Madhubala 19th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 19th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 19th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu wakes up and searches for RK ..and finds him asleep on the couch

She sits next to him and holds his hand n he wakes up .. both smile

Madhu asks the matter? If all well n he says yes

Radha comes.. n turns away seeing them together

Radha is all emotional & stammers n RK says guess she cant talk in front of me. .lemme leave! Radha cries.. n says tears of repentance.. forgot relations , forgot my daughter! Madhu says no complaints! Radha say hosp n Madhu says did what a mom wuld do..!

Radha asks how u understand all things? Madhu says.. mom said when u will become mom..u will understand a moms pain! She touches her tummy n says not a mom yet but feel bonded to it! Understand ur pain! She asks about the gifts n says advantages of becoming a mom! Radha smiles! Madhu asks for Radhas permission so she can finish shoot n then rest at home! Radha is apprehensive but relents!

Bittu talks of sharing happiness with all n RK is quiet! Says talk to Madhu! Bittu says will celebrate! RK shares the news with Mehul n he asks Madhu pregnant? She is central character! He says sorry to react like this.. its great news. but bad news for film..! All will be destroyed..posters.. promo shoots.. ! Whole movie is on Madhu ..

Mehul says media shouldnt find out about Madhus pregnancy coz if they do ..this movie is over!

RK enters the mansion and media hound him .. saying ur first movie is flop .. who wants to watch pregnant heroines love story! Show audience throwing ink on Madhu-RK poster..! Mehul tells RK that movie is superflop ..! Media says.. RK is finished! RK screams chup ..but he is alone .he is panting!

Madhu puts up baby pics in her room …! Its storming ..n starts to rain ..n Madhu feels the rain drops..! RK comes..! They throw water drops on each other.! RK lifts Madhu in his arms.. and Madhu touches her tummy! RK recollects Dips-Mehuls words.. n puts Madhu down! Madhu calls out to RK .. n he is startled ..

Madhu hugs RK .. n says how will we wait for 9 months? She trips n RK says r u nuts? Keeping window open so water comes in n u trip??

Part 2

RK says sorry! Madhu says sorry too..! Both hug n Bittu comes n says will come later..! U will interrupt again so finish ur work!

Madhu says thinking to send sweets to relatives for this happiness ..! RK says no need for all this.. no one outside should know of this! Madhu shocked! Madhu says understand that we will share it later? RK says wont share ever!

Part 3

RK says am handicapped..we are in trouble. .how will we raise our kid? Madhu says we will fight against all odds n give love to the kid! RK says love is not solution of all things.. will it be enouf to raise a kid? Love doesnt work card n cash work..!! Madhu tries to reason …

Madhu says all will be well ..once film will be sold! RK says doubt that coz.. have no hopes on it! He says no one will buy the film of pregnant heroine. n then we will have to sell off all to repay the loan! RK says. .dun wanna bring a kid in this world where i cant fulfill his wishes.. cant answer him ..dun want him part of all this problem..! RK says ..want the kid when i can afford all comforts for him.. dun want u to give birth to this kid! Madhu is shocked..! She removes RKs hand from her arm n slaps him hard! RK fumes! Madhu says how dare u?

Precap — Madhu says agree we have lots of problems.. what wuld u have done if this kid was in the world n this problem happened? RK says dun care.. for the one ..whom i dun wanna bring in this world! Madhu grabs on to her tummy!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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