Santoshi Maa 9th March 2021 Written Episode Update – Mata Santoshi is completing her test with Guru Shukracharya.

Santoshi Maa 9th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati trying to explain her father-in-law to not to abuse his wife but instead he curses her saying that if you care for her then you do all arrangement for party arranged on terrace & Devesh is also invited.
Prabhu Mahadev appreciate Mata Paravati of her duty performing towards him while Devi Polomi arrives telling him that I have got the answer of the task given to her but he tells her that you have still not completed the test but she asks permission from him to grant her the powers taken from her with help from Devraj Indra & Prabhu Mahadev grants her limited powers by which she feels glad & goes to search her Guru for completion of her test but fails.
Dev Rishi helps her while she sees her Guru narrating & showing Devi Santoshi the right way while Devi Polomi is trying to call him but in vain.
Laila is trying to show her eagerness of explaining Singhasan’s wife but Swati intervenes & tries to slap her but her mother in law stops her.
Guru Shukracharya narrates the story to Devi Santoshi while Devi Polomi is confused how to contact the Guru & Dev Rishi is joking with her.
Devi Santoshi appreciates the existence of Prabhu Narayan & Brahmadev which is narrated by Guru that they were brought by Sadashiv.
Prabhu Mahadev is enjoying company with Mata Paravati who is dancing with her while Devi Santoshi is praising Guru for giving her such great knowledge.
Swati takes her mother in law aside while Indresh also blames Swati but she instead tells him that before her his mother knew about all this.

Precap: Devi Santoshi says this test is a boon for her. Mata Paravati intimates Prabhu Mahadev that the test is being taken of Devi Santoshi but on earth something else is happening. Devesh is instigating Swati while she is warning him showing knife. Mata Paravati is alerting Prabhu Mahadev of Singhasan’s attitude while Singhasan asks his wife where chicken is but she alerts him about evil deed while he warns her that Indresh should not come here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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