Sanyukt 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul cries standing outside Tanu’s office and realizes she was trying to hide from him. He thinks why she wants to run away from him, reminisces taxi driver describing his taxi’s number 1111, calls Parimal and asks to call his inspector friend and get details of a taxi. Parimal asks what happened. Rahul shouts just do it.

Sam reminisces Hetal fighting with him repeatedly and breaking up. Ila asks if he is sad breaking up with Heal and she knows everything now. He says trying to reuniting Hetal and her sister, he lost Hetal’s love. She says Hetal is a good girl and she must have fought in anger. He says he should not have tried at all. She says Hetal helped their family a lot, so he should reunite her with her sister. Sam says she knows Hetal’s sister.

Hetal reminisces fighting with Sam and him lying her and cries. Prachi calls her and informs that she and Rahul have to meet client. Hetal asks if Rahul is there. Prachi says he had come, but left, so she should come soon.

Parimal calls Rahul and informs that he got taxi’s info and driver’s number, it was seen heading towards Panvel some time ago. Rahul goes to parking area and scolds watchman to take out car. Watchman says car went long ago. Rahul gets into car and speeds up. He blocks Tanu’s taxi and shouts to come out. Driver warns him to move aside, else he will call police. Rahul holds his collar and shouts to call whoever he wants. Tanu silently gets out of car and hides behind tree. Rahul checks car and finds Tanu’s purse. Driver says madam is not here. Rahul asks then how did this purse come. Driver says she ran away when he was fighting with him. Rahul cries shouting Tanu…Tanu cries hiding behind tree.

Precap: Tanu warns Rahul not to come near her. She then searches him down the cliff and cries.

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