Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratap accuses Anuradha for planning against him

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji announcing babu and baby’s marriage to be completed. Pratap and Anuradha hug Baby. Babu walks away from there upset. Nidhi asks if he ran away after the marriage. Anuradha says Babu is our damad and asks them to respect him, says she trust him fully. He comes to the hanuman temple and recalls praying to him. He recalls Kaushalya freeing him from celibacy and permitting him to marital life. He comes inside the temple and holds the diya setting off. He asks why did Amma go against her swear and chose this alliance for her babu. He says why did Amma make me break the celibacy and marry her. He says my God is my Amma, and I have to obey my Amma, your devotee is a son first.

He says Babu will do as her Amma says. Preet comes there and tells that they should have wait for him. He tells that the girl was accusing him falsely and this was proved. Anuradha says this is of no use. Preet says let me meet baby once. Anuradha says Baby is now married, you shall not meet her. Preet and his father leave. Pratap asks why didn’t you let him meet her. Anuradha says baby haven’t opened her eyes yet, we don’t know how will she react.

Kaushalya is doing Tulsi Puja. Sukanya tells that they all are with her against Pratap. Kaushalya goes. Sukanya says babu’s baby will make Kaushalya learn a lesson. Pratap comes to room and finds Jagannath’s letter there. He reads it and gets shocked. Baby wakes up and recalls exchanging garland with Preet, thinks of Preet’s arrest. She thinks my marriage had stopped. Anuradha asks Pratap to take aarti and do daughter’s bidaai. Pratap accuses her for planning against baby and for hiding babu’s identity from him. Anuradha says I thought if you read the letter then. Pratap says you made me helpless and made me do what I didn’t want. Anuradha says I am committed to you and you are saying this. Pratap asks her to tell if she planned along with Jagannath. Anuradha drops the aarti plate, says I have married you and spend my life with you with honesty and dedication. She says my daughter is stepping in the marital life and tells that her life will be more happy than them, as babu is more loving and caring. She asks him to sit and think, tells that she will do the bidaai arrangement. Pratap thinks he will correct his mistake his way.

Kamini comes out and asks where is your damad? She asks if he eloped after marrying baby and asks Anuradha if her choice is wrong. Babu comes there and says his Amma didn’t teach him to leave a relation midway.

Baby looks at sindoor and mangalsutra and smiles. She recalls her marriage happening and thinks she got married to Preet. She thinks why did Police come there and then rubbishes her thoughts. Lata comes there. Baby tells that she is very excited to see Preet’s face in the rose water, as per the rasam. She comes out and asks everyone to call her husband. She sees Babu’s face in the water and asks him to move. Anuradha tells her that he is your husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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