Crazy love of thahaan (part-49)

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This part is starting from evening kabir comes with his friend alia.he enters to house with her.kabir calls Sankara.sankara comes to kabir.he introduced alia to Sankara.she smiles at alia.she gives her hand to alia.they shakes the hands.
kabir:Sankara…bring coffee for alia.
Sankara:OK kabir ji.
Sankara goes from there.she brings coffee for alia and kabir.
alia drinks coffee.she feels vomiting.she runs from there.kabir gets shocked.he runs behind of alia.Sankara gets upset.alia takes vomit in washroom. kabir holds alia.they comes from washroom
kabir: (looks at Sankara angrily)what you mixed in coffee?
see…my friend suffered about your coffee.
Sankara:kabir I didn’t p anything
alia:kabir don’t scold Sankara.I think she doesnt know to prepare coffee.
kabir:no alia…I won’t leave know she was tries to kill me so many times.but god saves me from her evil plan.
alia:its OK kabir.leave her.that’s why I says before to your marriage about her.actually you know we are loved each other before.but you married with this Sankara.I dont know what you like from her.
kabir:yes alia…but so what…I will divorce her.I will marry you again.
Sankara gets shocked.she looks at them shockingly.
kabir:(to Sankara)what are you looking at me???you are just servant for this house without salary as wife.
Sankara gets teary eyes.alia smiles at Sankara.kabir hugs alia.they hugs each other.they smiles at each other.
kabir:OK Darling…let’s go.
he keeps his hands in her shoulder.alia and kabir goes from there.they comes out from house.
kabir:(to alia)thanks a lot alia.I thinks to hurt and insult Sankara. you helped me for this.
alia :its OK kabir.but I feel guilty because of you insulted her a lot infront of me.
kabir:you doesn’t know about her.she was evil.
alia:OK OK cool down.let’s go.then your wife will hears everything.
kabir smiles at alia.they goes in car.Sankara cries in her room.she recalls about kabir words and his hugging with alia.she says,I done mistake kabir.I am so sorry pls..forget everything.she cries.

(In pandey nivas)everyone’s are there in downstairs.
shraddha:bihaan..I saw thapki.she was only done this.its promise.
bihaan:(looks at thapki angrily) did you done this??
thapki:ye… ye.. yes bihaan I went there.but i… I…i don’t know about it.
suman:yes bihaan devarji…thapki did this.
bihaan gets angry.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan please believe me.i… I…I am not..
suddenly bihaan shouts her.
bihaan:shhhuut upp…
he slaps thapki.everyone’s gets shocked.shraddha smiles.thapki cries.she runs from house.
bihaan goes to his room.
vasu:beta…I know thapki is good she won’t do this intentially.
please speak with her.its your maa wish.vasu goes from there.bihaan recalls about thapki and her good deeds.bihaan searches all room
she was not there.he runs out of house.he searches her everywhere
but she was not there.he sees thapki from truck hits thapki.he gets shocked.he shouts loudly thapkki……suddenly bihaan screams and wakes up from his bed.thapki wakes up from bed hearing bihaan voice.
bihaan:thapki…what happend for you??no…I won’t slap you.
thapki holds bihaan.
thapki:bi…bi…bihaan what happend for you.what are you saying.she shakes him.then bihaan comes out from his dream.he comes to his sense.he looks at her.
he hugs thapki tightly.thapki hugs him.
thapki:(holds his face) bihaan I am with you always…do…do…don’t worry.nothing happend for me.
bihaan:(holds her hands tightly) don’t go anywhere from me thapki I got bad dream about you.I am getting scared about thus dream.I won’t lost you.
thapki:bihaan it… it… its just dream
so don’t think about this.I am always with you.
thapki hugs bihaan.they hugs each other.thapki kisses in bihaan’s forehead.they looks at each other.
they have an eye lock(ranjhanaa plays…….)bihaan and thapki lying in bed.they continues their sleeping
but bihaan thinks about dream.he gets confused. later bihaan sleeps.

The next day morning bihaan wakes up from bed.he looking for thapki.but she was not there in room. he sees kushi was sleeping in her bed.bihaan smiles at kushi.he lifts kushi in his hands.he kisses kushi’s forehead.then he makes her to lie in bed.bihaan goes to washroom.he comes again.he looks at bed.he sees new dress and flowers in bed.he goes near to there.he looks at everything. he sees the greeting that greeting card,happy birthday my dear husband was written there.he gets surprised and happy.he thinks oh…today my birthday!! I forgot this.he wears that dress.he thinks where is that chuk… chuk gaadi gone.he comes to kushi’s bed.he lifts kushi in his hands.he goes to downstairs. suddenly suman, vasu,thapki and everyone’s sings birthday song for him.bihaan gets happy.thapki takes kushi from bihaan’s hands.vasu hugs bihaan. bauji hugs bihaan.bihaan gets blessing from them.thapki smiles.
vasu:beta…there is big party for your birthday on today evening arranged by don’t go anywhere.
bihaan looks at thapki.she smiles.bihaan smiles at her.
bihaan:(to vasu)OK maa… I won’t go anywhere.
vasu smiles at bihaan and vasu.she goes from there.shradha thinks oh…Mr.bihaan pandey birthday party is there today evening?? don’t worry bihaan.I will give surprise for you from thapki.
that oldie will surely get hatred on you and thapki today about my work.she smiles and goes from there.

bihaan sits in sofa in his room.he recalls about his birthday celebration with his friends before marriage.he says,I was missing my all friends.there is reason to miss them because of I am having lot of girl friends.if thapki doesn’t like them what to do.that’s why I am not contact them.I am just speaking with paan only now.he gets worry.suddenly thapki touches his shoulder.bihaan turns and sees thapki.he gets shocked.
thapki smiles at him.
bihaan:when you comes here?
you didn’t hear anything na?
thapki:wh… what are you saying???I just came here before few seconds only.what you spoke?
bihaan:no…I didnt say anything before.I just asked to you for funny.
thapki:f…f. .for funny?what funny was there in this question?
bihaan:there is lot of funny things in this question. I think you are not understanding about this.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan are you hiding anything from me??
bihaan:what are you asking to me??I am not hiding anything ?
thapki:are you sure?
bihaan:hello madam…don’t doubt on me.OK??
thapki:o…o…OK OK.
she smiles at him.bihaan smiles at thapki.thapki goes from there.bihaan says,oh my god this chuk… chuk gaadi was coming like express train when I was speak about anything.

thapki lifts kushi.she makes her to lie in her lap.kushi smiles at thapki.thapki gets happy seeing kushi smiles.
thapki:(to baby) Ku…Ku..kushi beti you are very nice girl na… call me as maa..
but kushi just smiles at didn’t speak anything.
thapki says again to baby.but kushi doesnt speak anything.
bihaan hears everything.he laughs.
thapki looks at him.she gets angry.bihaan comes near to thapki.
bihaan:(laughs)my daughter only will listen my speech only.
thapki:n… she was listen my speech also.
bihaan:OK lets see.
thapki:o… o…OK now see my speech.surely kushi will listen me and call me as maa.
thapki tells to kushi to call her as maa.but kushi didn’t call her as maa.
bihaan:(to baby)kushi choti…I want to hear your me as papa.
suddenly kushi says to him,pa… pa…paa..
thapki gets shocked.bihaan gets happy.he looks at thapki and smiles.
bihaan:look at my baby.she was listening my speech only.
thapki gets sad.bihaan holds thapki and says,she is our she will listen me and you.don’t worry.
suddenly kushi says.. maa…
thapki and bihaan gets happy hearing this.thapki lifts kushi.she hugs and kisses in baby cheeks.
bihaan gets happy.he holds thapki.thapki and bihaan smiles at each other.

thapki gives surprise to bihaan.he gets very happy in party.bihaan does salsa dance with his friends to make jealous for thapki.

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  1. wow it was a dream thank God…bihaan didn’t slap her in real… vino 50th episode should be longer because you will include Thahaan fans there..please please it is a request from me please ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear ritz…thanks a lot.I am so sorry. I can’t able to update very long episode.because of I am updating ff in my mobile. when I was thinking to update long episode it was showing only limited characters only.after that whatever I am typing there it was not coming.I tried like this so many times.but I can’t.I am very sorry my dear Ritz.

  2. rafay don kon

    Oh sceary dream?cvs ka asar lol..episode was superb specially last part….first one.?

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot rafay

  3. Juveria.ghalib

    Oh my god…it was dream thanks for making it a dream not reality..but I think shradha is gonna add some mirchi to there relationship..loved it dear keep going

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello juvi darl… thanks a lot my dear.update your ff soon.I am eagerly waiting.

  4. I’m glad it’s just a dream….
    But shraddha has evil plan…
    Cute kushi…you listened to your papa only ha…
    Waiting for the party..
    Thank you and tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear Leena… thanks a lot my darl… love you

  5. Thank God. It was a dream.nice part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear Rifa…

  6. Advance wish for the colorful and happy wala success of the 50th part yaar.really excited for reading the next part…keep writing.nice day dear.take care.

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear friend pooja… I love you

  7. Yeea… Ypee!
    Cogts 4 50th episode,
    Lots of love ,hugs, kisses,blessing
    Love u so much..
    And thanku thanku
    Thanku so much
    4 writing wonderful ff
    Di such m aap regularly update kerte ho
    Ye apne aap m behut beri baat h
    Wo kya kehte h..
    Matlab apko selam
    Kueh reho

    aaj k lea itna hi
    Jyda tarif ho gae..
    Kehi aap ko pecha nehi to phir
    Bhae hme to kel 50th part bhi pedna h

    Di plz bura mat manna m to bus mejak ker rehi thi plz forgive me
    But serily I want to say something

    ”I LOVE YOU”

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai my dear sweet sis kudrat… thanks a lot darl.I love you so much…thank you

  8. Sulbi

    Darling… thank god u made it as a dream… loved it… u gonna reach 50th episode…. awmse… congrats… love you aloadd darling tc… 🙂

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot my dear sulbi… I love you too… tc

  9. Vinolin.d

    thanks a lot for everyone my dear friends.I am having face book.if anyone wants to join with me give request for I d name is vivi vino.profile picture is actor will smith photo.

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