Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with people identifying Sooraj and praising him for his bravery. The family comes inside the hospital and cry. Babasa is in shock thinking about Bhabho and cries. They see Sooraj and his blood stained clothes. Mohit and Vikram hug him. Babasa asks Sooraj to talk to him and cries. Sooraj is also in shock. Babasa hugs him. He says your Bhabho is in hospital, she used to hate medicines and hospital. Vikram asks what happened to Bhabho. Sooraj says Bhabho’s kidney got injured by the bullet, we got her here, the doctor said she will be fine. Everyone cry.

Sooraj repeats it. Sandhya looks on. Sooraj shows the medicines. Babasa asks Sooraj to handle himself. Sooraj checks medicines. Everyone cry seeing him slip into trauma. Babasa breaks down and says what happened to my son Sooraj. Everyone hold him. Babasa asks Sandhya to leave him. Sandhya is shocked by Babasa’s annoyance. Shanky meets his mum, and talks well, giving all credit to Sooraj and asks her to pray for Sooraj’s mum Bhabho, who is shot by the terrorists. She hugs him and cries.

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Gautam tells Kavya that he wishes Bhabho’s life gets saved, Sooraj has done so much for us, if anything happens to Bhabho, Sooraj will break. She says yes, and apologizes to him again, she was blind and could not see whats right and what wrong, forgive me. Gautam says fine, you can see everything clear now, see this. He shows Kavya and Gautam Verma’s name board and says I don’t know, but there was something, which stopped him from removing the name plate.

He gives her the home keys. She cries and takes it. He says please come. She opens the lock and they go inside their home. She smiles. Mamta scolds her brother and says you came to take mum to save your respect in society, mum will be with me, I will be with mum and take care of her. She asks him to leave. Bhabho’s bullet gets removed. Vadeja gives a statement to media and gives credit to Arjun, Sandhya, Zakir. Babasa hears this, as Vadeja says the nation salutes Sandhya Rathi. Sandhya brings water for Babasa.

She recalls his words and says everything will be fine. Babasa gets angry and says she is ASP Sandhya Rathi, you did your duty well, you did not care for us as you did not regard us your family. He says you did wrong, and asks her to understand if anything happens to Bhabho, then don’t even apologize to me. Sandhya is shocked and cries. Bhabho gets unwell. Her heart beat gets low. They hear the nurse saying Bhabho is getting unwell and are shocked.

Bhabho is given heart pumping shocks. Sandhya asks Sooraj to come to see Bhabho fast. Sooraj says I won’t go.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Crime Master Gogo

    I would definitely like to see bhabho cum…

  2. blo*dy Babasa

    Sandhya says her family is her strength, but whenever something goes wrong whole family will b against her. Then how come her family is her statement……. She should change her statement…….. Babasa should never b forgiven by Sandhya……. Everybody praise bhabho and Sooraj….WTH I don’t understand what they have done. Police played with life and saved all still credit goes to Bhabho and Sooraj………..

  3. End the crap!!

  4. Dear telly buddies

    Bhabho aka Neelu Waghela quits Diya Aur Baati Hum: Hindustan times.

    Reason due to health problems.

  5. knowing everything is real, still we humans go on emotions and scolds villans and praises heros. Great creature by god………!

  6. Guys plz make the comments interesting atleast with tat we dont get bored
    But neelu had replied tat she cant tl it right nw
    Btw her health is imp

    1. Crime Master Gogo

      I think bhabho will be killed off in a few more episodes. I wish the terrorists killed Sandhya too and spare us the mystery. The terrorists will get the national award for killing such a stupid and useless character…

  7. Oye koi is blo*dy babasa ko quit kro..ab to irritating lag raha hei..
    And bhabo shall retire from this serial.and the news is true.. So serial now going to ae most disgusting.. Ughh

  8. Just talk about blo*dy babasa..only interesting topic for [email protected] riya

  9. Sooraj. Such an impotent character.

  10. Even if Neelu wants to quit the show they need to do it differently not by blaming Sandhya who has been dutiful DIL, wife and police officer.

  11. When something goes wrong sandhya becomes the culprit! These illiterate people should know that there’s a difference between the president and an IPS officer when it comes to such huge threats IPS cannot do anything because they are just mere government officers… i wish that bhabo actually quits the show because she’s is a really annoying character

  12. Why sandhya blamed for everything thst goes wrong in this story. The other dsughters_in_law are cunning and self centered still they are not scolded that much. Arethey saying thst being s dutiful person is so bad that your life is going to be hell. Why not reward the right people for a change.

  13. No Inspiraton

    The serial crew says that public are been inspired by this serial and letting their DILs and daughter to fulfil their dreams but now if they let bhabho die and blame Sandhya that because of her dreams they have to loose her then public never support their DIL and daughters to fulfil their dreams

  14. Chandrasekaran N

    In this Rathi family Sandya only the good character all other family members are cheating persons. Even Babsa reading news paper daily not having the knowledge oh Govt’s duty and he is also not rigt for blame Sandya

  15. That’s the difference between illiterate and educated people.

  16. This show is getting s**t.

  17. All drams are fake

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