Santoshi Maa 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Santoshi Maa 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady scolding Santoshi and punishing her. She asks Trishna to get a stick. Santoshi says I did not do any mistake, you can’t make me leave, tell your would be son in law to ask me to leave, then I will leave. The lady raises stick on her. Santoshi holds the stick and asks her to just stay as guest. She pushes her. Trishna and lady complain to Dhairya. Dhairya scolds Santoshi. Santoshi says its not my mistake, she is lying. Dhairya asks Santoshi not to cross limits and leave silently.

Santoshi says I will not go from here before six months, you can make me leave if you have courage, if everyone is together, it does not mean everyone will dance on my head, I can fight alone. Lady asks Dhairya why is she saying this. Santoshi asks Dhairya to say. Dhairya promises to kick out Santoshi before marriage. He asks Trishna to take her mom to room. Trishna and lady leave.

Devi Paulmi says Santoshi is being oversmart, but she will not be able to compete with Trishna. She laughs. Santoshi Maa says Santoshi’s courage will make her earn respect, my blessing is always with her.

Daksha and Madhuri check chadava and comment. They count money. Seshnath asks them to stop drama, I m fed up, if you trouble me, I will run away from home. Sharmili asks Seshnath to roam around, I have locked devotees in a room. Seshnath goes. Daksha says we have to do something before Seshnath tells truth. Madhuri asks what.

Daksha thinks and says we will make Seshnath’s grave, people will do his puja, then we will get money. Madhuri says no, I will become widow. Daksha says you will become queen after he goes, they will call you Lord’s wife. They smile.

Santoshi thinks to tell everything to Kaka. Dhairya says don’t know what your mom is thinking. Trishna says I did not know she is imp to you. He says your family is my family. She smiles. Santoshi hears them. Trishna says if mom was annoyed, would she get this gift for you. She shows him the locket. He says its beautiful and says I can’t wear this. Santoshi thinks its strange locket. Trishna stops him. Santoshi thinks he will never wear it. Trishna says wear it once and show, mom can get annoyed for not accepting her gift, then you handle it, its matter of two days, you can remove it when mom leaves. He agrees. She makes him wear it. Trishna thinks I won’t let him remove it. She goes. Santoshi finds it weird.

Devi Paulmi laughs and says new game will begin in your dear devotee’s life. Gaumata says Trishna’s mum is helping her in tantra mantra, Santoshi’s path will be tough. Santoshi says some hurdles will come, it can’t change fate, I will try to clear hurdles.

Trishna tells lady that she made Dhairya wear locket. Santoshi hears them. Lady asks do you want to see the pendant magic. Dhairya thinks Trishna thinks a lot for me, and even her mum, I m so lucky. Lady asks what do you want Dhairya to do now for you. Trishna says I want him to call me and say good night. Dhairya says this pendant is lovely, I should call Trishna and thank her. Dhairya calls her. Trishna and lady smile. Santoshi gets shocked. Dhairya thanks Trishna for the gift, you and your mummy take care of me, thanks for thinking for me, you always supported me, good night. Trishna says good night and laughs. She thanks the lady and hugs her.

Trishna says now no one can make Dhairya away from me. Santoshi thinks they are doing black magic on me, now he will do what they want. Santoshi goes and tells everything to Kaka. Kaka gets shocked. Santoshi cries and says I have seen the locket effect. Kaka says I regret to call Trishna’s mum here, don’t know what will they plan to make you leave. Santoshi says how will we fight if we lose courage. He says we will continue our plan and maybe we will succeed to make Dhairya remove the locket. She says yes, Dhairya is trusting you now. Kaka goes. Dhairya likes the locket.

Kaka tells Dhairya that Trishna should be given ancestral jewelry, Trishna is modern, if you find right, I will make new jewelry. Dhairya says I m feeling good that you are thinking for Trishna. Kaka says yes, she is a nice girl. Dhairya says I will call Trishna. He calls Trishna to meet. Kaka thinks to do his work soon. He asks what’s this. Dhairya says Trishna’s mum gifted this. Kaka says you are modern, remove the locket, your friends will laugh. Trishna hears this.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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