Santoshi Maa 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Lovely remembers an important memory.

Santoshi Maa 23rd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Lovely going in indresh’s room to wake him up. She then sees a beautiful divine flower. Lovely picks it up and says I will keep this in my room, it is so beautiful. Then she says no let it stay here, maybe Swathi might have kept it here. Lovely then is going when she meets with Rinki. Rinki says Lovely bhabhi, what are you doing here? I was searching for you everywhere, anyway Devesh ji is not allowed inside the house otherwise I would have made tea and breakfast for him here. But lovely bhabhi, please make tea for us and bring it outside and also bring my radio from the room, at least we will listen to some songs there. Rinki goes.
Lovely gets angry and says I always have to do their work. Lovely goes to the kitchen and she sees Swathi on the way near the temple. She sees her singing prayer song to Santoshi maa. She and Kunti both pray to Santoshi maa.
Lovely goes in the kitchen and makes tea and says I have to do all the work for Rinki. I wish I could poison this tea and kill that Devesh, all these arguments and problems would stop right here. Lovely takes the tea and Radio and goes in the verandah.
Rinki is speaking with Devesh and says I am so lucky to have a husband like you who loves me so much and is doing all of this for me. Devesh says I am lucky too that you are my wife. Lovely gives them tea and gives Rinki the radio. Rinki puts on a song. As Lovely is about to go, she hears the song Jai Jai shivashankar. She then remembers the time when she had drugged Indresh and Swathi. Indresh and Swathi were drunk and in the same room as they laughed. Babli comes outside as she sees Rinki and Lovely spying on them. Babli says why are you spying? Go from here. Babli scolds them and says they are husband and wife, if they make love it is their right, now go from here. Inside the room, Indresh and Swathi talk to each other. Lovely says I will see them both. Indresh and Swathi make love to each other that night as they are drunk. Lovely was back then trying to record everything in the room in her phone. She saw Indresh and Swathi that night and then remembers how Swathi was 3 and half months pregnant. Lovely now says why didn’t I recall everything before? Three and half months ago, Devesh was not there which means this son belongs to Indresh. Now enough, Swati wont have to face anything now, I will tell everyone the truth and Devesh shall be punished.
Narad muni says to santoshi maa, Lovely remembers everything now and she will tell everyone the truth. Swathi is honest.
Lovely goes inside the house and calls everyone. She calls Kunti, Swathi and everyone else. Lovely says everyone come quickly. Rinki comes too. Everyone come. Lovely says I will tell everyone the truth and all of Swathi’s problems will be over. Everyone comes and Lovely says Rinki do you remember last time, when we had seen everything? Rinki says what are you talking about. Lovely then says forget it, but I remember everything. I had seen everything that night, I remember everything, now Swathi’s problems will be over. Suddenly Devi Polomi enters Swathi’s body and Swathi says what were you talking about Lovely bhabhi? Lovely then says today I heard two women talking in the market, we should let Rinki didi and Devesh ji in our house. Devi Polomi works her plan and makes Lovely say everything. Lovely says Swathi has insulted us, we should let Devesh and Rinki in the house. Singhasan gets angry and says I will remove you out of the house too. Polomi thinks now Lovely wont say anything because my negativity wont let her remember anything.
Kunti tells Indresh and Swathi to go and do their work. Laila thinks they both are going, how do I stop them? Singhasan stops Indresh and Swathi and says today your decision will come from the DNA report so I will come too. Singhasan goes. Devi polomi says Devi Santoshi, Lovely has forgotten everything now. Now she cannot create any obstacles for my disciples. Devi Polomi leaves Lovely’s body and Santoshi maa appears. Devi Santoshi says, Devi Polomi how can you do this? You cannot interfere in all this, I told you before I am trying to protect Swathi’s baby. Devi Polomi says because of you, the truth would come out from Lovely, that this baby belongs to Indresh. Santoshi maa says you can never stop the truth from coming outside. You can never stop light from coming out of darkness and truth will always come out.

Precap: Swathi, Indresh and Singhasan go to the hospital to get the DNA test report. Swathi prays to Santoshi maa to help her in proving herself innocent.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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