Santoshi Maa 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update – Singhasan’s family sings & dances for welcoming Swati.

Santoshi Maa 28th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all of them begin their journey towards Singhasan’s house & Indresh communicates Swati that henceforth we’ll lead our lives happily & watching this from reflecting mirror Abhay driving the car feels happy about both of them & prays God to keep both of them happy forever. Simultaneously Samiksha while driving the car also dreams of staying with Indresh happily in future in his house forever.
Swati’s mother in law is getting very excited arranging all the things for welcoming Swati while the first car arrives of Samiksha & Lovely introduces the owner & Samiksha to Indresh’s mother who welcomes them while Indresh’s uncle takes the owner inside but Laila watching this wonders who this new girl is?
Swati’s car arrives & her mother in law runs to welcome her singing song & flowing flowers on her by which Swati becomes very emotional but Samiksha feels very jealous & Rinky is quietly standing watching all this. All join to dance & sing for Swati’s welcome while Samiksha keeps steering Indresh but Singhasan realizes this.
The kumkum water is kept for Swati’s entry inside the house as she is entering performing the rituals this is watched by Samiksha who also feels to do this & after Swati entering Samiksha makes Honey’s legs shatter the plate which surprises everybody while Swati is confused but all the water falls down hence she too enters placing her legs on that water while Singhasan realizes but Indresh’s mother wonders & Singhasan tells her to also welcome her because she is our guest now & she is also welcomed as per rituals while Samiksha dreams of Indresh standing besides her who is holding her hands kissing it.
Indresh’s mother tells Swati to stay in grandmother’s room now due to her pregnancy & they adjust themselves there.
Singhasan shouts Laila to keep away for all the people henceforth who was steering all of them in weird manner.
Indresh is taking utmost care of Swati while talking with her lovingly & Samiksha comes to give their baggage but he says I could had brought while he takes touching his hand to her hands & she feels relaxed with his touch.
Lovely brings juices to all of them while Swati praises her help due to which she was proved right becasue of the video by which her father in law got convinced but Lovely says truth is truth which has happened only because of Mata’s blessings. Swati tells Indresh that she wishes to do prayers of Mata but he advises her of tomorrow because today aunty has performed. Rinky comes to request Swati to forgive Devesh when everything is sorted out now but Indresh gets angry on her saying that aren’t you aware what he did with Swati & if she would had died then & Rinky gets bugged saying nobody understands her feelings & leaves.
Devesh calls Rinky to tell her father to plead me but she instead says that are you a fool as also he is in angry mood against you hence nobody can care about you now after what you did with Swati & disconnects the phone. Devesh gets bugged on Rinky for disconnecting the line but in the meantime Devi Polomi emerges behind him using her powers to create more anger in him.
Devi Polomi also enters the house for using her powers to make everybody sleep early for planning of some attack in midnight towards the house through Devesh.

Precap: Devi Polomi says with the fire the whole house will be burnt into ashes while Devesh is pouring kerosene everywhere on the house but Swati realizes & shouts asking who is it but Devesh is moving hiding himself. Swati opens the door to see who is he & Devesh shows himself holding the lighted fire stick while Swati is shocked. Devi Polomi challenges Mata Santoshi saying that try stopping this which is created by me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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