Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 23rd September 2013 Written Update

Dayal and Rachna comes out from a rickshaw and Dayal and the driver starts quarrelling about the price of the fare and Rachna explains to her Dad to leave it and give him the money. They enter the Delhi College of Art and Fashion and both look at the different type of people around them.

At home, Dholu comes and asks Shail for something to eat and she gives him, the door bell rings and she goes to check who it is. Some girls are there, they came to drop a slip for Rachna to fill out, Shail tells them they could have given it to Gunjan, they tell her that Gunjan was not in college today. Shail tells them they must be mistaken because Gunjan attended a workshop, they tell Shail that there is no workshop today. Prabhu and Seema in the background are shocked

that Gunjan was not in college!

Gunjan gets a message in a phone saying that her flight has been delayed for 1 hour, she becomes worried.

At the Delhi College of Art and Fashion, Rachna asks for a registration form at the entry desk. The girls at the entry desk ask Rachna her name and tells her that she doesn’t look like a designer and watches her wierdly and tells her she is late by 15mins for the Fashion Hunch. The girls ask Rachna what kind of designs she have and ask if it’s Mehendi designs and laughs at her.
The girls trouble Rachna and laughs at her, Dayal ask what kind of manners they have, they even laugh at Dayal. Rachna analyse the girl’s clothes, and a man comes and tells the girl to give Rachna and her dad the form and he compliments Rachna for her analysis on the girl’s clothes.
They give the form and tell Rachna a huge a fee required for registration, she gets worried but Dayal gives her the money and tells her it is okay.
Mayank does a presentation at work, they are impressed with is presentation [he says he is doing it for Gunjan], Mayank asks to leave but does not get permission from his boss, he is going to miss Gunjan’s flight.

However, Mayank comes and surprises her before she goes, he asks her to stay one more night as it is his birthday but she refuses. Seema calls Gunjan, and ask where she is, and hears Mayank voice in the background and wonders if Gunjan is is Mumbai. Dayal comes and Seema what happened and she watches him sternly.

Gunjan gets worried that Seema heard Mayank voice in the background, but he try to make her understand that everything will be okay.

Seema is in her room angry, Prabhu gives her something to drink to cool down her mood, but she gets more angry about Gunjan going Mumbai without telling her. Seema keeps on arguing and Prabhu tries to explain to her that Gunjan is a child and it is a small issue and she should not get angry.

Shail comes to give Seema some clothes. Seema tells Shail that Gunjan lied to them and went Mumbai. Shail is shocked.

Gunjan comes and hugs Mayank and tells him she has to go and he ask if he could drop her to the airport but she says he has to stay in the hotel for work, they say goodbye and send air kisses to each other.
Gunjan gets a taxi to go to the airport and starts texting Mayank and she has flashbacks of moments of them together.
A bunch of guys on motorcyles come and are following Gunjan and troubling her, sending kisses to her. The taxi-driver says these are how boys are now.

Precap-Rachna is missing her folder and leaves Dayal to go look for it. She finds it, Vihaan comes and gives it to her. She is shocked to see him and hopes Dayal doesn’t see him.

Update Credit to: radev101

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