says let her do whatever she does, he will ruin all her plans.

Roshni reaches her room and asks DD, she is mistaken about Sid’s family and should have checked the list. DD thinks she will not let Sid phatichar/poorman marry her daughter and will do something big.

DD calls her whole family and says they should also meet Sid’s family and is thinking of calling them for dinner. Everyone likes her idea. DD gives list to Kesar and asks him to get everything arranged by the evening. Naani thinks her daughter has changed. Roshni thanks DD. Mona suspects DD and thinks something is wrong.

Roshni calls Sid and invites him and his parents for dinner. Dad asks whose phone it was. Sid informs about the dinner invitation and thinks DD is planning some new drama.

Sid and his parents get ready for the dinner party. Sid sees mom wearing precious rings and asks her to remove them. Mom resists, but agrees on dad’s insistence. Sid calls Roshni to come down. Dad’s friend sees them there wearing middle class clothes and asks what are they doing there with middle class clothes. Dad says they a middle class theme party at his friend’s house. Sid signals him to take his friend out as Roshni is coming. Roshni sees dad going out and asks where is he going. Mom says he has gone to pay taxi.

Naani greets Sid and his parents and asks about the house. They say it is good. She says it is DD’s hardwork. DD says nothing comes for free. Roshni then asks DD if she can show their house to Sid and his parents. She says let them see our lavish house.

Precap: DD asks Sid’s parents if they are not ashamed to use their son for money and says if they had a girl, they would have made her a pr*stitute. Sid’s parents get embarrassed and Dad says he does not want his son marry her daughter now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Stupid dd ……………………

  2. I hope sid is smart enough to beat dd at her own game.

  3. Ohhhh dd enough of your drama……….

  4. Sid’s dad, GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  5. Jamai Raja is doing good to grab the TRP’s

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