Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindia tells Seema that she understands her. Seema goes away, crying. Bindia gets her a glass of water, thinking that she now know how to play with Gunjan. She hands Seema the glass of water, she thinks she must talk to Mayank; what if he considers her wrong. Bindia says that it is a bad idea, everyone is angry right now. Seema agrees, and says she won’t further talk to anyone about it.
Gunjan says to Rachna on terrace, that why this all is happening to her. Why are problems coming to her life. Rachna says she thinks someone is creating problems in her life, on the wedding day there was also someone who played the CD and today Aadi arrived at such perfect timings. Someone is helping him. Gunjan says it is only about mummy ji, she doesn’t trust her and cries.
Bindia boils the milk at night, she sees papaya on the stand and gets an idea. She says this isn’t good for the baby, if Gunjan eats it after a big drama of Seema aunty, there will be more drama. Seema comes to the kitchen and kneeds the flour. Bindia says she will do it. Seema says she will do it, but Bindia insists. Seema says she will do it, and thinks about Gunjan and Mayank. Bindia corrects her about sprinkling sugar instead of salt in the vegetables. Seema says she will look after it. Seema was lost continuosly, Bindia hurries to cut the papaya. Seema says only the juice is left, she will do it and heads to peel off oranges. She put the papaya in the juice as well. Bindia says the juice has been extracted, she will bring it to the table.
Shayl brings Gunjan to table, saying that she must take her food in time. Shayl says to Gunjan that she must not worry; this is all because of Aadi. She must give Seema some time, as she is like that. Gunjan comes to the table; Seema brings juice and pours it in the glass. Gunjan forwards her hand, but Seema puts it on the table. Bindia recalls that she has mixed papaya in them as well. Gunjan keeps the glass down. Shayl says it is good for health, so she must drink it. Seema has made it specially for her. Gunjan takes a sip, when Mayank asks her for the salad.

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Shayl serves the juice to Dayal, he says he doesn’t like orange juice but Shayl says it is good for health. He tastes it and says it is good. Shayl says he drank it all, she asks Seema what she poured in it. Seema says just orange and masala. Shayl tastes it, and stops Gunjan from drinking the juice. She takes the glass off her hand, and says there is papaya in it. Everyone looks at Seema questioningly. Prabhu scolds Seema, Mayank also blames her. Gunjan says she didn’t do it deliberately. Mayank says it can be really difficult. Seema says she didn’t do it. Prabhu says she has been really irresponsible these days. Mayank says please, she must take care. Seema leaves, curtly.
In the room, Gunjan says to Mayank that he must not talk to Seema like this. Mayank says firstly, her doubt about the child and then the juice. Gunjan says she is sure, she can’t do it. Gunjan suspects that there is someone, who is filling her ears. She says when the baby is born, everything will be alright. She tells Mayank to say sorry to her. Mayank promises it in the morning.
In the morning, Bindia says that he is her son, she must forgive her. Seema says he is her son, and his papa also talked to her like this. She says she didn’t mix the papaya. Bindia says someone is filling his ears. Seema says Mayank didn’t say once to Gunjan, to get the tests. What would have happened, except that his doubt must have gone. Mayank shouts her to stop, he says what has happened to her, he is sure the child is his and he doesn’t want any prove. Seema says what if he gets doubt in future, they can do something now. Mayank jerks her hand off, and says he doesn’t have to accept anything. Everyone gather. Mayank says why she believes in Aadi, and not him. Shayl and Prabhu also ask her to jerk this thought. Seema says she is asking for the betterment of the family. Dayal comes and scolds them to stop this topic. Seema and everyone go inside, Mayank notices Gunjan crying. Bindia celebrates and says this drama is no less than any tv serial. She is shocked to see someone in front.

PRECAP: Gunjan and Seema play musical chair. Gunjan loses deliberately. Prabhu tells Seema the truth, Seema blames Gunjan and says she is leaving the house.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. yay…love the precap….leave Seema LEAVE!!!! 🙂

  2. Yes please have her live with Adi

  3. That is Seema live with Adi since she trust him so much

  4. seema do not be so stupid a grown old experience woman like you how you can think that of you own daughter in law what so hard to understand gunjan must know that she did not give herself to aidi what is the whole merry go round one thing over and over whose child it is if I was gunjan and mayank I would leave the house and go and live on their own since you seema so dotish that is all I have to say and that confusion maker bindia I do not know why she do not go with aidi and live if is man she want all I say is shayl get that woman bindia out of the house common rachna you quick at picking up these things get on bindia trail and reveal the truth about her and aidi working together

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