Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunjan gets flashback of her past, she wakes up on sofa and looks at the television open. She thinks she has seen a lot about Karwa Chot, that she is even dreaming about it.

Mayank places Gunjan’s picture on a photo board and says he talks to Gunjan daily, for the past six months, so that he realizes his loss. Rachna comes and promises that his dream will come true, and she can make Gunjan up for fasting for her. She says she prays that his and Gunjan’s love come to truth. Rachna goes to call Gunjan. Gunjan attends Rachna’s call, she tells her that she has decided to come here leaving her past behind. Rachna says she is fasting tomorrow, and asks Gunjan to fast too, she may get to see her prince’s face. Gunjan agrees. Rachna says they will meet at their home tomorrow, Gunjan was reluctant. Rachna asks her to come for once, Gunjan agrees on the condition that she will keep her crazy brother away from her.

She was drinking water, watches the time. The watch showed past 12, and she thinks now she will drink water after moon appears tomorrow.

Shayl shows Seema that she removed all of Gunjan’s pictures from the wall, Seema says she removed them all from album. Rachna comes there, Seema says one daughter is here, the next will be here soon. Rachna says she will be here on a very good day. Rachna leaves to give Sargi to Gunjan. Gopal comes to her, and says he couldn’t find Kesar k Ladoo. Seema says she owed that when Gunjan comes home, she will gift them to God. Mayank tells Gopal a shop, where he will find the Kesar k Ladoo.

Gunjan appreciates that the dresses Rachna sent her, are beautiful. Rachna says she decided that they both will dress up in the same dresses. Gunjan agrees that it seems cute. Rachna was about to leave, when AKaash enters. She leaves. Gunjan excitedly tells him she has fasted, and will go to Rachna’s home for fast breaking. Akaash says that when her mother used to fast, they used to go out, shall they do this again. Gunjan says she promised Rachna, so she will go there to meet them; and will do the dinner with him. Akaash hugs her, and thinks he must apologize her but he wants to keep her away from the family. Peehu comes to sit on the sofa, where on the table Seema mistakenly left a picture of Gunjan and Mayank’s wedding.

Gunjan comes home, and gets flashback about her past. Everyone stood for her welcome. Seema brings Aarti. She is shocked, but Mayank says she saved Rachna’s life. Seema says it is something like that. Seema had tears in her eyes, but smiles. Gunjan keeps her feet into the house, and again gets flashback about her past. Seema watches her intently, she enters smiling. Peehu says she had heard a lot about her. Gunjan says Rachna says a lot about her, and says congratulations. Seema heads to go to the temple. Gunjan heads to enter the hall, when she drops her clutch just above the photo, that now lied on floor. Everyone is shocked to see Gunjan bend, when Golu picks her clutch for her. He places the stool about the photo, Mayank gives him a high-thumb. Gunjan says to Shayl that she won’t be able to stay with them for dinner, as she promised her dad for dinner. Mayank thinks he would see how she leaves without breaking her fast.

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Gunjan watches the passage of the stairs, gets a flashback and heads to stairs. They all think she remembers a lot. Dayal tells them to take care, if there is something else in house that might disturb her.

Gunjan comes on the roof, she gets flashback about her past again. She says there is something she is feeling awkward about. Mayank comes there, and asks will she take something. She tells him she also fasted for today. He is excited, and asks is there someone special. She goes away saying why shall she tell him. Mayank says was this for him, and smiled.

Gunjan passes by her bedroom, and recalls her voices. She comes into the room, where the photo-stand stood. She thinks about her past memories, and comes near the board. Shayl calls her, she thinks who could be here in the room. Shayl comes into the room, Gunjan says she knows her, she came to her home and Rachna is… Shayl says she is her daughter, like Gunjan is; she qualifies that Sneha was more of her sister that friend. Gunjan says she liked meeting a friend of mama, who was more like sister to her, she says from now she will call her Mausi. Shayl hugs Gunjan, and says what can be better that this. Gunjan says she misses her mama, and can never realize she has left. Shayl smiles, as Gunjan goes on Rachna’s call. Mayank comes there, Shayl gets afraid and asks him what he is doing; she doesn’t believe she was just here with her in the room.

PRECAP: Gunjan slips the step, Mayank helps her and resultantly the Sindoor gets into Gunjan’s head. Akaash was watching, Shayl says this is the reality and we can’t undo it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. If only KT was there.

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