Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram telling Bhabho that Sandhya has become big police officer and did not keep respect of you when you went to bring her home. He says she did not listen to you, and not even Babasa. Bhabho says no, a woman can’t bear if anyone hurts her self esteem. She defends Sandhya. Sandhya’s brother says I came here to give you a surprise, but I got surprised. Sandhya hugs him. His wife says he got promoted and he is regional officer now, he was given two options, and he came here to live with you. Sandhya says I m very happy for you. Her niece Bulbul comes and says no one is loving me here, you all are busy. Sandhya is amazed seeing Bulbul. She takes her in her lap and says how can I forget you. She kisses her and smiles. She says she went on you Bhaiya. Bulbul says you also did not change, you got hurt again. Sandhya gets sad and smiles saying you are Dadi Amma. Bulbul says I m fine as Bulbul, see what I got for you. Sandhya opens the gift and sees sweets.

Sooraj gives water and medicines to Bhabho. Bhabho says I don’t want, this medicine can heal body wounds, but not heart wounds, I did not think I will see this day in my house, I was proud of my Sooraj, and today now I can see a stain on my Sooraj. Sooraj asks her to have medicines. Bhabho says Sooraj, why did you blame Sandhya, how can you say she does not regard me her mum. She says how can you do this injustice with her. She says I gave you birth, but I got Sandhya by fate. You have not hurt her self esteem, but also my respect, and hurt my womb too. She says I could not meet Sandhya’s eyes today because of you. Babasa says its strange, you are different from world, I could not understand you, when all the world people were praising her, you used to talk against her, and taunted Sooraj, and today when she has risked your life, you are supporting her.

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Bhabho says Sooraj is not bad as a son, he did all duties of a brother, but as a husband, he did not keep up his duty. He has taken decision as a son, he did not think being a husband. Bulbul says dad’s office has sent this sweets, but they are not letting me eat. Sandhya’s Bhabhi says its her fav one. Bulbul makes Sandhya have it. Sandhya gets sad and cries. Bulbul asks why is she crying, and asks her dad. She says dad used to say Sandhya does not cry and makes others cry. Bhabhi asks her to go to her room and play. Bulbul says I know, elders want to talk now, but I also have to talk to Sandhya Bua. She leaves. Sandhya’s brother says tears don’t look good in your eyes, don’t worry, I will talk to Sooraj.

Sandhya says no, you won’t talk to Sooraj. Bhabhi says husband and wife have fights and it increases love. Sandhya says its not fight, I m not in Sooraj’s heart and house. He asks about her heart. She says I have to go for duty. He asks her to stay here today, we will feel glad and Bulbul too. Bhabhi says yes, go tomorrow morning, else Bulbul will trouble me asking why did you go, she went on you. Sandhya says I will stay. She goes to Bulbul.

Chaturi says she wants to go to her home, as she can’t see Sooraj and Sandhya apart, her heart is not feeling good to stay here, forgive me, I m leaving. She asks Meenakshi to take care of child, and not do mistake of changing the baby. She says she learnt a lot from Emily and thinking to open a beauty parlor like her in village. She says Chavi will go to Dilip’s house, and respect Pushpa as Sandhya respects Bhabho. She asks Chotu to come first in 10th exam, and asks him to fulfill Sandhya’s dream. Sooraj asks when will she come back. Chaturi says when Ram and Sita get together, I will come. She cries and leaves. Bhabho thinks I will not let Sooraj and Sandhya’s relation break apart.

Meenakshi thinks Vikram will lose money in expenses now. She acts romantic to him and says she wants to talk something imp. He reminds her that she is 7 months pregnant. She says yes, so I m telling you to think we will have one more kid in few months. He says yes, have patience, this time is not right. She says what, if you don’t start, I will start. He asks is she mad. She says what, I will talk to Sooraj about 9 lakhs. His confusion clears and asks is she talking about 9 lakhs. She says yes what did you think. He says nothing, I forgot you can’t talk about anything other than money, I will talk to Sooraj in morning. She asks why did he get angry.

Its morning, she goes outside and looks for Sooraj. She sees Emily taking tomatoes and goes to her. She says I will take it. She says I m Bhabho’s fav bahu. Chavi comes and stops Meenakshi. Sandhya’s brother and Bhabhi come to meet Rathis. Meenakshi thinks Sandhya has informed them, and welcomes them. She thinks Sandhya wull come in their house by their means now.

Sandhya’s brother talks to Sooraj and says Sandhya needs you, she is incomplete with you, bring her home, Sooraj stands silent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ;( ;( 🙁 plssss end this hell
    Really losing interest…….

  2. Sooraj, Vikram, Bhabasa and Mohit are all stupid. I do not like this show any more.

  3. even chauri is leaving for sandy.iam proud of her.u should feel ashamed of u rathi mens.useless and brain less mens.u guys good for nothing.bhobho is good that y she feels for sandy.arey yaar bhobho do something to clear it out yaar.and sandy ka bhai dont leave suraj that easily yaar.suraj sandy bro asking something to u.speak it out.y r u silent.

  4. How Chotu related to the family??? Someone tell me.

  5. I have stopped watching it almost a month ago…stupid script

  6. Bhabho should make the members of the rathi family realize all the mistakes they have done till now and how every time sandhya forgave them. The younger two daughters- in- law are no less. They are all mean and selfish. Now bhabho should take the bold step of restoring sandhya’s respect in the family. Everyone should apologize. Men are shown to be weak and spineless. They don’t deserve a person like sandy in the family….

  7. Now it is enough and it does not make any sense if Sandhya goes back to home for heartless and selfish Rathi family….. Why Sandhya’s bro begging for her sister….. Really Sandhya’s fate is very bad because she lost her parents before completion of her education and dream…. after that his brother ruined her sister’s life for his sake…. then she got to struggle a lot to overcome lot of pains in that family but good thing is during that time at least she has babasa and Sooraj support…. Now again her fate took different turn…. One incident completely changed her life and no one remembers her good things and sacrifies….

  8. THe Rathi Men have become MCPs and utterly selfish. I feel sad that Sandhya is subject to all hardships and why should she havr to undergo agnipravesh every time.I feeel sad that SOOraj has lost all the love for Sandhya. It is better they end the serial as diya bina bathi

  9. this is a dumb story now
    how can they blame sandhya when she saved all those people
    maybe they should have been smart and not given up control on the plane. all prema had was a bobby pin and sooraj had a gun. he should have shot her in the leg or something
    dumb people

  10. This is what happens when you get married and stay with your in laws … they keep poking at everything but when the bhahu gets is in trouble no one is there to help her… so its better if the husband and wife lives separately

  11. That’s what happens when one is uneducated! The writers need to be replaced…the whole airplane story line was silly! Seriously what century are we in? You even have to remove ur shoes thru airport security….these people got guns thru! Writers think the viewers r stupid!

  12. eppa thaan intha serial mudiyum……..boringgggggggggggggg………………………….

  13. Serial title should be changed as “Diya and Baati Tum” 🙂

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