Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 19th November 2013 Written Update

Prabhu sees the food is untouched and wakes Seema up, tells her he will call a doctor she is scared but manages to cover up. Prabhu leaves she is tensed apply s make up to her wound . She enters Gunjan s room and sees an expensive necklace out she thinks she is careless and takes it. Prabhu comes and tells her that Gunjan is out with her dad sightseeing. She wants to tell about the jewellery but he asks her to wear it. Everyone is in the hall waiting for Seema , she leaves everything to God and wears Gunjan s necklace and hopes she not caught. She comes out and Sangeeta teases her that she is looking pretty and Shayl , bua agree. Prabhu tells them the necklace is Akash s gift Sangeeta touches it and wonders that it was different yesterday when she touched it. Seema tells her its the same but Sangeeta says she can identify jewelry better than humans. Shayl asks her about the mark on her head and on the hand, Sangeeta asks her if she slipped in the bathroom and Seema agrees,

Gunajn and Akash were not going with the family but they surprise them. Seema hides the necklace using her pallu but he notices the necklace. Prabhu tells them about Seema hiding her wounds. In the bedroom Akash tells Gunjan that Seema is wearing the set he gave to Gunjan with lot of love, he says he is sure on Gunjan s questioning.Prabhu overhears it. He goes down and Seema is about to change the necklace but Prabhu comes and asks if she took Gunjan s set. He scolds her a lot and joins hands and asks forgiveness from Akash. He insults Seema a lot and tells her to return both necklaces. Gunajn asks Prabhu to forget it and he says she stole it. Seema says that she did not steal She confesses she lost the set and was assaulted. Everyone is shocked and Seema says she made a mistake that she dint ask her , she joins hands and begs forgiveness.

Everyone consoles her and asks why she dint tell them earlier.Prabhu apologizes , Akash tells he will get a new one but she says she will return it back to him.Gunajn vows to get it back. Gunajn Mayank , Prabhu and Seema go to the police station to file a complaint. A sketch is drawn and the police tells them a gang is targeting the mohallah. Gunjan says that she has an idea and says that police can be undercover without any label and she read on the internet about civilian volunteer police and that she can help catch them.


PRECAP : Police gives Gunjan a blue tooth and are dressed in civilian clothes .Gunjan is wearing heavy jewelery and a taxi stops and the driver tells her he will leave her. A man with a knife comes and asks her to remove her jewelery.

Update Credit to: Eris

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