Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking RK to kill her, but leave Sooraj. She makes the fire ignition in dry glass. It makes Maya cough. Sandhya asks RK to leave Sooraj. Maay asks for her asthma pump. Disha and Prema try to find it. Sandhya takes the gun from Maya’s hand and aims at her. RK asks what is Sandhya doing. Sandhya says if he shoots, then she will shoot the pump. He asks her not to be foolish. Sandhya says think about your sister, her life is in my hand, I will shoot the pump, and Maya will die. Zakir takes the gun from the goon and aims at them. RK looks on angrily.

Sandhya says Maya will die without this pump. Maya coughs. The people see the news of tv about RK and decision of govt to free him, will the passengers come back, is there any hope. Babasa cries thinking about Bhabho. Maya falls. Sandhya says Maya will die. RK asks Sandhya not to be foolish, else Sooraj and everyone will die. Sandhya asks him to think what he wants, his revenge or his sister. He asks him to leave all passengers. RK asks her to give the pump back. Sandhya says see how is she coughing, I will count till 5. She starts counting. RK says give the pump back, else everyone will die. Sandhya counts 1,2, 3,4… fine, you don’t want Maya’s life, ok then. RK says I want this pump, give it back. Sandhya says ask them to release all passengers, they will go with me, and then I will give this pump.

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Sandhya asks Sooraj and Bhabho, and others to get back in the plane. Sandhya and Zakir start shooting the terrorists. Disha fires on them. Shalu does not go. Sandhya asks Sooraj to take Shalu. Disha goes after Zakir. Maya gets unwell. RK worries for Maya.. Shalu gets the gun and thinks how was Ashu shot by Maya. The bullets in Sandhya’s gun gets over. Maya’s pump falls by her. Shalu gives the gun to Sandhya and asks her to kill them, as they have killed Ashu. Sooraj asks Sandhya to come. Sandhya asks him to go. Sooraj asks her to come, RK’s revenge is over, we all are fine now, come fast.

Arjun shoots at Prema. Zakir’s gun ends bullets and he runs to save his life. Sandhya says I can’t leave RK, else the Indians will always have the danger risk. She asks Sooraj to leave. She says if she goes today, she can’t wear her uniform again. She presses the button which electrocutes RK. She thinks in FB what she has showed the power circuit in RK’s shoes to control him. RK falls. Zakir kills the goons by taking their gun. He fights with them as the bullets end again.

Sandhya asks Sooraj to go. She takes cover by a jeep and shoots at them. Disha sees Maya’s pump. She gives it to Maya. Maya gets fine again by using the pump. Maya is shocked seeing RK electrocuted. RK asks her not to come close. Sandhya shoots Disha down.

Zakir gets beaten by the goons. They all catch him. Maya shoots at Sandhy. Prema too shoots at Sandhya. Arjun saves a goon from stabbing Zakir. Arjun beats the goons. Sooraj waits for Sandhya. Sooraj comes to Sandhya again. She runs after the goon. Bhabho sees Sooraj outside and goes. Sandhya shoots the goon. She falls as the jeep catches fire and falls. Sooraj is shocked and shouts Sandhya. Bhabho looks for Sooraj. Sooraj lifts Sandhya and asks is she fine, I told you not to leave me, why did you come here. Sooraj hears Bhabho and runs to her. Sandhya takes her gun and runs towards Bhabho. Prema aims at Bhabho, and Arjun shoots her. Bhabho shouts. Zakir says Bhabho and beats the goons, He runs towards Bhabho. Maya aims at Bhabho, and Zakir shoots her.

Sooraj hugs Bhabho. RK sees Maya fallen dead by his side and gets angry. He calls out Maya and cries. He gets a gun and gets up. He aims at Sooraj. Bhabho sees him shooting and comes in front. She gets short by RK. Sandhya comes and shoots RK. Sooraj and Sandhya are shocked seeing Bhabho shot. Arjun and Zakir come there. Zakir aims at RK to limit him by getting up again. Sooraj hugs Bhabho. A silence gets created.

Zakir takes Rathi family to meet Bhabho and Sooraj, and the family is very excited. Zakir gets upset seeing them so cheerful and having high hopes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. At last thank god 😀

  2. Yup but wkll bhaboo ill b save

  3. What is wrong with suraj???? What was the need for him to jump off the plane ? There’s nothing he can do to save sandhya ! because of his stupidity his mother who is even more stupid got down from the plane and got shot! !! Now everyone will scold sandhya saying that bhabo died because of her fault !!!! Anyway im happy if bhabo is no longer in the show because she was actually a nuisance who does whatever she wants

  4. No no bhabho will be saved for sure and all will be happy happy again… At last some life in the show after so many days

  5. Chitani is 100% correct.

  6. no bhabho is safe…she is just injured

  7. Suraj -waste role. Before you end this drama, please teach a lesson to Chavi. Her character is disgusting. she should get a good lesson and show some good things how you should treat your mother in law. Meenakshi, another worst role.

  8. Spoiler alert…Bhabo will she is leaving the serial

  9. Suraj & bhaboo spoiled the firing action to eliminate Rk because of them sandhya could not fully succeed her mission to save all passengers and eliminate hijakers

  10. Chandrasekaran N

    Suraj will act very idiotically. Why this fellow get down from plane. even a coomon sense man not to do like that. Director will think logically

  11. finally hijack portion end…..

  12. zakirs action is super…he really looks like hero…..bhaboo never die in this serial..just injured……bhaboo is the strong character in this serial….

  13. Nope….bhaboo is safe…she wont die….she got just one gun shot

  14. All of you are dwafr! You fools writting unwanted comments!
    In this bahbo will die any enquire is there then tell me i will solve it.
    as i am daughter of this serial producer!mad!

  15. U mad fool daughter of producer. Get lost u and your drama.

  16. Perumthachan Paravur

    Those who writing posts in this updates are fools, I think ( including myself). This serial is nothing but drama of Producer and his Director to collect money from adds.They changes story according to the rating everyday.See how they are fooling us last few days. far from an action film they are showing family of sandhya at the same time tensioning moment of Hijack scene. Go to hell with this serial team.

  17. Will bhabo really die??

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