Crazy Stupid Ishq 23rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Crazy Stupid Ishq 23rd September 2013 Written Episode, Crazy Stupid Ishq 23rd September 2013 Written Update

The plot of the day starts with Ishaan waking Shanaaya up quietly so that Anu doesn’t get up. Then he tells Shanaaya that he is all fine, Shanaaya asks him then why did he do all this? Then Ishaan says that yup this was all planned and I did all this so that as long as I stick with Anu you can have fun with Ayaan on the other side. Shanaaya gets happy hearing this.

In the office, Ayaan is having a meeting with all the officers and tell them that in the next 24 hour, they better get the venue for their concert or else they better start finding a next job. And then Ayaan dismisses them. Anu goes to talk with him. But Ayaan keeps on ignoring him. She finally gets him. When she is about to start to talk, Ishaan disturbs them. However, Pampi tells to Ayaan to not let his dream break, and he responses that dreams are meant to be broken not to be true.

Ayaan wants to talk to Ishaan, and he tells him that maybe he was wrong and that he has forgiven him. ( The scene was so sad ) Then Anu takes Ishaan to Ayaan’s cabin and makes Ishaan apologize to Ayaan. He forgives him and tells Anu that he wants to talk with her alone. Ayaan thanks Anu for being with her all along through his hard times. They were so close together that Ishaan opens the door telling that they have found the sponsors for their concert. Everyone gets excited.

Mr. Kapoor (the sponsors) are here. They ask them about the name and date. They announced the name as “First Love” on the 19th of next name. They were allow to leave when they told them that if they connect with them they have to sign a contract with them for 2 years. Ayaan refuses the deal but the sponsors give them one more day to think. Anu watches Ayaan from his cabin that he is really tensed. Ishaan calls Anu and tells her that he should accept the deal but Anu thinks that whatever Anu has decided is right.
Then Ishu tells Anu that if he rejects this deal then so many will loose their job, and that Anu should make a plan for him to accept it. Ishu gives a devil smile on this.

PRECAP: Ayaan is apologizing to all the staff members saying that their album, song, music is all a complete loss for them and that there are no ways left.

Update Credit to: SapnokiRani

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