Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan stops the protestors and asks who they to blacken her mother in law’s face are. If she needs to get rights, she must go to get the laws about the goons who tease them outside the college. She also asks media to be quiet. She says she is proud to be a part of this family, and her mother in law has always loved her like a mother. Seema thinks about her accusations on Gunjan, crying. She asks Gunjan to say something, due to misconception, she doubted her daughter in law, she did it because she didn’t want her grand child to be questioned, and this must have put Gunjan and the child in pain. She forgot that love of Gunjan and Mayank, doesn’t need any test. It was eternal, and will remain so. They both apologize. Seema hugs Gunjan; Bindia goes inside disliking it all. The family is happy. The media and protestors apologize Gunjan and Seema, and leave. Shayl takes Seema inside, Seema says she will come inside with her daughter. She and Gunjan go inside, hand in hand.
In the hall, Shayl announces that Gunjan and the child are both fine. Mayank was excited about having a daughter, and was sure about it. Shayl asks Gunjan if she needs a daughter too. Gunjan says she feels she will have a son. Rachna asks they must ask the child’s Bua-si, explaining the combination about Bua and Mausi. Prabhu says this means Dayal is Na-da, a combination of Nana and Dada. Seema says what matters for her is that the child must be fine, and be saved from all the bad eyes. She begins to cry, Gunjan consoles her. She looks at Bindia.
The door bell rings, Bindia goes to open the door. Seema thinks how to tell them, she got Gunjan tested by mistake. Shayl asks who it was, Bindia says it was a sales man with the pamphlet. Seema comes and asks Bindia to throw them away. Bindia says she is so near to her goal, she must see it once to remove any doubts. Seema hides it and takes it inside.
In the kitchen, Seema looks at the test reports then thinks this is unfair to a daughter in law, who has called her maa. She is about to become a mother, and thinks about throwing it, then thinks she must burn it. Gunjan comes calling her, Seema hides the letter.

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Gunjan asks is everything alright, and asks her to come and choose the child’s name. She drags Seema’s hand, and see the letter hidden in her hand. Gunjan takes it from her, and reads the letter. She is shocked to see Paternity DNA test reports, looks at Seema. She asks she didn’t know about them. Seema says she lies to her, when the nurse took the blood sample, she had said it to her. She clarifies, that it doesn’t matter to her now and she was about to burn it. Gunjan says even when they had forbidden her. She isn’t angry, but saddened that her mother in law doesn’t believe her, and her child is being questioned by her. She says she can’t live in such a house, Seema stops her but she leaves.
Seema was crying, when Shayl comes inside and asks Gunjan is shouting for her outside. Gunjan was talking to everyone in excitement. Seema wonders she was having a dream. Shayl asks her to stop crying, this is all past. Her daughter in law loves her a lot, she also loves her. Everything will be alright. Seema asks Shayl to go, she is coming. Seema wonders where the letter has gone, and asks Shayl if she has seen an envelope.
The envelope goes flying on floor.
Shayl asks if there was something important in it, Seema denies it being important and is worried.
Gopal takes the envelope in hands, to receive a call. Gunjan calls Seema to the hall, Seema says she will just be here in a while and looks for the envelope. Shayl finds the envelope in the letters , Dayal asks her what bill is there in this envelope. Seema watches him, stops him and asks has she filled all the bills. Dayal asks why, Seema says Mayank will pay it. Dayal says he will do it himself, Seema says Mayank shall now fulfill the responsibilities of the house. The envelope of the tests fell down, and Mayank picks it up. He turns the envelope around and is shocked. He asks Seema what this is, shouting at her in agony. Everyone come there, Shayl asks how he is talking to his mother. Mayank shows it to her, Shayl is shocked to see the label too. Gunjan comes there.
Shayl asks why she got this done, Gunjan is shocked looking at Seema. Shayl asks why she lied to them all, Prabhu curses Seema as well, that she has crossed all the limits of humanity and behavior. Dayal says she will get punished for getting this test. Seema says he is right, she is worth getting punishment. Gunjan says if it is about punishment, she must also get it. She says she knew about the test.

PRECAP: Gunjan says to Rachna in the market that something good is going to happen in her life, Rachna watches KT going in car. She runs calling him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I love the recap but I don’t understand why Bindia is still there in the house

  2. Kt !!!!!!!!! He is back !!

  3. yahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Kt is back! Kt and rachana!!!

  4. the kt and rachna story came to a stupid ending why bring this storyline back kts mom and aunt was never found out for their evil deeds do not bring this storyline back let rachna find a new man personally speaking I do not like kt for rachna he is stupid looking and always staring instead of speaking which I cannot handle gone were the days of silent movies

    1. I hate your comment and wish you’d keep your opinions to yourself thanks

    2. harshitha reddy

      if u dont lik sum1 kip it within urself……der r many fanzz of dis jodi….dont hurt by ur commentz…..itzz my sincere request

  5. The precap was awesome

  6. cant wait to see this show further bindiya reminds me of charu another evil

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