Santoshi Maa 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati’s security band is taken away by Asoor woman Tadaka.

Santoshi Maa 29th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Swati getting ready to go for Shri Ganesh Sankashti chaturthi Pooja but Anju telling her to eat something while she says she has fast so not now but Singhasan shouts her saying to eat first as nothing should happen to their child or stop all this but Swati says not to worry because she has already eaten early morning & her mother in law intimates Singhasan she’ll explain her & they accordingly discuss within each other.

Swati asks Indresh to let’s leave but he asks where & she says we had already decided today you’ll take me to perform this Pooja but he says that after doing all that drama yesterday in the market do you think I’ll come with you to face more such kind of trouble erupted by you while Singhasan asks what had happened & Samiksha interrupts saying she created big trouble by trying to steal somebody’s child which has made ashamed to family facing people in the market & Indresh also says it was a shameful act which she did while Swati wonders how Indresh is blaming me when he had seen it was resolved but Lovely intervenes saying that what are you all saying & tells Singhasan that she was blamed but Santoshi Didi came in between & resolved proving it was just a crying doll & not actual child. Swati says she has to go for child’s well-being to this Pooja while her mother in law also convinces Singhasan & he tells Indresh to take her hence Indresh agrees on his father’s request leaving from there but Samiksha asks him why he allowed so he tells her it’s for well-being of child but she should also be with them not leaving Indresh alone.

Asoor woman Tadaka in disguise comes outside Singhasan’s house watching them who are about to leave hence creates trouble by putting pointy nails on their path planning to squeeze Swati’s security band from her hand. Indresh is about to leave driving his car but Samiksha stops him to join them & as he drives the tyres of car passes on those pointy nails by which Indresh loses control applying sudden brakes & Swati becomes unconscious facing bang on her forehead. Tadaka falls down deliberately in front of their car blaming Indresh of rash driving shouting help from people moving hence lot of crowd gather to help her blaming Indresh while Indresh is defending himself as all his family members also come out of their house hearing the voice & Singhasan interrupts supporting Indresh while people are blaming & abusing them but meanwhile Tadaka slowly moves away from that place taking away Swati’s security band which shocks Mata Santoshi as we’ll as Tridevi’s watching this & Devi Polomi says now not only Devi Santoshi but Tridevi’s along with Shri Ganesh also cannot save Swati’s child from getting killed by Tadaka hence Mata emerges to bring Swati’s senses & blaming Devi Polomi for taking away her security band.

Swati becomes conscious while Lovely alerts everybody about Swati’s conditions hence all of them go near her while her mother in law handles her but Swati insists Indresh for taking her to perform Pooja while he takes her inside in fit of rage warning of not forcing to perform this Pooja hence she keeps crying but finds her security band missing from her hand hence wonders where can it be which was given for her child’s safety.

Precap: Swati is searching her security band near the car but Indresh slaps her & all are shocked while Swati is stunned. Mata Santoshi finds the band in den of Devi Polomi which has become dirty while Devi Polomi arrives joking with Mata saying this security band could not secure her devotee but Mata warns her finally saying to stop all this interference in her devotee & her child’s life or she’ll forget she is Devi of satisfaction.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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