Ek Hasina Thi 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Hasina Thi 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dev calling Raima. Durga comes to him and asks him to stop it now. Dev says why don’t you all let me find the truth, I doubt is Nitya with you or not. She says I have her letter and gives him. She asks him to read it and it will proof she is alive and with them. She says dad met her and she gave this letter, do you remember her hand writing. He says yes, I know her hand writing, and the date is today’s. He reads the letter that Nitya writes in Durga and Dayal’s favor, that they know where she is, and she is fine, but can’t meet him. The FB shows Durga writing the letter. Nitya says she is not annoyed with Dev now, as he is taking care of her, but requests him to be away from this case, she promises she will come to meet him when time comes, and Durga and Dayal are his friends, not enemies.

Dev cries. Durga thinks she wrote this letter to keep him away from this problem. Dev thanks Durga and thinks Nitya will come to him, when he tackles her enemies, I will talk to Raima and make everything fine, trust me. Sakshi comes to meet Raima. She thinks Raima, your time is up, count your last breath. She wears black gloves and enters her house. Dev comes to Durga and thinks of her words. He says I m sure after this drama, you won’t have any food. He says I will get something here. She asks did you have food. He says no, I m not hungry, you kept fast, not me. She says I can’t eat alone, food is having good when we eat with others. He thinks its Nitya’s words and its strange coincidence, Nitya used to say the same.

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She says she heard this from many people, and asks him to wait, she will get food. We will have ot together. Sakshi enters Raima’s bedroom and sees her sleeping. She sees her phone ringing and sees Dev’s call. She messages Dev to come to meet her if he wants to know the truth. Dev gets the message and thinks it’s the time to know the truth. She slaps Raima and switches on the lights. Raima wakes up and is shocked seeing Sakshi. Sakshi says people go to hell at night, where you will go in sometime. Raima says I know I did mistake to talk about Payal.

Sakshi confronts her about her affair with Rajnath and says she saw the video. Raima asks which video. Sakshi shows the video in her mobile. Raima is shocked. Sakshi says I found it two days ago, and seeing you both, I have to say it was kind of fun to observe you and your secret smiles, eye talk and two week holiday trip, and then your Karwachauth fast for Rajnath. She smiles and says I wish he kept fast for your long life. She says as of now, I will leave Rajnath, not you. Raima says its good you came to know the truth, it was easy to fool you, but tough to bear you as friend.

Raima says her bad points. Sakshi says really, but you were on my money. Raima says wrong, you are living on my money, you came in between me and Rajnath, he was going to marry me, Sakshi Rahmat Khan. Sakshi says what, your affair was going on since so many years, damn it, you mean you cheated me for long, that’s interesting. She says it was a part of your plan to help Rajnath to get that tape for which Rajnath married me. Raima says yes, right, you made Rajnath helpless to marry you, and soon he will get that tape.

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Sakshi says you won’t see that day, and Rajnath is a fool to choose a nobody to help him, so he is dancing on my fingers, and will dance till the end of his life. She aims a gun at Raima, shocking her. Sakshi says you burnt Payal’s rape evidence, that was criminal act. Raima says she did it for Rajnath’s son, as he loves Shaurya a lot. Sakshi says no, you wanted to become Mrs Goenka, you are also responsible for Nitya and Payal’s state, I would have made someone else do this work, then I thought you were my best friend, this is my right.

She asks her last wish. Raima says tell Raj that I love him. Sakshi says I might do that, good bye Raima. She shoots Raima and Raima falls. Sakshi leaves from there. Durga brings food for Dev and does not find him in the room. She says where did he go. Where can he go at this time? She calls Dev who is on the way to meet Raima. He thinks he will get justice for Payal and Nitya. He cuts the call and Durga gets worried. She says it means Dev went to meet……………..

Dev reaches Raima’s house and Sakshi hides. He sees the door open and goes to Raima. He falls and gets blood on his hand. Durga is on the way too. Sakshi wakes the maid. The maid comes to see who came. She is shocked seeing Dev with blood on his hands and Raima dead. Dev turns Raima and is shocked seeing her shot. Sakshi sits in her car and thinks I did not say that one arrow and two shots, Raima gone and Dev will go now.

The maid tells Dev that he killed Raima. Dev says I did not kill her. The maid runs saying he killed her. She locks him inside being scared.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Raima don’t die! Sakshi i hate you for what you did to dev, cold hearted b*t*h

  2. Nice epi

  3. good people dont get what they deserve.. just like dev 🙁 poor dev

  4. this drama is going to b stretched n in d end durga will help dev…….

  5. Gd show little differ from othr…..

  6. OMG ! What a twist !! If nothing else it may bring Dev and Durga closer
    As for Sakshi – she is one evil being !

  7. oh shit, raima.. Why did you die? I miss you.. Pity on dev

  8. Darm u sakshiii…so sorry dev bt u ddnt hear wat nitya tel u in that later..stay away from this case.

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