Gangaa 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammmaji’s residence
Madhavi comes and tells ammaji that sagar left for chandapur to search for ganga and krishna. she is distraught. madhavi says that niru tried to stop but sagar didnt

comply. ammaji talks to the lord, that if today he again separated sagar from his family, then she shall cease to worship him at all. madhavi stands tensedly. she

starts animatedly talking as to why is he devoiding them of happiness, as she left no stone unturned in her devotion.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sagar is distraught thinking abut his moments with krishna. meanwhile the police calls sagar for identification, and as he comes,. he gets enraged hearing that the

dead bodies match the description. the police asks him to identify. he remembers all his momnts with ganga and krishna, while approaching the bodies. with teary eyes,

he eyes the white cloth and then the leg, which he thinks is krishna’s. he examines the dead bodies, he is distraught and apalled. when the cloth lifts up, its someone

else. he retreats into a corner seeing the faces and then rushes out. he is too shaken up from the incident. he calls up madhavi and says that he was asked to identify

the bodies, and he cant feel this restless, and that its due to him, ganga had to leave. he says that he wont put her in that spot again. he says that he is leaving

for chandapur. as they arrive at the bus station, he doesnt realise that ganga and krishna are right behind. he finally sees them and expresses his relief at seeing

them. he then apologises for doing whatever he did, and says that they shall start afresh and he shall do no other wrong. he explains his trauma and dilemma, that he

went thru a couple of hours back. he begs her to come back to hr. she asks him not to apologise as she doesnt feel good. he asks why doesnt she forgive him then, and

clarify if she has placxe for him in her heart. they eye each other tensedly. she then gives a direct answer. ganga says that she doesnt know what the future beholds,

but for now, she doesnt have space for him in her life, after whats happened. he says that he is noone to stop her, and that she is free to choose whatever she liekes.

krishna stops him, and he says that he cherishes the moments spent with her, but their stay was till now. he goes, and krishna jerks away ganga’s hand begging him not

to go. he tries to convince her, but she is adamant to have him stay back, saying that she isnt at fault. ganga and sagar both are apalled. he takes his hand away from

hers, and walks away, while krishna stands distraught. ganga is tensed too. the screen freezes on ganga’s tensed face.

Precap: sagar comes back disheartened, and narrates to ammaji, oblivious that ganga and klrishna are right behind. but they rush and start packing stuff, sagar tells

madhavi that he cant stay here anymore, as its too painful, since he cant bear the loss again. krishna tries and explains to ganga that he is going back to london

forever. ganga hears this and rushes out animatedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thanks Rimjhim for updates…. Such an emotional episode… Didn’t expect such a reply from ganga when sagar as he asks her if he was in her heart or not…. Straight away she answered that for now she cant share life with him…. His heart was broken that he was in a deep shock…. Cant stop tears seeing him in such a situation… When she can’t forgive him any more…. His decision to move to London is cent percent right…

  2. Really must and should watch the episode…. Performance of vishal… Simply no words… How can she doesn’t understand his situation even after knowing that he was under drugs that night… Then how can she justify herself that because of zoya whom she fully supported.. Sagar and Madhavi stayed away from the family for seven years… As dadhi said… Gangaa is a puzzle…. Trying to understand her is making more puzzle…. So lets hope for now no SaGa…. Yash started shooting…. Soon he will return…. Let us watch whether ganga alone saves her daughter… Or as taught by sagar krishna herself makes up to save herself from yash r another antagonist

  3. Krishnaa

    hi guys, im having exams, so just reading the updates than watching the whole episode. thank u rimjhim for updating everyday.
    i thought of commenting on episodes during weekend but after readingvtoday’s epi, i couldnt help myself from commenting.
    ganga is such a stone hearted, egoistic person who is difficult to reform! how could she say something like that after the trauma sagar bore of losing his love n daughter? agree she suffered but this is like taking revenge! a revenge on a completely helpless person! and maybe guys u have noticed, she no more imagines her bappa coming to talk to her! that is because she is wrong! her bappa who used to talk to her was none other than her subconscious which used to support her right decisions! i really hate ganga after todays episode! no matter how much she suffered, what she did today was more than wrong! if she has forgotten, just a few days back she herself was happy,maybe excited would be better word to use, when sagar came for deewali just before the fire accident and zoya poisoning her ears! selfish, egoistic, stone hearted, brainless,foolish,idiotic person! sorry for those who favour ganga, this is my opinion on her after todays episode! maybe she forgot she went through the same as sagar today when she was looking for her bappa’s deadbody.she must know how it feels but no she is ganga, who thinks she is the only one to be right, only one to suffer! chee!

    1. Hi Krishnaa,

      Good luck with your exams. You can look forward to indulging all the episodes in one go after your exams. All the best! πŸ™‚

  4. Gangaa is really over reacting now. Seriously. Cant she see krishna’s pain n sagars pain. Fine forget sagar but cant she forgive sagar for krishna’s sake. Somewhere the fact is ganga loves herself n her so called self respect then anyone else in this world. What a hypocrite ! On one hand she claimed to love sagar since childhood n all that drama n on the other hand despite his so many apologies not ready to forgive him. Remember madam ganga the one who forgives is said to have a bigger heart. But u seem to have gone brainless n heartless . Sagar could have got anytime preetier n better girl then gangaa too but he left everything for gangaa. In todays world we hardly get to see such loyal partner but now that ganga madam is stuck to that one episode shes simply not ready to move ahead. Poor sagar, how much more will he get punished by ganga πŸ™

  5. Btw friends our united protest against zoya rani worked πŸ˜€ finally we got rid of that mission mansion !
    Just hoping madam ganga realises her mistake too. At some point she too supported zoya , will he punish herself for this ? Now her self respect doesnt echo or say anything to her ? Hypocrite lady !
    Like they say excess of anything is bad, hopefully she realises n learns to value love n relationship over name sake hypothetical self respect !

  6. Ganga u u r too stubborn cant u say the love in sagar eyes how much pain he is bearing
    Humans vl do mistakes we have to accept it

  7. Well said Krishna . My feelings towards Ganga are the same. What had become of her??? She could at least make an effort for her daughters sake. She is so cold and live in her own cocoo world. Today Ganga has annoyed many fans including myself. She is heartless and She keep on hurting Sagar with her bitter words and selfishness. He is trying his best and there’s only so much he can apologise. His support his decision to go to London. May be when he is not around that she is going to realise as to what extent she push him away.

  8. Hi Friends,

    I have not watched episode yet, does not air til 8pm tonight here.

    Lucky, please don’t speak too soon. Zoya exit is left opened ended, so there is a possibility she could return. If so, we all have to unite and protest on forum πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks Rimjhim for super updates.

  10. One thing is for sure, their names are soo dramatic sagar gangaa as if they soul mates since births but there isnt a pinch of love in madam gangaas heart. So sick of her now. N it seems there cant be peace in chaturvedi sadan for long time. Some or the other problem has to crop up ! Ammaji should do graha shanti havan, lol ! Just kidding. On a serious note, its high time now , sagar should stop apologising because gangaa is acting too smart n arrogant now. Its time that ganga madam should apologise to sagar krishna n all the family members.
    N btw if this news of kashish being pregnant true, ? Then what the writers are trying to project ? It seems it has become the family tradition ?
    First unknowingly niru ended up making mistake as a consequence we all suffered n witnessed zoya. Then sagar gangaa which separated them sooo much that ganga still didnt forgive him,n now pulkit kashish ? Sorry to say but its kinda projecting the chuturvedi family in a bad way. Poor ammaji n madhavi, thy will get the shock of their lives. Quiet complicated the show is becoming.!

  11. Now Gangaa the highness, is confused. Being happy herself and Krishna, whilst in the Chadruvedi house hold, not sure what is keeping Gangaa away from Sagar.
    If she thinks that she was the only one hurt, then Gangaa please think back.
    Who got the wedding arranged, how the wedding was so abruptly stopped, what the family had gone through guessing the Father of the child.
    Did Gangaa even thought about the times when she brought the family who took her in, down because of Zoya.
    So Gangaa, get down your high horse. Know that you lost your plot and had made mistakes yourself. Only then will you find happiness.

  12. Yeah summer you are right ! With the amount of uncertainties anything can happen. We never know if yash n zoya join hands together n fight against chaturvedi. Anyones entry or exit is quiet unpredictable in the show.
    Poor vishal, he really needs a break from this drama of ganga else one will turn mad. I wonder gangaa has decided to give life time punishment to sagar. N btw yash was given 14 years imprisonment, right ? As of now only 7 years have passed by as per the leap, so have the writers given him some concession, lol πŸ˜€ !

  13. I never comment but today I had to! Why are hte producers showing the MAIN LEAD as so negative, the audience is beginning to hate her character.
    Gangaa is just being portrayed as a egoistic, mannerless and stubborn girl.
    Why doesn’t she understand that the only reason Sagar questioned her character is because he was DRUGGED – prabha tried to set them apart (any man/woman would do the same)

    I cannot even bear to watch the episodes anymore, so repetitive – i cant forgive you sagar. AMMA JI MADHVI and SAGAR, all are strong self respected characters too, they are being so friendly and convincing her s o much to return as the bahu – yet she cannot bend down, is this what Bappa and Babu taught her? Any in-laws would not do as much as Chaturvedis, even after being repeatedly insulted by gangaa.

    Frustrating show.

  14. Initially i used to forward the screen whenever zoya was being shown. Now madam gangaa is getting onto nerves, not able to bear her arrogance n hypocrite nature. Feel like forwarding the screen too.
    once upon a time she used to raise her voice against unjust people n injustice, but now she herself seems busy inflicting n doing injustice. It seems the word forgiveness doesnt exists in ganga madams dictionary.
    The real culprit yash will be released after completing his punishment but poor sagar hes still being punished n writers knows when madam ganga planning to forgive the poor chap πŸ™ !

  15. Now even the currency of the nation has changed but ganga madam has not changed, lol ;D !. So dam adamant n stubborn simply not ready to forgive poor sagar. It seems sagar is gonna spend his lifetime apologising to not so deserving ganga madam ! Its better to remain bachelor throughout life than to have sucha wife/gf !
    Only god can save sagar !

  16. So true Ganga has no brain and no heart . She is clueless and she does not know what she wants. Sagar could easily get beautiful and bight and loving girl. Ganga is now abusing Sagar . She is so clueless at one point she became puppet of Zoya and Many times she insulted sagar after finding out zoya’s reality she even did not have deciency to apologise from sagar for trusting Zoya and abusing Sagar . She is a foolish, brainless and heart less woman and I feel sorry for Krishna that she has mother like Ganga.

  17. All r silent… Even no comments on insta…. Everyone is sad along with sagar…is there going to take another leap…. As they said ammaji narrating story of shantanu and ganga to Krishna…. Is this the same child krishna r grown up krishna… I doubt ….just one doubt… Not sure…. As for now it is impossible to union of SaGa…. Even though v know all these r characters… Y am i getting hurt this much…. Good God…. Dialogues are really good in yesterday’s episode….

  18. I think the director is a sadist.
    In the precap Ganga is shown running. I think she is running to stop Sagar

    1. Sujatha, you got that right! Writers must be feeling angry when he scripted the plots…lol
      We, the audience taken the brunt of their wrath filled with negative plots, wailing scenes and frustration of prolonged outcome that the essence of ishq nasheen is lost.

  19. In todays world inspite of knowing the truth people abandon their own child n get away with it but sagar is putting his heart n soul to get ganga n krishna n also apologising like anything. Had sagar said sorry n apologised these many times to god even god would have forgiven him but this arrogant ganga is unnecessarily dragging the issue. Inspite of knowing the truth that sagar was under the influence of drug that night she is not able to understand his point n forgive him. But what about herself then ? She was in her senses that night. Right ? So is she not equally responsible too but she doesnt have the courage to admit her own mistake. If she soooo okay with her crossing limits prior to marriage then where was her soo called self respect at that point of time. After all she was in her senses n now shes behaving non sense.
    Ganga fans kindly do not get offended or hurt. The only motive is to say that when a person claims to love someone truly then such egoistic behaviour should not be the barrier.
    Sagar tried all possible means saam daam dand bhedh but ganga ko koi farak hi nai padta. Also one thing is clear madam ganga cannot love anyone more than her so called self respect.
    Shes forgetting that its because of the chaturvedi family that she could become something in life. When she was an orphan niru gave her shelter. When she refused to go to school or pursue education it was sagar who pushed her. How the hell can she overlook all good memories n stick to one painful past n punish all the family members. All are relying n keeping hopes on ganga, her one decision n there could be smile or tears in so many lives be it krishna sagar madhavi ammaji niru etc. But shes busy being arrogant, she doesnt deserve soo much of true love n respect. Whatever little respect she had, shes lost it aftr yesterdays episode. Shes literally torturing sagar n the audience πŸ™

    1. Yes lucky, I felt the same…ganga don’t deserve long back.i also changing channel when ganga or Zoya appears on the screen…I don’t know what ganga thinks of herself… it is not self respect..its purely ego..I feel Sagar should start new life..I wish Sagar to move to London leaving ganga..atleast then she may understand what she is loosing..

  20. Hi Everyone,

    Very good episode, emotionally charged and fantastic performance from Vishal -excellent range of emotions portrayed.

    Equally brilliant performance from Aditi – how she portrayed Ganga response when Sagar when to hug her.

    We all would like to see Sagar and Gangaa reunite, i think it will happen. The precap shows Krishna telling her mum Sagar is leaving for London, then Gangaa dashes out of room. This i can only guess she is running out of the room to try and stop Sagar from leaving? May be this is the wake up call she needs to realise that there is a possibility that she will lose Sagar again and her emotions are allowed to be unlocked?

    I say unlocked because recalling from the moment when Sagar embrace Gangaa and expresses his deep regret and mistake, Ganga for a moment was going to reciprocate the embrace. But, she controlled herself and did not allow her arm to move anymore.
    I don’t see this as cold heart, stone hearted, i see this as she is torn between her sensibility and her emotions. She wants to embrace the hug but she is afraid too, afraid of getting hurt and let down again, so her head tells her to control her emotions which is why she stops herself from holding Sagar and her arms are extended.

    This was very good acting from Aditi, her eyes if you note show happiness when Sagar hugged her, but soon as Sagar mentions his mistakes and seeks her forgiveness, her eyes changes from small smile to wide alert wariness, very subtle but noticeable.

    Bearing in mind, Ganga was unaware the turmoil Sagar went through before he bumped into them. This was portrayed well across screen, as Gangaa was unable to appreciate Sagar emotional charged state at the time or even realise his depth of love for her when he pleaded for another chance and new beginning.

    As far as Ganga sees, he is making another false promises recalling the number of times she felt let down. She is willing to forgive but she can not forget what he did. This is what holds her back. I don’t see this as her ego, but perhaps she is afraid of getting hurt again or being let down again. I see this as her insecurity, she is afraid to step into the unknown in fear of getting hurt again, afraid to give it another go, therefore she rather chooses the safe option which is continuing with her life with Krishna because of familiarity and comfort. This was her life the last seven years and its her comfort zone. Whilst if she did give Sagar another chance, there is always that fear she could get hurt again, lose Sagar and Krishna this time. As Krishna has sided with Sagar in support of the challenges.

    It is very well portrayed from Sagar and Ganga perspectives on screen, how she freezes when Sagar hugs her.

    You can see her pain in her face when Sagar tells Krishna his big mistake has a big price to pay, but still strong headed not to let her emotions drive her.

    Which is why i believe, that when Ganga learns that Sagar will be leaving for London, she knows she may not ever see him again and this gives her the wake up call she needs. Perhaps this is what unites them? I hope so anyway..hope she stops him in time before Sagar boards the plane.

    I don’t think the writers will make it a easy reunion, but I do think they will reunite.
    Perhaps Gangaa will be charging her way to reach Sagar, trying to get a rickshaw or something? Facing with another obstacle and she then realises that she was too harsh with Sagar. Not only denying herself another chance of happiness, but Krishna and Sagar. Throwing away another chance of happiness as a united family in the name of fear? With her emotions awakend, perhaps Gangaa will then allow her brick walls to come down and willing to take another chance?

    1. Sorry summer, can not agree with you on Aditis performance.. I watched the episode second timeafter reading your comments..but seriously didn’t understand her expression when Sagar hugs her.. she has only two expressions as per my opinion..anger and arrogance..when she cries I see it as a pain and when she shouts I understand it as a anger..seeing smiling ganga is rare these days.director portrayed her character like another way we can feel sagars anger, pain and happiness…but not gangas..I may be wrong or I missed to notice it from ganga.after yesterdays episode I feel someone else should carried ganga character much better than aditi..saying this from other serials experience..or may be chemistry between ganga and Sagar is lost due to so much negativity and dragging…

      1. Hi Lakshmi,

        Its okay, we all interpret scenes very differently and each have their own views. I do feel the writers are dragging it out though and that’s where the magic is lost. Too much negatively have spoilt the romance, in particular when scenes where dominated by Zoya. Thats where it went downhill for me. I am keeping an open mind with the revamp going mytho.

      2. Hi Lakshmi,

        It’s okay, no need to be sorry. We all interpret differently and have our own views and I respect your views as well as others.

        Perhaps the writers have spoilt the romance between Sagar and Gangaa, especially with the 7 year leap and too much negative drama with Zoya dominating our screens. They prolonged the separation with will they won’t they, that it has become tiresome and patience are being tested.

        When writers took t he 7 year leap, there were too many unanswered questions. Although Yash is due to make a comeback, what about Rudra?

        With the revamp of Ganga going mytho, i am keeping an open mind. But, if it doesn’t improve, i can see Ganga reaching expire date.

        Not sure why my first response not published.

  21. Exactly lakshmi people dont realise the worth of their loved ones unless n until they lose them perhaps then that insane lady will realise her mistakes. In this process shes hurting many people not just sagar but his entire family. Poor madhavi n ammaji they too indirectly pleading trying hard to get her back. But when brain is shut down how can she understand. Ego can lead to destruction n hopefully she realises her mistake.
    And friends dont go by the Precap because most often then not whatever is being shown in precap, exactly oppsite happens in the entire episode.
    Its like ‘khoda pahaad nikla chuha types’ we think something else assume something else n oppsite thing happens. We shouldnt be shocked if she goes running n scolds him n accuses him of running away from family etc. All she is knows is to blame others n portray herself as a right person always. N post leap the Saga moments have also lost its essence charm n innocence. Who cares now, gangaa comes or doesnt come. Sagar should try n get emotionally detached from this rude lady n stop punishing himself ! Ganga now its high time, she should be apologising to everyone now.
    It would an humiliation to donkeys if i were to call her a donkey because even donkeys dont behave soooo dumb n stubborn. Its better the wrap up the show rather than annoying audience. !

    1. Right lucky, who cares now if ganga comes or doesn’t comes..somehow I feel she is the main villain of the serail..:)..Sagar deserve much better understanding partner than gangaa..not even single apology after knowing Zoyas true colors..gangas only job is to trust and support people who are rejected by chaturvedis family she will start supporting kashish pregnancy….we will start changing channel..:) πŸ™‚

  22. Ganga would have remained an illiterate widow had it not been for niru to give her shelter education etc.. Also it was sagar who removed the tag of widow from her life by accepting her n bringing all joys n.colours to her life by going against the entire family. But what did she do again in the name of her self respect she returned sagar to niru as if sagar is some commodity n not her love, so its obvious to get hurt n angry. Writers n diretor cannot hide gangaa’s mistakes. Whatever she suffered it was because of prabha n yash but for sagars sufferings gangaa is equally responsible .
    N the most irritating dialogue of hers ‘krishna sirf humari beti hai, iski maa b hum hai n pita bhi’
    if nature has blessed females to give birth to the child what can poor men do. Why is she torturing sagar to this extent. Gangaa’s character n her behaviour is really getting polluted by her ego cum self respect like the pollution of actual ganga river:D ( just saying on a lighter note)

    1. Am with you..I thought I am only one hating ganga so much..but I agree with you every single word in your post…I mentioned this long back..I really hate the dialogue…” Krishna Sirf hamari beti hai”..and her expression …oh my god..she will take every single help from everyone if needed, but feel herself as if she achieved everything by herself…poor Sagar.i wish Sagar to understand gangas nature soon and start moving ahead with his life… seriously I do not want to see Sagar with ganga..

  23. If a glass of water is half filled n half empty n if a person is adamant saying its half empty but not ready to see the other aspect n see that the glass is half filled as well. Meaning why always think negative why not be positive. Agreed her insecurities pain etc. Inability to decide between head n heart. But fact of the matter is sagar didnt cheat her or something deliberately right ! It was all planned by prabha n yash to separate them n look they have succeed in their plan to sucha great extent that they should be celebrating. N whatever little was left that is being done by ganga herself now. Atleast after knowing the truth it shouldnt be that difficult to forgive him but shes acting weird.
    ganga was equally responsible for sagars decision of getting married to jhanvi because ganga herself stepped back from their relationship . I know niru had very smartly made use of self respect quotient n played the master stroke. Anyway now it doesnt matter whether she forgives or not.
    Audience laakh kuch chahe toh kya hota hai wahi hota hai jo manzurey writers directors hoq hai.
    Its not our wish its the directors wish. Let us see how far can they dragg this foolishness !

  24. In the precap… Krishna says that sagar is leaving to London and shown as ganga running out of the room…. I think she ran towards niranjan who suffers from a heart attack after hearing that sagar left to London and kashish was pregnant…. SaGa unite is not possible for now… Hope guys they will definitely unite… That too in the last days of their lives…..

  25. Hello everyone.
    After reading the comments of you all I could not resist myself.see first we are not writers . second gangaa character what I have understood that she very well knew that one day she has to face this. She feels that sagar proved to be good father but at the same time he failed to become good partner,good husband in gangaa’s eye. Apart from that if you guys have watched delivery episode that episode the way he said he has nothing to do with the gangaa child…..that moment she decided that from now onwards Krishna will be her child nothing to do with sagar.
    There are several fault of chaturvedi family… the way she was treated at the time of marriage …if you guys are supporting for Sagar just because he has say sorry many time then it will not going relief her. Whatever she has suffered in 7 yr it is a revenge for all those who insulted her in 7 yr back…. guys chill.. they will be unite…

  26. New news that Kashish is pregnant. If this is true I’ll stop watching this serial.. portraying all things which are creating negative impact on people..

  27. She is sad that when she needed these people nobody even cares they throw her the pre leap it shows that she was silent.whoever says anything about the child she was silent.. guys don’t think that her ego and self respect is coming between. It’s that no one gives her time to understand anything…they all want to get back there grand child…but they forgot about the woman who suffer a more than sagar was gangaa. you guys are saying that gangaa doesn’t deserve sagar..why ? If you are drugged it is justified..but the way you are reaction you are giving her… ammaji slap her…they insult the child, having affairs with someone.. how can you think such nonsense? The girl who is living in your home for 24 hr ..she only expect that sagar will say that her that he is the father… but in anger sagar insult her that in today’s she saw him as a pre leap sagar because she couldn’t understand the guy who insulted her and their child… not able to trust her.. calling their child a sin…who will live with these words…can you forgot your painful things so easily…. instead of doing court case why don’t sagar do to clarify the issue related to them…..the fact is that you are avoiding that in 7 yr you were not there even you don’t care now because you have come across the truth so you are doing so many things.. you proved that you are the best father for Krishna but for ganga you proved a doubtful husband who think she has ditched her…. having affair with someone else…. calling your own child a sin…paap whatever ..

    1. You and Summer are the only ones who really feel the pain of Ganga.. You have made the best comment of understanding of Ganga feelings on here and i agree with you. If i was Ganga, I would have never spoken to Sagar and his family ever again.

  28. Ganga running in the precap is not to stop sagar from leaving to London… She runs to niranjan as he suffers from heart attack

  29. Y these comments are posted in delay….

  30. Let’s hope for the best….

    1. Ayushi, Well put. I see from Sagar and Ganga’s point of view. I just want them both to reunite. The misunderstanding and plots of others have caused them to separate. I can understand why Ganga was reluctant to give him another chance. I could not express that as well as you have – Sagar proved to be a good father but for a partner he let her down.

      Bhavania, so disappointed to learn that Ganga did not run after Sagar on hearing his departure. ;-( The precap certainly fooled me.

      It really would be nice to see Ganga and Sagar reunite…to see some light hearted happy scenes for a change.

  31. Lovestruckmac

    Well… I love this serial a lot…and the story is moving cool…as many of the viewers are saying Ganga is been so arrogant n oll….but uske sath Jo Hua h its unforgettable to her…..she need more time to be stable….n let her take….cuz I think…..the day when Sagar n Ganga will integrate…it might be the last episode of the serial…which I really don’t want….cuz tho serial is dam gud….every thing is been prescribly though before implementing it….grt Job….. But also waiting for to see Ganga n Sagar together lollz…..ol da best to Ganga Team….

  32. Their sepration is only way to drag the serials n keep the audience engaged,i wonder kahi aisa na ho ki krishna ki shadi ho jaaye but ye dono aise hi alag alag reh jaaye. Although as per gangas sentiments the day sagar had put sindoor on her forehead he was her husband but officialy n legally they yet unmarried,anyway doesnt matter whatever they wish they can show.
    And had she agreed for the dna test many complications n problems could have been avoided. Dna test wasnt an insult for her, she should have taken the test proved her innocence then leave the chaturvedi sadan., that would have been a tight slap for all of them there n then n this 7years ka drama could have been avoided,but what to say. Lets see what are they planning,as of now their union seems impossible because thats the only theme left for those writers to drag the serial.

  33. Hi Ayushi, nice presentation. I also feel the same. Except Niru, nobody from the chatur family including Sagar cared for her or krishna for 7years. Sagar even didn’t want to see her when he come back from London after 7years.
    Any how I am waiting for Saga reunion. They are dragging it too much that at some point viewers might lose interest in the serial.

  34. Zainal and Lucky, it’s so very true about Gangaa. Sagar got married once but Gangaa can’t help seeing him with another woman. She destroyed his marriage by driving Janvi to her death.
    Sagar was the one who was drugged, so had reason for doubts.
    Gangaa, a woman of self respect, dignity and virtue, blames Sagar for her mistake.
    You need 2 hands to clap and what happened between Sagar and Gangaa was consensual.
    So why is Sagar the only one suffering.
    If Gangaa suffered because of the decision she made.
    Please end these sympathy Gangaa game as it’s really getting Ito my nerve.

  35. I am a bit disappointed to read that gangaa will be running not to stop Sagar but bcz niranjan suffers an attack. Bcz of all this dragging, I let my imagination run wild and I would like it that niru gets well and gangaa goes to search for Sagar and she finds him near the ghat where they had shared wonderful memories and they have a cute reunion there! Hehe I don’t know but I am so fed up of this drag that I conjured up a track of my own : P
    As for kashish getting pregnant, I request the writers to put this track only after SaGa unites!

  36. Deeksha, let us hope your imagination would come true. As you said it would be better for the kashish track if after the reunion of Saga. Otherwise the show would become much worsened.

  37. Guys soon saga union is there and kashish matter is matter of times.but now the problem is yash is coming to make their lives trouble . gangaa will now realise that she needs sagar! ….

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