Sanyukt 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gharaunda
Rahul rushedly goes out, and when ila comes, and finds the bed empty and lone, and wonders where is he in such early hours, and wondered if he never returned home.

MEanwhile, gayatri remembers how and what happened, and when ila comes, she is tensed to find the room dishevelled, and seeing the suitcase, she thinks parimal must

have again wanted to go. she is oblivious to gayatri’s pain, and says that she is lucky to have a girl like her, who fights to be with her. ila rushes out. gayatri

doesnt say anything. ila then comes in again and asks if she saw rahul, and she denies. ila expresses her tension, and then asks gayatri to call and find out. she

tensedly agrees, and complies. she asks him where is he. he says that he just left for interview and she wishes him all the best. ila brightens up at that.gayatri asks

why didnt she call up. she says that she is miffed at rahul and didnt talk since then, but still cares for him, as she is the mother. gayatri hears tensedly. gayatri

then starts indirectly talking about how even if she considers them as daughters, but shall never place them over her sons. ila vehemently resists the accusations, but

gayatri continues to talk indirectly. Gayatri confronts ila and asks her directly, whether she would support her daughter in laws over their sons, in her case with

parimal, or niranjan with rita. ila gets alert hearing this. gayatri laments at ila’s stand. she says that when the time comes, she shall neither be able to side with

rita nor her, as she would always prefer niranjan over her. ila leaves from there and comes to his room and wonders if actually she wronged rita, and then wonders if

she did the wrong thing with the right motive, as she onyl meant to save their marriage. just then, rita comes and starts thanking her for her doubt removal, as she is

supremely happy in the relationship now. ila smiles and hugs her.

when rahul returns at night, ila opens the door, and they face each other awkwardly remembering their last meet. he rushes in. she is tensed. he goes to his room, and

eyes himself in the mirror, as he remembers how he was rejected due to his bad professional past which makes his cridibility shaky. he gets dejected, as he remembers

how people mock him for his professional inadequacy. out of frustration, he eyes the alcohol bottle, and takes it in the hand and turns around to find ila confronting

him. finally, he puts the bottle away, and isnt able to meet her in the eye, as she stands facing him with tea in his hands. he rushes with the bottle inside the

bathroom. ila stands dejected.

Later, at night, niranjan tries to be romantic with rita, as they come back home, and while she is shy and embarassed, he is super intimate and cosy. gayatri comes and

finds them like this, and coughs. they both jerk away. rita shows her the earrings. gayatri eyes him tensedly, as he asks her how they are. seeing her tensed face, he

gets worried. gayatri compliments rita that she luks wonderful in them. then she leaves. he asks her whats the problem, as she is bhehaving weird. she says that its

due to the maya issue, and she shall clarify. he asks her to go and freshen up and change instead, while he goes and talks. when she complies, he goes to gayatri and

asks her to get rid of the anger as he is innocent, and he hasnt betrayed his wife, and begs her to smile, but gayatri stops him. he explains to her, that there is

nothing between him and maaya. she asks about maya’s number being fed as jignesh in his cell. he is stunned.

Later, niranjan fumes seeing sameer with some girls in the garden. he gets ila. ila along with him, watcehs sameer doing photoshoot, with bold extrovert girls, in his

garden, pretending as if nothing happened, chatting amiable. she gets tensed seeing this, in embarassment, as he gets touchy with them. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: sameer comes and asks ila and niranjan whats the matter. niranjan taunts him for doing such things in the presence of children in the house. sameer cites that

they are high end models and very good friends, and he should talk about them with respect. they all get tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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