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In the kitchen

Anupriya: Kabir can’t you do anything properly? (irritated)

Kabir: But mom I am pouring the milk in the blender! What am I not doing properly?

Anupriya: You can’t do anything without messing up right? You spilt the milk!

Kabir: It’s fine mom!

Anupriya: Not! You know what I don’t want your help, go away!

Kabir: But mom….(interrupted)

Anupriya: Go! (shouting)

Kabir: (murmuring) What is wrong with everyone….all are busy blaming me and (interrupted)

Anupriya: Are you mad to talk to yourself?

Kabir: Mom…..never mind I’m just getting out of here!

Riddhima walked up to them laughing after what she heard. She went to where Anupriya was working and rested her palms on the table top in the middle of the kitchen. Anupriya looked up to see her and Kabir; who was still waiting there.

Anu: Riddhima why are you here? You need to take care and rest.

Riddhima: It’s okay aunty, I’m much better now. Anyway I was so bored in the room so thought of coming down, at least I was able to watch some cartoon. (giggling)

Anu: Hmm right, you’ll see more of it!

Kabir: Did you just call me a cartoon? (shocked)

Anu: Doesn’t seem like there’s anyone else here! (they both chuckled)

Riddhima: exactly aunty!

Anu: Aunty! You think I’m an aunty? I’m your mother in law right? Call me mom then, think of me as your own mother. (caressing her face)

Riddhima: Okay mom (smiling)

Vansh: (entered) So you have 4 children now

Anu: Who said four….only three! Kabir is adopted! (chuckling)

Kabir: Mom!! (sulking)

Anupriya went to him and pulled him in to a hug, teasing him. All of them laughed at Kabir’s reactions. Vansh saw Riddhima smiling and laughing and seeing her laugh, unknowingly a smile was drawn on his face. Riddhima caught him staring at her, she waved in front of him and broke his trance. He looked away feeling awkward while Anupriya noticed it. Her sixth sense informed her that something wasn’t right.

Ishani who was in her room; locked her door and went to the washroom with her phone. She dialed Aryan’s number and called him, after a few rings he picked up.

Aryan: Ishani yaar I’m really sorry, I wasn’t able to call you up. There’s a problem here

Ishani: Aryan I know about the problem.

Aryan: how? You know Riddhu is missing? (confused) I don’t even know where she is (worried) I just hope she is safe and she isn’t hurt.

Ishani: She’s absolutely safe, don’t worry.

Aryan: How do you know?

Ishani: Aryan, just come over to my place with your family.

Aryan: But…(interrupted)

Ishani: No ifs or buts! Come quick, love you! (hung up)

Aryan on the other hand informed everyone about Ishani’s call; not telling them about their history together. Their families were unknown to their love. They all hurried up and left of VR mansion. In VR mansion everyone was sitting in the living room, busy with their own things. Someone rang the house bell and the entire Shah family entered.

They were shocked seeing Riddhima there. Riddhima stood up with tears in her eyes; it had been long since she had seen her family. She ran to her mother and they got in each other’s embrace. The Rai Singhanias got up and went towards them.

Uma: Riddhu, where were you? Do you know how tensed we were when we got to know Vyom kidnapped you! How are you? Are you hurt or anything? (worried)

Riddhima: (breaking the hug) no ma, I’m fine! (smiling) I really missed you.

Rihanna: Riddhu! (hugging) You’re fine right?

Riddhima: Of course Rihu! You?

Rihanna: Not at all! I want to break that Vyom’s face for abducting you!

Riddhima: (chuckling) Do that later!

Aryan: Riddhu (cupping her face) I’m so happy that you’re safe!

Riddhima: Bhai your Riddhu is fighter!

Siya: So happy di! (hugging)

Sejal: Yaar Riddhima you took so long to come back….but why are you here?

Riddhima: I’ll tell you everything in detail! Mom (to Anupriya) this is my family.

Anupriya: Hello, nice to meet you.

Rihanna: Why did you call her mom? (suspecting) What’s going on Riddhu?

Randhir: Riddhima…

Riddhima: (showing her palm) No need to talk to me! Everything that happened was because of you! You may leave from here

Randhir: Riddhima! I’m your father, I’m not going anywhere till you don’t tell me what all happened.

Riddhima: Look Mr Shah, don’t try to prove your rights over me, just leave me and my family alone for now. (stern)

Vansh: Riddhima I think you need to tell them (interfering)

Riddhima: I know Vihaan….I mean Vansh, I’ll tell them but before I do Mr Shah please you can leave.

Randhir: I’m not going anywhere! (stubborn)

Rihanna: Why can’t you ever let her live in peace? She’s not comfortable with having you here so please do a favor and leave.

Kabir: Wait why are you behaving like that?

Rihanna: No need for you to interfere Mr whosoever.

Kabir: Kabir!

Rihanna: Whatever! (Kabir made a face) Riddhu let’s leave then you can tell us everything.

Riddhima: I’m not leaving….this is my house now!

Shahs: What!! (shock)

Everyone stood stunned listening to Riddhima, wondering what Riddhima meant. Vansh looked on at Riddhima, a sudden feeling arose inside him, unknown to him. Riddhima noticed him and slightly gave a nod in approval indicating that she’ll handle everything.


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