Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shayl asks Rachna to bring flowers, but after breakfast. Rachna resists but Shayl makes her sit and make her eat with her own hands. Rachna says emotional, saying she takes care of everyone so much, she feels herself being the luckiest in the world. She has learnt the courage from her parents. Gunjan comes to them, and announces that mausi and mausa are nominated for the best parents on Zee TV awards. Shayl says no one can take their awards, when they have daughters like Rachna and Gunjan.
Seema comes to her room, worried and crying. She thinks about Aadi. Shayl calls her from outside saying the time is running out for Pooja. Seema says she is getting ready. Shayl says she must really be excited. Seema says she doesn’t know this is her grand child or not, will Mayank get this happiness or not. She cries that why is it all happening.
Bindia makes preparations for Pooja, Shayl is also busy. Prabhu asks about his wife. Shayl says Seema is preparing to be Miss India Dadi. They all laugh. Gunjan and Mayank come downstairs and ask about Seema. Shayl says no one cares about nani. Gunjan says it is nothing like that, nani is also important. Bindia thinks the climax is still left, she must concentrate on her own setting. She goes to Vikram, but Rachna asks her to sit beside her. Gunjan asks Mayank about mummy ji, Rachna goes to look for her. Shayl asks Bindia to sit behind with Vikram.
Rachna knocks Seema’s door, but no one answers. Shayl comes to look for her too. Rachna was worried, but Seema opens the door. Rachna asks why she didn’t open the door. Seema smiles, and says nothing she just made pooja late and heads towards it.

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Bindia tells Vikram this is so sweet. Bindia says marriage is needed for this much love, she says after marriage you get a wife, a family, children. The life teaches so much, love, happiness, sadness, responsibility. Vikram asks if she has taken a degree in marriage. Bindia is left speechless.
Pandit ji asks for grand-mother. Seema comes there. Pandit asks Dada-Dadi and Nana-Nani to sit in couples. Everyone notices Seema is lost. The pooja begins. Bindia waits for the next bomb, Vikram asks what? She says nothing. Vikram tells her to concentrate on the pooja, her mind wanders a lot. Bindia asks if the Pooja is for their child.
Aadi’s words echoes into Seema’s mind. After the Pooja, Pandit asks Mayank and Gunjan to take blessings. Everyone blesses them, except Seema. Gunjan is worried while Seema says she has forgotten something in her room. Gunjan stops her and asks why she is leaving without blessing them. She won’t take aarti or Prasad until Seema tells her about it. Seema is reluctant, looking down and says she is tired and her BP is low. Shayl says she must not lie, atleast today. Her behavior shows she is worried, she thought she was happy but something has happened. Seema says she is a bit uncertain. Mayank asks about what. Seema says how she should believe that Mayank is the father of the child. Seema leaves the aarti thaal. Everyone is shocked, while Bindia smiles.
Shayl asks does she know what she is saying, Seema says she knows. She says she was asking why she is worried, she now knows. Shayl asks how can she even think about it. Mayank asks how can she think about it, even. Aadi comes there and says this child is his. Mayank attacks but Dayal and Prabhu stop him. Aadi says this child is his, and he will keep on coming to this house. Mayank is enraged, but Dayal brings him to peace. Gunjan asks Seema if she really thinks this child is someone else’s. Seema asks can she be certain that this child isn’t someone else’s. Prabhu asks who told you this. Seema says they didn’t listen to her in the wedding too, but now she wants to know. She wants the confirmation that this is Mayank’s child.

PRECAP: Seema says they should get a test, who is the father. Gunjan denies for getting the test.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bindia and Aadi will change the test , that is Aadi kid , that’s my opinion anyway , I hate this track with Aadi and Bindia

  2. writers I just want one thing explain if gunjan did not sleep with aidi how on earth the child will be his unless he drugged her and rape her like faiz in qubool hai deja vu again and gunjan herself is behaving so strange she must know that she did not sleep with ugly ass aidi to tell the truth when these writers do not know what to write again they just write a pack of shit tata too too and please do not make the mistake and write a script where gunjan have to take a test to prove who the father is and then have the test switched because we all know about that kind of script from the other soaps I must say this soap started off good but now it has become crap

  3. Share madness a happen in his show

  4. Please writers end this story line and unite Mayank and Gunjan without any interference. Be creative and think of other plots.

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