Santoshi Maa 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update – Indresh & nidhi’s haldi celebration begins.

Santoshi Maa 2nd September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all family members of indresh are busy arranging for celebration of indresh’s haldi with nidhi as nidhi’s father gets call from indresh’s father too for getting ready soon & he says yes as nidhi has already informed me so will come soon. Indresh’s mother is asking his father when nidhi’s family members are coming while he is telling her you were supporting that swati’s parents so now why asking so she tells him to forget all the past & now to look ahead.
Indresh’s father asks his other son where the old photos of gods are which indresh had given for visarjan & he says still not done visarjan without your permission so he tells him to bring here all those idols & will do Pooja here now as I was also lost in love of indresh but will start Pooja again as without god we cannot succeed in our work too.
Swati is crying in her parent’s house as her mother is consoling her while her brother is cursing all of her in laws & also her mother too explains her to move ahead & think beyond indresh too but she says no as he was everything for me & keeps crying remembering her past with indresh so loving life it was as he used to love her a lot so says towards indresh that you cannot live without me & how could you forget our promises.
Indresh is convincing nidhi’s father telling to not to worry as I’ll take care of nidhi very lovingly while indresh’s father too convinces him saying again we are setting all gods in our temple & will perform Pooja so let’s celebrate with bhajan & tells his wife to start bhajan but his brother stops telling him why troubling Bhabhi as my wife kunti will sing & tells her to sing so she starts singing thinking of swati for whom will be dedicated. The bhajan is sang while all other women are dancing on bhajan happily.
Devi polomi arrives while bhajan is sang & she stands besides indresh’s mother as she is confused to see an unknown woman.
All are praising the bhajan clapping for indresh’s aunty & here swati is crying very much thinking of indresh.
Sister in law, lovely comes informing his mother to let’s start haldi formality as all relatives have arrived too so I’ll bring haldi while polomi also tells her to go & apply haldi on bride so that lot of happiness will arrive & she takes along couple for haldi formalities to perform.
Polomi is thinking how human is so foolishly thinks about god as one day throws all gods & again next day sets for performing Pooja by which mahadev’s eyesight through paravati will never fall on this house if at all several times Pooja is performed.
Dev rishi complains santoshi mata that polomi has entered into indresh’s celebration & if she puts haldi by her hands then his marriage will happen & santoshi also says yes which I too am wondering because where we are not allowed to go then how can we do anything so dev rishi asks what can be the solution for this so she tells him it’s now in the hands of mahadev itself but dev rishi tells her if mahadev had wished to help swati then their relations wouldn’t had come to such an extent but santoshi mata explains him that you had only asked can the relations end by only one sign when it was joined by taking rounds around fire god & now you are saying this but dev rishi says I haven’t got any promising answer yet so she tells him that’s why this can be answered by mahadev itself because whatever happening on earth can be stopped by mahadev as he is an ultimate god of mrutyulok & they both are praying for mahadev.
All are happily applying haldi on indresh & nidhi & Polomi is watching the celebration happily while indresh’s uncle comes asking her I have seen you somewhere but she diverts his attention saying your wife is calling you & he looks where his wife is while polomi turns around & goes near indresh’s mother but again indresh’s uncle is confused about polomi so asks lovely who has called this woman as I feel I have seen her somewhere but she is busy so tells him must be mother in law called her.
Polomi stands behind indresh’s mother as she is applying haldi on nidhi & all other people too are applying while polomi thinks now just I have to apply haldi so that nobody can stop this marriage & also addresses santoshi mata saying now today one more devotee will be created of me here.
Santoshi mata & dev rishi are paying mahadev while mahadev is in meditation as mata paravati is watching mahadev & swati is crying praying santoshi mata to not to make indresh of somebody else’s & santoshi mata & dev rishi too is watching as polomi is looking towards haldi to pick for applying & indresh’s aunty is lighting diya near mahadev’s photo in temple as polomi is trying to pick haldi but gets confused how come this haldi is not coming in my hands while all members are steering towards her so one of them picks saying it’s coming on hands & polomi watches diya lighted near mahadev’s photo & she understands & goes inside a room while santoshi mata, dev rishi & mata paravati pray mahadev happily for helping at this time while swati is praying mata santoshi for helping. Polomi says thinking towards mahadev that so easily you accepted prayers but I too am polomi if you are mahadev & she sees water there & thinks gangajal can also be here so once I get gangajal then my hand will get cleared & devi santoshi also cannot save this. Dev rishi is complaining santoshi mata that polomi is doing wrong which is against ethics while polomi finds a bottle as santoshi mata comes near mahadev & also watching polomi & prays mahadev with paravati for thanking but santoshi asks mahadev can it be possible to give one chance to indresh to remind of his devotion towards you but mahadev says it’s not the question of giving chances but how human takes it seriously thinking about the chances he has got for his deeds itself then dev rishi says you are right mahadev but our hearts are very confused to know if second time you’ll give indresh chance or no? so mahadev says indresh got several chances but it was on him to honor those chances to take benefit of & paravati mata says indresh has devoted for you since many years & mahadev tells her you are right but indresh’s devotion & heart strength both have being ended so all are confused.
Sister in law asks polomi from where have you come so polomi tells her I was searching gangajal so that once mixed in haldi it’ll become pure which will be good to apply so sister in law says but who are you & polomi thinks of using her powers on her & immediately lovely says I understood that you are from Mumbai but we use water everywhere & polomi asks this is not gangajal? so she tells her in this house nothing is pure as we use only water for everything & polomi is confused.
Indresh’s mother is telling his aunty to apply haldi on them but his uncle stops her saying who are you telling or have you forgot last time what she did so indresh’s father also says he is right as she is swati’s supporter. Indresh’s mother tells both of them to have bath now as haldi celebration is completed so they are taken for bath by indresh’s sister while polomi thinks saying one chance I must have lost but second I’ll make use of it.

Precap : Swati is pleading mata santoshi for help while mata paravati comes in disguise to ask food from indresh & he goes to bring. Mata santoshi says if indresh gives food to mata paravati then indresh’s negative thoughts will be cleared by mahadev’s powers & also polomi’s negative powers will also end.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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