Shubharambh 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani finds some money in the mandir

Shubharambh 1st September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rani tells her father that your toolbox is your jewel. Raja says yes, we will make our first shoe from your toolbox, you will make us learn to make shoes right? The father is elated and says you have given me a new life, I promise on this toolbox that I will never touch alcohol again. All are happy to hear that. The father makes everyone learn how to make shoes. Raja smiles at Rani.

Rani is cooking in the kitchen. Raja comes there so Rani asks him to help. He starts chopping and asks how is her father? Rani says he is waiting for us to learn how to make shoes. Raja says I have researched about the cost and we can even buy a shop. Raja says then we will set up a factory too. Rani says let’s take God’s blessing. He says yes.

Scene 2
Gunvant asks Hitank to take the shoe shop and make it successful. Hitank says I am sorry but I don’t want to set up another shop, I am happy with our clothing shop, he leaves. Gunvant says he is useless.

Raja and Rani come to mandir. Rani says we should call the banks here only. Raja says yes. They both call banks but nobody is ready to give them a loan and asks for property papers. Rani says if we had property then why would we ask for a loan? Raja says how will we get a chance? Rani asks God to show his magic.. she sees a lizard and screams. She jumps away and an envelope falls from mandir. They see money falling out of the envelope and are shocked. Rani says how did this happen? Raja says it might be someone’s money. Rani and Raja collect it. Rani says what will we do about this money? Raja puts the envelope back in the mandir and says it might be someones. Rani says I feel like this is God’s magic. Raja says this is not a drama. He asks her to start calling again but Rani is stuck on the money. She says nobody is ready to give the money. Raja says let’s go to your father for now.

Scene 2
Asha sees Kesha’s phone and says I will find out who is having an affair with Kesha. She sees Utsav calling and hides. Kesha takes the call. Prakhat says my phone is at the house so I am calling from Utsav’s phone. Kesha says I want to meet you, he says come to the office, love you baby. She leaves. Asha is shocked and says Kesha has an affair with Utsav? Utsav and Kesha? She smirks.

Kesha comes to the office but Utsav tells her that sir left as his wife came to take him for shopping. Kesha gets hurt and cries. Utsav gives her water and tissue. Utsav jokes with her and gives her the phone back. Kesha smiles and thanks him.

Rani tells Raja that it’s been 2 hours and nobody came to take this money from mandir. Raja says we can give it to the police. Rani says no, they are thieves, we can count the money so if anyone comes to look for it then we can question them before handing them over. Rani counts and says it’s 35K, we need exactly this amount to start our business. This is help from God.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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