Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 27th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananiya and her family comes in. Simar says Aarav has talked a lot about you all. Her sister looks everywhere.. Ananiya says didi.. Everyone is a bit shocked. She says sorry. Its 12. Its time for our mantra. Mataji says come sit. they all sit down. Uma says she looks like a magician. Ananiya’s sister introduces everyone. Mata ji asks Uma and Roshni to make refreshments. Pari says you know my son araav and ananiya like each other.
Piyush comes downstairs. Ananiya’s sister raiser her hand. Piyush looks at a stone on it. A light sparks from it. Piyush starts turning his eyes red. Everyone looks at Piyush.
Aarav says this is my brother Piyush. This is Ridhima.. Boby and Annaiya’s parents. Pari says so I was saying.. Ridhimi says what do you do Piyush? Piyush says I head sales department of our business.
Ridhima says I really liked you aura. That is why wanted to ask about you. I know about Aarav. Have been listening about it for long. Pari says so you know everything. Lets come on point. I want Aarav to get married very soon. Lets decide engagement. Shalu says right. Simnar says what is your opinion ridhima? Ridhima says no. Everyone is dazed. She stands up. Mataji says what? Ridhima says don’t get me wrong. For next 28 days we can’t do anything good. Mataji says but our pandit ji said good time is going. We can at least match their kundlis. Ridhima says it is not possible for me to say yes right now. She leaves. Ananiya says di.. her mom says she is like this in somethings. Simar says we didn’t get the reason. Please talk to her. Mom says we can’t go against her. Dad says she takes all the decisions. They all leaves.

Scene 2
Ananiya says to Ridhima why did you say no? They were not asking to marry right now. Bobby says she does everything for a reason. Ananiya says please go bobby. Ridhima says I know you love Aarav. you know I love you as well. There is a devil in that house. I can’t let you go there. If I am right everything will be clear in next 28 days. You saw how that stone sparked when Piyush came. For me nothing is more important than you. Ananiya says but saying no like this.. It is so weird. You left their house. What would they think about us.

Tanvi says to Vikram I made your fav food. Pleas eat it you haven’t eaten anything. Vikram says I don’t wannt eat. Tanvi says what will I say to your dad? Raju told him you haven’t eaten anything since morning. He says okay okay I am eating. He says come you join too. She says no no I am okay. Vikram says I am eating because you asked me to. Now you eat too please. He tastes it and says its very good. Tanvi says thank God.
Vikram says once I challenged tai ji I will make beans. They were so tasty.. They were a bit spicy I mean very spicy. Everyone had stomachache next day. They both laugh. Vikram coughs. Tanvi gives him water. Anjali comes and throws the glass away. She looks at Tanvi angrily. Vikram says what is this? ANjali says what is she doing. Anjali says no mam. Anjali says shut up. You hired her for papa but she is taking care of you all the time? She has a bad eye on you. I know girls like you very well. How to rope in rich boys. Can’t you see he is married? Vikram says are you in your senses? Anjali says I came home with a good news. I got that 18 crore contract. I came to tell you but I see these things here. Vikram says what did you see? We were just eating. Anjalu says that’s how it starts. She eats and laughs with you. Vikram says who are you to point fingers on her character. you can’t see things.
you know why you are saying this? Because you have become like this. You think everyone is wrong like you. Anjali says I have become like this? What do you mean by that? You are insulting me to take her side? You are hurting me because of her? Why? She shoves him. Vikram stops her hand. Tanvi is crying. Vikram says I wasn’t insulting you I was just showing you truth but money has made your vision blur. You can’t see things beyond yourself. He leaves.

Amar says I didn’t understand why they said no? Simar says calm down. Maybe there is a reason they can’t share. Mataji says maybe. Simar says I think they want to say yes but.. Pari says then why did they say no for engagement? Aarav says there must be a reason that they can’t share. I think they came here to see our family. We talked about engagement all of a sudden. Pari this is weird. I am doing all this because of you. You know I love you. Aarav says you are my best mom. He hugs her.
The night gets dark and Piyush feels the same again. Winds start blowing. Piyush looks outside. He stands with his neck turned. Suddenly he faints. Simar says Piyush.. What happened. Everyone rushes towards him.

Precap-Someone comes to house and slaps Piyush.
He says how dare you kidnap my son. Roshni comes and stands in front of him. He says my son was kidnapped in Piyush’s car. He tells them the car number. Everyone is dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ya new Simar achi nai ha or new Simar Ko acting bi sut nai ki ha please change the Simar old Simar zada achi thea or old Simar Ko zada acting sut ki ha we want old Simar not new Simar achi nai ha

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